I have now nothing else to do

just to love you


only just to love you.

with those modestly downcast eyes

of beautiful almond size

penetrating and piercing ones

the sparkling countenance with

winsome smile triggering

sensuous desires down

the corridors of my heart

                 reverberating raw emotional thought.


into a pragmatic romance.

I have now nothing else to do

just to love you

and only just to love you.

The glimmering glittering starry night

through the moon light

beckons me to its delight

I ascend the boulevard road


through the blossomy boughs

laden with apples .

listening to the cooing amorously.

The Whole prospectus pungent

with earthy romance.

And your one glance would

entice me to the ecstasy of

your pure love.

I have now nothing else to do

just to love you


only just to love you.


C h a n d a m a a l, fondly called by  me , my brothers, sisters children, elders , one and all other relatives as K a k n i , was my pretty mother.

The elders would address her with respect as Kakinjigri — ‘jigri’ complimenting for madam.

My mother and I had strong special bond being youngest among brothers , I had somehow grown up hankering with such bright idea about my mother’s fondness for me was more than any one else.

But soon after ,this bright idea of mine about my mother’s special fondness came to abrupt end when I saw mother hugging my two elder brothers pressed against her bosom showering a rain of kisses on their ruddy cheeks.

In anger I blurted out in chaste Kashmiri    ‘ accha   yeh aus sori apuzu che chuk moin saraney khute toth” meaning “it was all a lie you were telling me that I am your most loved one of all.”

‘ hata phetir bata kata, mauj che aasan sarai bacchai taeth’.

literary meaning “you stupid Pandit boy mother loves all her children alike”, my mother continued sarcastically explaining her love for all of us pulling me with her arms and smooched me warmly.

All of us laughed loudly and dispersed.

 Kakni was brightly complexioned petite beautiful woman with deep-set eyes, long brilliant dark hair worn in two plaits like a school girl. In contrast to her  my father, Baigash as we called him lovingly , was tall around six feet with dusky complexion and was eldest of all his three brothers  Shyam lal, Premnath, and Dawarka nath.

All were bonded by love and great affection for one another.

Dawarkanath lived in Delhi with his doctor wife, Mohanji and two fondly children son Bupesh and daughter Naina .

My youngest aunt Dr Mohanji was attractive ,reflective and looked pretty when she  smiled.

Ours was a joint family and all lived in a beautiful bungalow in  karan-nagar Srinagar Kashmir.

The drawing room was the most attractive room in the house. we had ten willow chairs and a big Kashmiri wall to wall carpet . The ceiling was carved and walls were painted in light golden hue. A long wicker sofa was covered with embroidered  Namda, a maetris of pure wool.

A large glass paneled cabinet Crockery almirah stood in the corner of the room.

It had  Chinese crockery of cups, saucers, and beautiful bone china dinner plates .

A lot of other decorative knick -knacks to make it look  more gorgeous.

Large Family portraits  hung from the side of the window wall.

A large garden with beautiful flowers of roses, hyacinth, Amaranth, marigold adored our house.Seven huge cherry plants, apricots and mulberry trees stood at the back of our house all along the brick wall of the courtyard and thus enhanced the charm of bungalow.in totality.

My mother Kakni wore sari draped over her broad shoulders leaving head uncovered.

She preferred to have big round vermilion spot in the middle of her broad forehead.

She had forsaken longtime back wearing typical Kashmiri Pa n d i t a n i costume ‘Pheran’ —- A loose c o l o u r f u l gown   with ‘Tarang’ – headgear , Loong – a c o l o u r f u l belt and puuch – long white scarf touching the back of feet. and finally Zari embroidered hem line.

The neck collar of gown was brightly embroidered as well.

All such bright attires of yesteryears were forbidden now. Sari wearing was less complicated , much easier to drape on one’s body and obviously a preferred dress by women all over the country.

She had more of a demure shy personality ,usually taciturn but highly conscious of her gait and possessed a commanding voice to instill a fear among all children to adhere to the discipline in the house.

she would shout with stern looks at the scurrying , shouting rowdy children .

Children and younger ones were naturally afraid of her, although she never rebuked or spanked anyone for that matter.

But I  remember once she spanked me severely when I spilled the ink on the carpet in the living room.

I and my cousin Kanwarji were very close friends , young and frisky, just eleven years old, studying in same class same school in the close vicinity of our home.

We decided to feign illness to bunk the school to spend a nice time gossiping and eating cherries.

Kanwar was a tall lanky one ,I was short hefty but thrifty enough to climb the top of the trees to nimble at the fruits.

It was a pleasant morning ,the sun rays gleaming through our windows in the early March of 1956.

I succeeded in coaxing and cajoling my mother to bunk school feigning stomach ache as planned.

