Jump on Jump on

To the saddle

Resting firmly your feet

On the paddle

you are no more

A child in the cradle

With grit and Will

Just tumble down

The sloppy hill

Enjoying the rhyme

Rhythm of wind

Whirring Sweetly softly

Caressing, tossing up

Your face and hair.

The lark soaring up on the sky

Deep blue and high.

Flying with no fear

Tearing through the clouds

With cheer.

The birds swarm across

In flocks like beloveds

With arms akimbo

Like a Jumbo

In a freestyle show

You race down race down

Down and down

Turn and twist

Fume and fret

Like a speedy jet

with Grit and Will

Just tumble down

The sloppy hill.

Down and down

With smile only

No fear or frown



Theresa May in action

The UK. Under the leadership of Theresa May is finally set to trigger Article 50 of key EU treaty on March 29 2017.

She has kept to her word in letter and spirit by assuring its citizens that she would “broker a best deal for United Kingdom” according to BBC.

Tim Barrow, Britain’s ambassador to 28 nations EU, informed the European Council President Tusk of finally exiting the European Union.

It could take at least two years for UK to complete the most important negotiation, thus severing the trade ties of 43 years.

Prime Minister Theresa May ought to make announce in the House of Commons on March 29TH, the day Article 50 is triggered.

The European Commission   confirmed it stood ready to help launch the negotiations.

The UK is expected to turn a new leaf towards building trade relations with thriving world economies especially with South Asian booming markets rather than confining itself to EU cage.

The move is crucial in a way it could plunge United Kingdom into a period of uncertainty.

It is to be seen and watch UK survives the Exit successfully.

Asia’s youngest Nation

East Timor, Asia’s youngest democracy became independent on May 20th in 2002.

With 60 percent unemployment the country held polls for Presidential elections on Monday, 20th March 2017, fourth time since its independence in 2002.

Francisco “ Lu olo” Guterres backed by party that led independence struggle (FRETILIN) is the most coveted one to win the election.

East Timor was under the occupation of Portugal, who settled down in 16th century and was in command till 1975.

Later on Indonesia invaded it and annexed it with their country,

It was after great struggle East Timor became independent.

The young Nation is determined to build the future of their people.

Bygmalion Scandal.

French former President Nicolas Sarkozy was caught unawares when a judge ruled that Sarkozy must stand trial over the charges that his party falsified to hide 20 million Euros of campaign spending in 2012.

Popularly known as Bygmalion scandal, centers around the charges leveled against Sarkozy’s party UMP raising invoices to the tune of 20 million Euros in name of the party through a public relation company, Bygmalion thus allowing it to spend double the amount than permitted under the French campaign financial laws.

Sarkozy, thus, is the second President to be accosted under law, the first being President Jacques Chirac who was given two years suspended sentence for misappropriation of public funds.

Netherland vs. Turkey row

The Knives are out. Netherland and Turkey are fighting.

The Dutch Govt   refused two Turkish ministers to hold rally with Turkish citizens in Rotterdam as reported by REUTERS.

The rallies had been called to address ethnic Turkish residents in Rotterdam to vote yes for providing sweeping powers to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on April16 referendum.

The Dutch police used water canons and attack dogs on the protesters who retaliated

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan retorted angrily calling Dutch “Nazi remnants”

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim went a step ahead by promising to take “harshest ways” and “ respond in kind to this unacceptable behaviour” in retaliation.

Turkish president Erdogan’s fresh controversial statement accusing the Dutch of being behind the gruesome slaughter of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica in 1995 “they have nothing to do with the civilized world they have nothing to do with modern world”

Almost 8000Muslim men and boys were reported being killed by Bosnian Serb troops in Srebrenica with a Dutch battalion of UN Peacekeepers allegedly failing to halt the gruesome slaughter.

It appears that the world Nations are pursuing the path of violence against one another with no remorse or regret.

The United Nations Organization   needs to take lead in pursuing the warring Nations across the globe to usher into serious peace talks for the well being of millions who live with a hope of prosperous future

.We hope wisdom dawns on the people of this great world irrespective of caste creed color to sit across and seek much needed Peace for good.


The Researchers at Queensland University in Australia have developed models of human heart tissue to study Cardiac biology and disease in laboratory stage to help understand the means to arrest the spreading disease.

The scientists have invented functional “beating” human heart muscle from stem cell a significant step in this direction.