Kanwarji on his part had also managed to pleasantly hoodwink her mother Bhabi for bunking the classes.

All was carried on meticulously.

 Gossip hour.

By 10 am all family members young old had left for schools colleges ,offices and all was silent in the house.

Kakni with her two young ‘Dirkaknis’ –sisters in law , Bhabi and Mataji pulled out three wicker chairs from living room into large Verandah for a possible gossip hour over steaming cups of tea.

Bhabi ,my aunty, wife of my uncle Babuji, was fair with slightly heavy features but had curly dark hair ,and Mataji ,my second aunt, wife of my uncle Pitaji was very beautiful much younger having somewhat chiselled features with golden hair cascading over her shoulders.

Kakni seated herself on her favourite chair with fluffy back,   flanked both sides by Bhabi and Mataji. as on a dais of a conference hall.

Kakni asked with authority Mataji to make ‘sheer chai’   pink tea , tea with salt instead of sugar , commonly taken those days.  Even now we Kashmiris drink this tea with great pleasure.

Soon they were taking tea and enjoying their jokes amidst peals of laughter.

we did not understand the jokes they were cutting on . But all had good chemistry amongst themselves and respected one another immensely.

As they were busy in their glorious gossip picnic, Kanwar and I went to climb the trees for an appreciable hunt of fruits ,the juicy cherries and apricots . After having our fill we tumbled down calmly and found the gossiping trio rounding off the joyful time for more pending kitchen works.

Women had to do lot of domestic daily chores, like cleaning of utensils, cooking , sweeping scrubbing floors and all related works as no maids were available in Kashmir .

Hence no respite for a second  even for all womenfolk.  Ah our Poor mothers.

Kakni used to light the kitchen fire the breakfast activity started stirring up and Bhabi and Mataji joined her in the kitchen works. every morning right in the nick of time.

The house was soon agog by the shouting children jostling along to eat, bathe, and find school satchels .

Mataji would send me for bringing at least two dozens of tandoori Rotis from Hindu Kashmiri bakery for the breakfast.

I would gladly go with a big cloth bag for this errand in particular because the bakery owner Raja would give me one hot ‘katlam’ a thick pancake to eat. This bakery item is round crisp one laced with ghee.

Ghee is clarified butter made from the milk of cow used commonly in cooking delicious dishes.

All would sit cross-legged and barefooted on floor to eat the breakfast.

My second aunt Bhabi was quite adept in making hot stuffed Parathas and all older girls boys would gulp down a few  such nice ones  before finally getting up for going to schools or colleges.

Days, months and years passed by. The Joint Kitchen had split into three and we had grown up completing graduations some in engineering ,some few in medicine and others in sciences or arts.

All of us were heading for different destinations to eke out our living .

Kakni and her other two companions Bhabi and Mataji had grown up somewhat older but were connected with great affection and bond of love . They passed time filled with moments of great emotions in a very affable manner .

They all had steely energy to move forward and would never encourage domestic squabbles. amongst themselves.

My elder brother Bhaipyare was more divinely person and would love his parents more than any one of us , thus would be reluctant to serve away from the home. After completing higher education in the field of Agriculture ,he got good job in the valley itself .My eldest brother Baitote as I fondly called him was in Delhi serving as an Architect.My Delhi uncle Baiji as we called him and his wife Dr Mohanji was instrumental in making Baitote to settle down in Delhi comfortably. He lived with them for  a considerable time before moving to an independent apartment in the same vicinity.

My other brothers sisters .including cousins found jobs near home and everybody seemed happily settled at least for the time being.

I got job in Pune . and my younger sister Anita got upset as she would not like me to travel so far away . I consoled her “ look I could not find a job here for last one year ,so I got some opening in Pune. . Baipyara, Kakni Baigash are all here with you, more over your all cousins, so lovely ones , to care of you.” “I need to do something worthwhile. Don’t you want I should be earning my livelihood.”  I continued placating her softly, stressing my point with a prideful smile curving my mouth. My sister looked convinced.  she was alike her mother to a T except for her swarthy complexion.

My mother Kakni was very upset practically dumbfound dispirited too but apparently wearing a brave face with a forced smile .

She joined me in comforting Anita by declaring in emphatic manner “ your brother needs to be a great man so do not worry he needs to go.”

My enthusiasm to join my job at Pune was high and now possibly off the chart.

My Father Baigash was firm to his fingertips and announced in unmistakable terms that my going to Pune was final and irrevocable.

I began my journey way back in early 1970   to Pune.

I can recall very well Kakni was a magnificient lady both in looks and thoughts. She was kind-hearted and always helped people with whatever she could.

I knew her benevolent nature would guide me to right path and I would emerge finally successful in my all endeavours of life.

And years after I solemnly realize the power behind such prophecies – the inspiring blessings from parents ,elders. take one to great unbelievable heights in life.

And Kakni’s blessings also speak for me.








                                                  Dense Deodar Pine woods


     I will never be young again

   Fluttering reverberating


chasms of romance love

rousing simulating her

scintillating passions for me


I will never be young again

Strolling up the green pastures

of dense Deodar Pine woods

in tandem with my perky love


surreptitiously spinning around

slipping into my arms

exhibiting her tantalizing charms

       throwing ludicrous tantrums


                me thus to her comfort warms.

 I will never be young again

holding her hands

jouncing bouncing fruit orchards


join the gracious glistening giggling

women,  girls boys wearing scarves

of all hues yellows, blacks, blues, reds


apples, apricots , pears on garden beds.

blustery winds blew sweeping

the leaves and all knick knacks

we stand in huddled hug.

slipping my fingers through

her long tresses

patting her ruddy visage

with love borne kisses

I will never be young again

young again young again


mollify her blistering anger



Chennai   The Safest City Of India.

626be10ec39942a788b116d0c1fe99a6                                                                Sunrise Panorama


Just on the last leg of our long South India sojourn we have been camping in Chennai for last fortnight.

Chennai is the gateway to South and is ranked the safest city in India by the Mercer Quality 0f Living Survey of 2016 February by the low crime rate and the law enforcement parameters.

It is also “Health capital of India “ as nearly 45% health tourists from abroad and an equal percentage of domestic health tourists visit this city to address to their various health problems.

The medical facilities are comparatively cheaper but medically advanced on World Class Parameters.

Chennai has-largest expatriate population in India, estimated at over 100,000 . Majority of the expatriates are mostly from Europe and Tourism-guide publisher Lonely Planet listed Chennai as one of the top ten cities in the world to visit in 2015.’

Chennai was ranked the best city in India by India Today in the 2014 annual Indian city survey.

 Chennai is nick named as “The Detriot of India” having more than one third of Automobile industry based in the city.

Chennai has flourishing industrial base in Automobiles ,computer technology specially in hardware manufacturing, and is probably India’s second largest exporter of Information technology(IT) after Bengaluru.

Nearly the Country’s 40 percent of automobile industry is located in and around Chennai, and more than 45 percentage of automotive components are being manufactured here . It is hub of manufacturing for large number of   big worldwide names of automotive industries ,Royal Enfield, Bosch, Nissan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Ford, BMW, Mitsubishi, Bharat Benz, Komatsu Limited, Yamah Motors and many others.

Ranked as the 4th fast growing companies ,Chennai has industries to the tune of 35,000 in its 15 industrial zones . Its nearly 24 companies are having a net worth of more than US$1 billion.

Leather Industry

Chennai also contributes nearly 50% of India’s leather exports. Chennai as per Confederation of Indian Industry to US$ 100 billion by 2025. India has global presence in world Leather production to the of 13% being second producer. manufacturing nearly2.58 billion pairs of foot wear every year, the second largest foot wear producer after China.

India is fifth largest exporter in leather goods and its related accessories .

To promote and give fillip to leather industry making it more globally competitive ITPO(INDIAN TRADE PROMOTION ORGANIZATION) in combination with CLE (Council for Leather Exports) is organizing International Leather Fair (IILF) 35TH 2020 Chennai scheduled from Ist to 3rd February at Chennai Trade Centre, showcasing Indian products along with other world products and technologies of the sector.

The capital of Indian state Tamil Nadu, Chennai is located on south- eastern coast of India ,Coromandel off the Bay of Bengal.

It is eventually the cultural economic and educational Centre of south India.

Three rivers span the city ,Koovam river through the center, The Adiyar river to the south and the third one Kortalalaiyar runs through the northern part of the city.

The rivers ultimately mingle into the Bay of Bengal seas.

The rivers as usual are polluted with effluents wastages from the Industries.

Buckingham Canal approximately 4Kms runs parallel to the coast thus linking the Koovam and Adiyar rivers . Here a protected estuary has been a natural habitat for plants ,animals and different species of birds. local as well as migratory.

Estuaries are deep and with faster currants , Lagoons are shallow with much marshy land, hence easily accessible.

The city of beaches ,Temples, Churches, it is most livable and has good network of local transport to

travel around without much hassels.

If you are an early riser, it is quite mesmerizing experience to watch Sunrise on any of the beaches around the city.

Sunrise Panorama

Yesterday I walked down the Kapaleeswarar blue beach , just at a stone’s distance from Deepali’s house and I had dawdled too long for watching the Sunrise panorama above the sea beach.

Finally I was here to watch the live bewitching thrill of the Nature’s ecstatic moments.