The Moon looks pale and gloom

Forewarning of some awful doom

You sulk shudder so deep

The waves gurgle and leap

 Into an enormous tide

So angry and wide


The earth beneath quakes

 Engulfing the embankments

 with sea storm.

Women men children in deep slumber

Are torn apart in a desert

   Of corpses .


Just in a flicker of moment

The town reduced to a shambles.

The weeping wailing rent the air

The pale moon hiding behind the clouds

Whispering “I felt the doom and gloom

Of  Tsunami Tsunami.”



Bloody Wars


The Geneva Conference for Human Rights and Dignity last week belied the hopes of ending the bloody civil war in Syria, taking toll of about 500,000 civilians and displacing about 12 million people over a period of six years.

The probability of violence back is imminent as the Islamic State and Jehadists are not part of the Geneva conference.

According to Washington post   moderate rebels backed by US,Saudi Arabia, and Turkey lost control of some strategic posts including Idlib.

As reported by New York Times interestingly the 1.5 million refugees living in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley camps , once thought to be temporary ones,have begun to create permanent infrastructures .

Battle for Mosul

 The fierce battle for Mosul resulted in mass exodus over the last week.

Reuter reported that more than 40,000 people fled the city as a result of renewed accelerated US backed push for displacement

More than 206000 have already fled Mosul since last October.

On Sunday the Iraqi forces have pushed into the old City Center ,held by Islamic State ,and closed on to the main Government complex.

It took Iraqi forces 100 days of fighting to recapture eastern half of Mosul city in January. The assault on western half is in progress since Feb 19 this year.

Peace At last

 The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) began laying down arms this week under the auspices of United Nations after more than 50 years of war and insurgency.

FARC started off as a Marxist –Leninist peasant uprising but later on morphed into a criminal outfit and fought Govt Army and right wing squads formed to combat it.

Eventually the FARC group spread its tentacles into the Columbia drug trade for raising money to finance its operations .

The Colombia President Jaun Manuel Santos took the challenge of negotiating with FARC representatives and after hectic parleys of negotiations over a period of four years ,a deal was reached to end the fighting.

Although people rejected the peace deal but the President did not relent in his efforts and upheld the ceasefire between its Army and the FARC and thus brought the peace deal to its logical conclusion.

The President received the Nobel Peace Prize for the efforts to bring peace and tranquility in the region.

The Christian Science Monitor expressed that the peace deal lacks effective implementation,but the President Santos is scurrying hard to make the criminal groups to live up to their disarmament commitments.

As a result of peace deal the farmers have speeded up the production of different crops ,something other than coca ,the main ingredient of cocaine .

The Govt is leaving no stone unturned in overcoming the hurdles in the implementation of the Peace Process,so that rebels donot get the upper hand to sabotage the FARC Peace deal again.

Ballistic  Battle

The Ballistic Missile Battle between North Korea and South Korea have threatened the region for a possible military confrontations once again.

The North Korea launched four ballistic missiles into the sea off Japan on Monday (6/3/17) as close as 186 miles to its northwest coast.

The launch was in response to US-South Korea military drills interpreted by North Korea as preparation for war.

The move prompted South Korea’s acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn to ask for swift US deployment of missile shield ,Terminal High Altitude Area Defense(THAAD).

The US President’s national security Deputies have reviewed the situation with responses of possible missile strikes of North Korea’s launching sites in case of any eventuality.

As quoted by The New York Times one of the five major components of THAAD already arrived in South Korea .The system could be operational in about two months as per the official spokeswoman of South Korea.

China is reported making hectic parleys to ask North Korea to stop further tests ensuring to call for halt of US-SouthKorea military drills.

China meanwhile has gone to the extent of asking its people to boycott South Korean products ,companies, to show solidarity with North Korea.


 Travel Ban Season

The US President Trump signed a new revised  immigration ban order leaving Iraq out of the list and bringing some semblance in the same to look more or less considerate one from the earlier one.

Taking cue from Trump the Israaeli Parliament also passed a controversial Travel ban into a law on Monday itself .

It prevents non-residents ,who support boycotts of Israel or Jewish settlement in west Bank ,from entering the country.

The travel ban has backing of rightwing coalition .

The law personifies boycotts as new front of war against Israel as quoted by LA Times.












Good morning Good morning

Tushu Zooni Zitni

All so sweet and charming.