The night was breaking into dawn and a glimmer of light shone from apparently the farther expansive sea horizon , transforming the whole prospectus into an orange glow and slowly the red ball jetting out as if from the bosom of sea waters reflecting the early dazzling rays into a colourful rainbow Palette .

By and by the Sun rose scattering its maze of rays all around mingling into sea waves presenting a dazzling spectacle of Nature being at its best.

It is hard to present this ecstatic state in words  describing the jubilation and astonishment of the panoramic  view.

While in Chennai if you had not seen Marina beach you have perhaps not done anything worthwhile in life.

Early in the morning by 7.30am on a sultry Saturday we braced for a city round in the newly BMW car bought by Sathish , after moving over on the thinned traffic road for a while ,we halted near a restaurant for our breakfast. My daughter knows I should have my yummy breakfast by 8,3o morning. It was already ten past nine .

The restaurant was crowded one and we were directed to move over to upper floor for bigger space.

After having sumptuous typical south Indian niceties we went straight to Marina beach for a grandeur stroll.


Marina Beach  in Chennai

Marina beach is the second longest Natural beach in the world. The beach stretches over a distance of total 13 kms length having breadth of nearly 437 m on the coast of Bay of Bengal.

I took a walk with my wife around the bustling beach with variety of food stalls ,shops selling their nice cookery items to Saturday crowds.

Deepali and Sathish along with Ananya ,Vedika following behind.

The air was pleasant and the wind blowing had nip in it.

Ananya was reluctant to go for a horse ride along the long shore line.

The beach is thronged in the evening hours. The crowds enjoy the cooked, fried fish specialities in the evenings and watch the cascade of high low tides in the chilly winds for hours together.

The Greater Chennai Corporation has launched an ambitious programme of nearly one million tree plantation in and around Chennai in a period of five years since 2019. Chennai abounds in having exotic trees all along to be one of the greenest urban cities of India.

The trees with high salt tolerance like the native Thespesia Populena trees at the Marina beach have withstood the conditions for years together. Another species Kigelia Pinnata having dense broad branches with leaves  spreading like canopy providing shade to passers-by , have been planted in the main thoroughfare of the Marina. These trees being planted some 30 years back stand to the salt tolerances.

A large number of Thespesia  Populena ,tubebuia rosea and millingtonia hortensis plants have been planted on East Coast Road. Such plants also grown in abundance from Vadanemili to  Kovalam  with an object of making green Chennai.

The return ride via Mount Road was exhilarating through broad fully macadamized roads lined both sides with vantage high rise buildings still looking awesome irrespective of age .

As we plied on the broad road the hustle and bustle of the crowd , the horn blaring of the vehicles added a little chaos but even then the streets looked clean and yellow white –painted.

Driving along the road bordered with trees made me feel better. The leaves gobbling the heat from the bright sun and stocking to release it slowly to make the   environment pleasing one.

The roadside fruit sellers were stacking baskets of red juicy apples along with oranges and native fruits. My wife wanted to buy the oranges apples, we did stop to buy some to nibble at. The apple were juicy and sweet.

The clouds suddenly started hovering overhead and the sun hiding behind the fluffy clouds , we drove down a bit speedily to enjoy the cool breezy weather.

Finally the long sojourn coming to end as we fly out to our sweet home in Pune. A journey so valuable and one more learning experience to prize on.













The gleaming morning is revelling


re-imagining the nuances of love.

The Sun is up the mountain peaks

glinting through the dense bushes

On to her ruddy cheeks


my love , my only lovesome love

pretty perky to look at

tripping jostling by the rushes

Torqueing like a bristling dove

carrying that perennial smile

spinning at spectacular speed


swift-footed gracefully agile.

scantily attired holding my hand

lustily moving on the grassy land

‘Ooop’ a splash in the lake

swam across wrinkled waves

    deep passionately underneath

          lapping up to our clenching teeth

 sensuously in tight clasp

      like fishes like birds we make

love .

          The Setting Sun scatters its rays on

           waters of the Yercaud lake azure


creating a crimson cool hue

       demurely she walked through lagoons

beckoning me to emerald woods

 pretty perky dear one

   my only lovesome love

bristling like a dove

    in this gleaming morning


revelling refreshing.



On 4th December after a soul searching long term planning I and my wife started for South India Trip to Bangalore officially renamed now as Bangaluru..

Located in the south plateau Bangalore is the city of action , the ‘silicon valley of India’ fastest Information Technology growing city of India and possibly the IT hub of the world too. It attracts expats from world over to understand the IT Software development of advanced research and integration.

With 40 percent of India’s IT industry located in Bangalore ,the IT and related services account for the state of Karnataka’s  55 percent gross domestic product .

The world looks to “Bangaluru” as the starting point of software technological advancement center.

With a population of 12,3 million ,among world’s top 10 fastest cities, Bangalore averages 8.5 percent economic growth.

With a wide range of heavy and light medium industries, Bangalore is leader in India’s biotechnology industry as well. A host to leading research and development (R&D) facilities such as the Indian Institute of Sciences, the National Center for Biological Sciences, the Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research and the University of Agricultural Science , Bangalore has excelled in almost all important sectors .

We headed for Electronic city to live for sometime with my elder daughter Bhavna Kaul whom we fondly call Chikli , works as an Independent Architech , Design Engineer with a reputed organization.

It is pleasure to be in company of grand children , Tushu and Jitini.  This time I and my wife Sharikaji had decided to spend more time with grand children both at Bangalore as well as at Chennia with Annanya (Zoonie pet name) and little Vedika. My younger daughter Deepali lives in Chennai .She is an IT engineer.

Tushu is twelve years lanky boy like his father, Shyam who is Six and two feet tall ,an Architect by profession and Jitini six years growing glowing girl resembling her mother.

She is cute and affectionate but throwing tantrums at every gullible talk to be focus of attention all the time.

Tushu on the other hand a bit reserved one , mostly glued to his I-pad and thus butt of controversy. But gifted with many talents ,dancing , and an upcoming sports guy.

My daughter laments in typical Kashmiri   ” yeh chun keheen paraan. sarisey waqt I-pad seeth aasan.”

Which means “ he does not read at all. Every time busy with his I-pad”.

“ The exam is in last week of February and he will go to 9th class. Very difficult course ahead. I am worried for him.” she concluded.

My wife ,in her typical Kashmiri butts in ” kahney shune paravay Tushu chu bade samajdar bey te hassen mainz .  ”

meaning literally “ Tushu is very intelligent and alert ,no need to worry.”

I listen to the mother daughter conversation intently without any intervention whatsoever. ‘Silence’ is the golden rule to be perceived and pursued at such crucial junctures.

Shyam , my son in law , with long shapely legs in proportion to his trunk , wears a beard and moustache not to conceal scars or erosions but purely for decoration and in lieu with modern fashion among the youngsters and middle aged persons.

I personally do not like wearing beards giving one an unkempt and lazy look. Hello be ware; That is my contention only not necessarily everybody’s.

Off To Kochi.

 We decided to go to Kochi and make a drive to the state of Kerala, ‘God’s own state’ as it is popularly called looking to its scenic beauty of green hills and irresistible beaches with pompous House boats on ferry to nearby islands.

Shyam being the native ,was elated at the idea and happily seconded the proposal.

On afternoon of Ist January 2020 we zipped through the traffic clogged roads of Bangalore blaring the horn occasionally to chase off the nasty irritant car drivers not one or two but several of them. Luckily we did not get into any road rage brawl with some cranky character.

The trip to Kochi was eleven to twelve hours drive and we decided not to travel in one go . The night halt at Salem and after having mouthful breakfast we would proceed ahead on to our destination reaching thereby by 2pm afternoon.

Shyam was driving faster than I would like him to do .

“ See the clouds gathering overhead, may rain at any moment we could get stranded somewhere unnecessarily” he said ,justifying his speedily driving on.

We were near the Hasur Town , 21kms from Electronic city Bangalore , and we crossed over from Karnataka to the state of Tamil Nadu.

Hasur is an important town of Tamil Nadu and gateway to Bangalore . Being important industrial town , almost 2,300 small and medium industries are located here. It is home to Rose flowers as well , large quantities of quality roses are grown and exported from here to the world over.

I got practically lost in the milieu of traffic, cars, motorbikes, roaring trucks plying past us as the roads narrowed .

The highway almost gorged with moving population as the Ice cream Parlours ,curiosity shops, antique shops mushroomed alongside the roads protruding and bulging over the pavements ,thus leaving the people to jostle around and fend for themselves.

Finally Shyam did drive down the difficult track and we ushered on to the National Highway to Kochi via Salem.

Driving down the late despairing afternoon we stopped at a nearby restaurant for some refreshing tea snacks etc.

Tushu and Jitni gulped down the much liked noodles and the rest of us just satisfying with cups of tea and ‘Dosa’ —pancake made of rice flour.

Salem district is famous for its known Hill station town Yercaud.

Yercaud is nestled in range of Shevaroy hills in the eastern Ghats, with abundance of orange groves ,coffee, spice plantations . The emerald woods of Yercaud are dense and very attractive to bask around.

With its blue water lake , having a few boat houses presents a beautiful sight to look at. Anna Park close by is full of plants and Japanese garden with Bonsai.

A couple of nights in the resorts amidst the dense forest is really a date in communion with nature.