In deep slumber

softly smiling

But so pretty and warming


 Cuckoo is cooing cooing

A lullaby a sweet note

Get up get up my


And the prince

It is already seven

Still drowsing in the realms

Of heaven.


The sky is agog with

laser beams

And I sing a song of


Good Morning Good Morning

Tushu Zooni zitni

All so sweet and charming.


 Get up get up

See Aariya Aarav Ditya

Shradha Shraman Megha

Up so early

Smart Trim with hair so curly

And singing with me

Good Morning Good Morning

Tushu zooni zitni

All So sweet and charming.







Campaigning in Uttarpradesh

 In Parliamentary democracy an election is not fought with the aim of decimating opponent but winning the majority to rule the country for about five years within the constitutional frame work. But the election campaigning in Uttar pradesh has taken ugly turns as the political leaders use abusive language against one another and thus reducing the basic civility of public discourse to its lowest levels of indifference and intolerance.

For instance  Chief Minister Akhlesh’s jibe of “donkey “ or President of BJP Amit Shah likening of opponents to the only Terrorist “ Ajmal kasab” caught alive after Mumbai attack in 2008 ,were not in low taste only but an unsubtle bid to demonise the opponents.

In a democracy especially in a country like India with Multi caste Multilinguisitic composition there cannot be permanent majorities.

We have acquired style of Hero worshipping of a political leader and projecting him larger than life is very detrimental to the sustenance and success of Democracy .

It is apt to recall words of Jawahar Lal Nehru “the organization is bigger than individual and the country is bigger than the organization.”

So it is incorrect for any democracy to equate an individual with the country.

Prime Minister Modiji should understand that only winning elections is not sufficient but the real success lies in governing the country rightly to the best advantage of its people.


Trump in Action

 On Friday President Trump took the stage to storm at the CPAC(Conservative Political Action Conference)by bashing the media

“ The era of empty talk is over “ he said “ Basically Ihave done is to keep my promises .”he continued.

Talking about the press he said “it doesnot represent the people and we are going to do something about it .”

Trump tweeted berating members of his own FBI as “leakers”

Tweetering further “FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesnot tell the truth”

The white House has tightened its noose on the leakers and vowed to punish culprits.

Trump clarified that the “Fake News .Enemy of people” referred to the “dishonest’ reporters and editors.

President Trump was not taken seriously before he got elected . His actions over the last month belied the wisdom of those who believed President Trump would forget all the promises made during the campaign and resort to the usual American politician’s behaviour once entrenched in White House.

Trump has put his stamp on the American Foreign policy much to the chagrin of his critics.

Among other actions the notable ones like for his hobnobbing with Putin ,questioning the utilty of NATO ,ban on travellers from seven Muslim countries , raising of wall on its Mexicon border to thwart the unsavoury immigrants , all this has caused ripples across the world and put Trump as an Villian of action rather than a President of status quo stamp.



 Monks of Dhammaka Temple

 Although tourists throng the idyllic Thailand to enjoy its Sun fun and beauty of beaches but everything is not well in this Asian kingdom .

Last week around 4000 soldiers and police surrounded the Bhuddist Monks at the Dhammakaya Temple on the north side of Bangkok.

The current Military junta consider that the Monks have links with the “Red Shirt” populist movement of Thaksin Shinawatra ,the former Prime Minister overthrown in 2006 coup . The dispute between “Red Shirt” and “Yellow Shirt” representing the current Military Junta has erupted again resulting in the witch hunting of the Temple Monks.

The Temple ,ten times the size of Vetican , is largest in Thailand . It is headquarters of massive organization of 3 million followers in the world.

The critics say thathe fund raising activities Flout the teachings of Bhudda .

The Monks deny the allegations and say “Buddha never said to live in hardship”as reported by the Sunday Morning Herald. Whether the allegations are false or true,the current Military Junta leaves no stone unturned to maintain political stability in the idyllic Thailand.


Who is she how is she

My beautiful Titlee

 Hopping buzzing like a bee

Flying from tree to tree

In search of Honey.


Braving sunshine

And heavy shower

From flower to flower

Sprinkling nectar sweet

And sour.

Who is she how is she

My beautiful Titlee


Jostling in the midnight

With no candle or light

Kissing corolla and with joy

And mirth

Cooing the melody of love

To the enchanting earth

 Who is she how is she

My beautiful Titlee.