A long walk among the dense trees is a veritable experience. It reminded me of R.L. Stevenson’s essay ‘ A Night Among The Pines’ written with great pleasure after experiencing the moods of Nature.

There is some magical beauty about the place which cannot be described in words ,but it stays embedded in your mind and haunts you back when you have left.

A God’s impeccably creation to behold and cherish.

The trees stood separate but strangely all part of the composite forest. The  cool breeze caressing every contour and crevices in that star-straddled night.

The afternoon was advancing and we hurried back to the car to catch up with Salem Town right by 9pm so that we could start our journey next morning early to reach Kochi by noon.

we drove along the highway zigzagging through the maze of vehicles speedily but steadily not to over take .

As evening slipped into night we did find a thinning traffic ahead of our journey .The four lane highway was long stretch with trees shrubs all along the sides giving a beautiful view of the avenue.

We moved towards a small hillock and turned left to criss- cross a narrow strip before being on the highway again.

Salem Town was in sight and the lights glittering along the road ,we moved towards right into the main bazaars of the a moderately small town. The houses had weather –beaten look , but there was evidence of good population creating a good hustle and bustle in and around the town.

we halted near a hotel, possibly 3 star one with very prominent doorway to sneak in.

we checked in at close to 9.30 pm and found the rooms spacious abundantly done with exotic interiors .

“ Tushu   you have to get up by 5am.” shyam said angrily.

“ Okay Papa no problem” Tushu replied softly.

“ he will sleep with us ,his Nanu and Nani” sharika said


Tushu, in return, nodded in affirmation.

Being hungry we ordered for a sumptuous dinner and   soon after dozed off to deep slumber promising to get up early morning for onward journey.


As scheduled we reached Kochi at noon on 2nd January 2020. The sky was grey ,the clouds hovering across in thick clusters ,there was no indication of the sun, might be hiding somewhere behind these dark clusters.

The weather was hot much humid comparatively to Bangalore .The coastal town was inviting promising a better stay.

Mt wife started cribbing “ my God too much hot”  “ come on mumma you feel the heat and I can see perspiration on your face”.   Chikli , my daughter said smiling.

We drove down the city through thinlytraffic roads over a long stretch before moving into the villa apartments. shyam’s apartment was sprawling one and his parents Mr and Mrs shasi Dhar were glad to receive us.

It was very hot and we settled down in an A.C room .for a brief siesta .

Kochi ( also called as Cochin) is a city of eminence in the southwest coastal Kerala State., a major port city since 1341 catering to Chinese and European merchants for centuries together.

.With urban population of 21.1lakhs , it stands out largest most populous metropolitan city of Kerala.

The city is meticulously clean and famous for its breath taking scenic view of the state .

The city being interspersed with several beaches and islands presents a panoramic spectacle view of this fast growing vibrant city.

some of the beautiful islands are connected to the mainland through rowing boats make the city attraction for tourists all along.

The day temperature was very high 36 degree celisus, and for us to travel around the city during day was out of question.

So we took rounds of the city by late afternoons till late in night.

The water transport in the city is being explored beautifully to benefit the city dwellers and other tourists like us.


Marine drive Kochi

Bolghatty Island , Cheri Beach, Fort Kochi Beach are some of the prime tourist attractions and all accessible within short boat ride only.

The Dutch Palace was built up on Bolghatty Island later now made a hotel of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation along with a small golf course, presenting a magnificient   scenic beauty of the harbor .

Cherai Beach lovely one shrouded by paddy fields and coconut trees just in the northern vicinity of VYPEEN Island.

Swimming is the most coveted activity of this grandiose beach.

Tushu was keen to swim across and I managed to get swimming suit for his much loved pastime.


 Back waters of kochi

Fort Kochi Beach is the amazing spot for viewing exotic sunset in Kochi. As we approached the narrow road, a number of small stalls were serving freshly caught fishes after being cooked readily in exotic tastes to whet the one’s palate. Yes except me all Sharika Chikli Shyam had a good taste of such niceties. Here the Chinese nets are being used for catching fishes.

We meandered through Mattancherry, a cultural neighbourhood, a cluster of colonial buildings and a walk in the evening amidst the temple bells clanging was a  real nauseating delightful one.

 The city boasts of unique churches, palaces and temples.

St. Francis Church ,the oldest church of India .It is here Vasco da Gama is believed to be buried in.

Vasco House built on Rose Street , a great feat of Portuguese Architecture ,the house where Vasco da Gama ,who died in 1524, used to live.



Chinese  Fish Net. for Catching fishes

Reunion .

I was eager to be in Kochi for meeting my colleague and friend Mr R.krishnan.

I and Mr. KRISHNAN worked together for a decade in Rishikesh way back in 1989 to 1999.

Krishnan Sahib as we called him affectionately was GM and I was plant Manager of Ballarpur Glass group ,which later became Owen’s Broakway India ltd.  We ploughed on well all through the years gone by.

A sauve spirited gentle man ,broad –shouldered bearded Krishnan Sahib was very affectionate and considerate towards one and all.

His wife Mrs Krishnan equally affectionate , an exemplary lady of action ,being one of the driving forces in KVA school of Rishikesh those years.

While in Kochi I got in touch with Krishnan Sahib, it was decided to have dinner together on Friday the 4th Jan 2020. an evening of Rip Van Winkle re-union after nearly two decades. ‘Ooop’ my God a rare occasion.

It was a gala dinner and a great family get together an occasion of recounting the repository of past events happy or otherwise , a time to laugh and rave. I noticed both Krishnan Sahib and Mrs Krishnan was not changed in the least by appearance or mannerism. A lively affable couple as usual.

We finally shook hands, promising to keep in touch and strolled to our respective places in the nip weather.

Off to Chennai

After staying for a week in Kochi we buzzed off to our next destination ,Chennai, by early morning plane and after hiring a taxi ,we zoomed through the traffic ridden roads towards ECR road and eventually into Kapleeshwarar Nagar right in my younger daughter Deepali Kaul’s place by 9.30am.

Kapleeshwarar Nagar is one of the poshiest residential towns built along the Kapleeshwarar seas.


Kapleeshwarar seas  Chenai

A town with beautiful bungalows many of these like mansions lined on the both sides of internal Criss- Coss roads. The small patches of green grass with small herbs add glory to the township all over.

As we reached Deepali’s place little cute perky Vedika greeted us with a smile raising hands upwards to be hugged.

Annanya (zoonie) the elder one rushed too to be in our tight embrace. Annanya is little shy but very upright and focussed. .

She reads extra story books like Harry potter ones with great interest and has  fascination for mysterious story books.

Annanya has a pet dog Kandy,and liitle Vedika plays with Kandy fearlessly.

Kandy barks at odd times and he sleeps on the verandah on second floor but keeps a vigil all the way. A good companion

Deepali and Sathish  both are IT professionals busy enough to plod on with their work to the extent to be called workaholics.

Only on week ends they find time to relax and exchange some pleasantries and for some family interactions.

The Sun is up early in this part of Country, I awakened in the morning and the world looked remade and shinning. I walked down the beach road for a stroll on the sea side. a walking distance, to watch the spectacular view of the cascading waves enthralling me immensely.

The day wears many colours as the Sun rises , from light orange to blazing noon ,and the setting Sun puts the horizon on a light fire finally transforming into a refreshing and soothing evening.

I gaze at the seas for long hours till evening slips into night. I love the rhythm of the waves sometimes roaring sometimes calming and in this silver chill I lumber on and on the soft sand beaches to relish beauty of the seas at early night.





                           FLOWER SHRUB


Birds are beautiful bountiful

birds are brunette brown

red, yellow blue dark

Ticking together like a clock

flying high in a flock

from distant far away land


Humans united they stand

against vagaries of weather

slithering dark clouds together

moving around in a flock of feather

romancing the colourful environ

chirping cooing on the rhododendron

in my

enchanting green backyard garden

Fragrant flowers tingle little brains

birds flutter the wings and off to

some other place in pouring rains

bringing for a moment so charm

sanguine sensuous and warm

birds are beautiful bountiful

birds are brunette brown

red yellow blue dark

flying across the temple spire

cooing murmuring soft prattle

with no rancor or desire

Ticking away in a flock

       like a moving celestial clock.


are beautiful bountiful brown

fluttering the tiny wings

over the valley- glades

rivers oceans forests

smiling singing together

in cool or hot weather.

birds are beautiful brown.

some with colourful crown

Nimbling away

  at the yellow downy hay.



Since 12th DECEMBER 2019 CAA ,Citizenship (amendment)Act was given assent by the President of India after being passed in both houses of Parliament , India is on the boil as protests all over have erupted against the law that makes it easier to grant Indian citizenship to non Muslims minorities(Hindus ,Sikhs ,Christians ,Buddhists parsis Jains ) who entered India on or before 31st December 2014. of three neighbouring countries namely Afghanistan ,Bangladesh, Pakistan .

The unease over Assam ,picturesque tea growing state , is over the fears and apprehensions that inclusion of ‘outsiders’ would dilute them culturally and demographically.

It is necessary to understand the background to these fears about ethnic diversity of the region.

Between 1979 and 1985 All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) spearheaded a movement against illegal migration from Bangladesh ,resulting in violence and insurgencies by other outfits including United Liberation Front of Assam leaving thousands dead.

Consequently Assam Accord was signed in 1985 aiming to address two key disputes .One to stop ‘foreigners’ from Bangladesh and secondly to ensure constitutional safeguards for the Assamese citizens.

The cutoff date was agreed to be 25th March 1971 for expelling the illegal migrants and clause 6 of the Accord stated ” constitutional legislative and administrative safeguards, as may be appropriate, shall be provided to protect ,preserve and promote the cultural social linguistic identity and heritage of Assamese people”.

So Assam agitates against the CAA ,AASU(All Assam Student Union) filed the petition against the Act.

As per census of 2011Assam has population of 3.12 crores, 61.47% Hindus ,34.22% Muslims .Around 12% is Tribal ,Bodos etc. Tribal states of North east have got immunity ,protection from the CAA unlike Assam.

The updated (NRC), National Register of Citizens was commenced by BJP in the state of Assam to identify illegal immigrants and as a result 2 million people seem to have lost their citizenship . 1.3 million are Hindus .

The unexpected peculiar results probably must have prompted the Center Govt to push through CAA so that citizenship could be accorded legally to these Hindus and other non Muslim minorities if any.

It is obvious that BJP did not anticipated such a backlash.

In a damage control exercise Prime Minister Shri Modiji tweeted addressing to Assam that his government was “constitutionally committed to safeguard the political, linguistic, cultural and land rights of the Assamese people”. “No-one,” he said, “can take away your rights, unique identity and beautiful culture”.

In rest of the country the protests are against CAA for the exclusionary nature of the Act and the threat to the secularism.

The protests against the CAA and the proposed National  Register of Citizens (NRC) have triggered all across the country killing at least sixteen people in Uttar Pradesh only ,turning violent in certain other parts of the country on 19.12.2019.

In the Capital New Delhi the peaceful protest suddenly turned violent once a private car was torched in Darya Ganj leading to the lathi charge and use of water canon to quell some of the unruly miscreants.

The Govt resorted to curfew and suspension of internet services all across the affected cities of the country .

In Mangaluru (Karnataka) two persons were killed on Friday in firing by police on a group of protestors against Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA). The town is under curfew .As many as 33 policemen and 5 civilians were injured on 19th December violence.

In view of the protests all across the country Home Ministry assured and said there would be no discrimination against Muslims and undocumented people as feared.

However the opposition parties have gathered momentum to echo fierce opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act CAA as they see clear violation of the Constitution of India. For instance Mr Pawar said “ not just minorities but those who think about country’s unity and progress are opposing CAA and NRC( National Register of Citizens”.

Sonia Gandhi  leader Congress Party said “ Citizenship Amendment Bill passage marks ‘dark day’ in Constitutional history of India: The Bill fundamentally challenges the idea of India that our forefathers fought for and in its place creates a disturbed ,distorted and divided India where religion will become a determinant of nationhood.”

The constitution of India is unique in its commitment to the fundamental rights

JUSTICE, EQUALITY,FRATERNITY, LIBERTY. to one and all irrespective of religion ,caste, creed and colour.

India is equally committed to its SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC ethos in letter and spirit.

Hence Citizenship Amendment Act is seen as a flagrant violation of the Constitution. by both the opposition and the protestors.

The Home Minister Mr Amit Shah has been explaining in emphatic manner on the subject.

Recently on AAJTAK Mr shah said “ I want to appeal to the students that they should study this Act in details and then if they feel there is something wrong they can come forward and hold discussions with the government.We are ready to explain our position.”

It is to be seen whether Mr Modi’s and Mr Amit Shah’s assurances would placate the protesters. .


BJP needs to understand the elementary truth of governing that by sparking numerous insurrections across the nation is not the route to make India a super power and instil faith in the people . By winning the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 ,the party mistook it for an approval of Hindutva Politics. Looking at the backlash after passing CAA it is obvious now that people cannot be shoehorned into narrow politics.

Let us hope BJP  shows courage leadership to take broader view and address the problem with statesmanship rather than from the narrow Prism thus  serving the nation well. Long live great India.






THE OLD MAN by BrijKaul

20191217_124735 copy

path to the garden of Roses.


               The old man hobbled down the cobbled street

                   perspiring profusely with intense prickly heat

ambling on languorously

A fleeting

moment to relax a while

standing around stile

A stranger with broad smile

holding old man’s hand to climb

over the small fence into park.

A sprawling one with huge trees

the birds chirping on the branches.

Listening to the cacophonic gaiety

the old man enjoying the filial piety

The symphony

of the mellifluous singing

rejuvenated his low spirits

in a flash he picked himself up

trudging along the path to peep

through the garden of the roses

intoxicating scent enlivening old man

to sensuous divine sleep.

  with wide open eyes

looked askance up


the deep blue skies.