It is love again

Love again

again again

On the wheezy breezy sneezy

Winter dawn

I saw her stretched out on lawn

Basking warming in the glinting


Traversing through the bushes

And trees.

With her dreaming eyes

Aquiline nose

Dazzling like a dewy morning rose

She beckons me to her arms

lured to her charms

I listlessly recline on her

bossom so warm.

gropping my fingers into

her lithe lissom


melting into blissful hug.

Clasping me to her firm


passions rose high into

every vein

and my tingling


easing me from stress

and pain

while I make love

she drools over

in ecstasy..

It is love again

Love again

again again




Kashmir continues to be jolted by the border intrusions of Pakistan Army force targeting Indian Army quarters as well as Police posts thus killing   police , Army and innocent civilians with impunity .

The attack on CRPF Training Centre by militants ON 31ST December 2017 at Lethpora , Pulwama was lethal one ,killing five CRPF persons and injuring three seriously.

Home Grown militants

Pakistan is poised to continue its belligerent hostile  war with India thus keeping Kashmir conundrum alive.

The state Separators , pawns in the hands of Pakistan are being successfully used to fuel the youth of Kashmir towards radicalisation path to raise home grown Militants . Thus ensuring their involvement to make Kashmir Separator Movement , a Movement of the people of Kashmir .

The recent spurt in the local youths joining Militancy to be part of fidayeen attacks in the valley is a matter of grave concern.

Fardeen Khanday 16, and Manzoor Baba 22, were killed in 31st December attack on CRPF Training Center at Pulwama , making it probably first fidayeen suicide attack in Kashmir involving local militants. The third killed was reported to be a Pakistani .

Fardeen khanday belonged to Tral ,the home of Hizb-ul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani , and one more militant Aaquib Moulvi killed in encounter in March last year ,was his neighbour.It is reported that Fradeen was very much disturbed after killing of Aaquib .and this could have been strong reason of his being part of fidayeen attack.

Manzoor Baba had earlier surfaced in the attack of November 4 by a group of militants in Pulwama.

But all of them escaped at that time killing one official.

He again attacked CRPF Training Center in Pulwama and got killed this time. As matter of fact being part of fidayeen suicide attack.

Reasons And  possible Solutions

It will be wrong to ascertain that the upswing of youth joining militancy and the turmoil thereby caused is direct consequence of dispute over the accession to India .

The youths born after 1990,the year of rising militancy in Kashmir, witnessed turbulent state of affairs all these years. They did not see peaceful good times ,when Kashmir ushered in glory and galloped on to the path of progress.

The current turbid times made them to fall prey to the ploy of Separators and Pakistan backed militants to wage a war with Indian Army and Police, seen as oppressors .

This was complicated by state and Centre pursuing the policy of hard mascular militaristic approach to weed out militancy .

The militancy has not ended .Apart from bloodshed and violence it caused more alienation of the people especially the youth .

It is high time to have a positive re-thinking on the Kashmir issue from larger perspective and put an end to combative policy instead..

CM Mehbooba Mufti Bold Message

In a bold message to mainstream and separatist politicians CM Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday 9th January 2017 said “ I want to bring this on record today that whatsoever the J&K people ,mainstream or outside mainstream ,get will be from this country and no one else. Whatsoever you have got till today has come from here and whatsoever you get in future ,whether it is dignity ,or opening of new routes ,taking trade to the next level ,or dialogue so as to end bloodshed,has to be given by our country and not by any foreign nation”

This is a good beginning in telling the basic truth to the people and youth of Kashmir so that they come to terms with the Govt of the day.

Her admittance of the bad situation over last two years is in itself a sincere move to redress the situation on part of the Govt.

CM Mehbooba Mufti should build confidence in the minds of youth by interacting directly ,so that they are weaned away from the present tortuous state of minds and assuring them of better tomorrow. In fact all state political leaders of various Parties must engage the youth to peaceful path and thus help the cause for the good.

PM Mr Modi with huge mandate should make sincere efforts to address to the Kashmir situation like his two predecessors Mr Atal Vajpayee and Dr ManMohan Singh .

Both tried to build a bridge of friendship but Pakistan’s belligerency came in the way.

Mr Modi has capacity to take an extra mile and thus work to workable solution on permanent basis.

The hard task needs for an inclusive politics meaning to take all political parties into a huddle and thus make positive contribution. Nothing cannot be achieved singularly .


The question of accession is complete and irrevocable.

We expect India ,under the present Central Govt , has enough spine to declare in emphatic terms having no intention to discuss Kashmir with Pakistan.

A natural discipline has to be evolved by political parties to cry halt to disparate opinions to preserve the integrity and unity by speaking in one voice on sensitive issues of grave consequences the like one of Kashmir .

It should go a long way in strengthening the hands of the Govt of the Day in tackling not only Kashmir but other international issues concerning our country and the world.















I can behold the murky

Melancholy evening

Dark clouds looming dooming

Over Jammu horizons

 She lay there on the bed

turning scratching

her head

Panting gasping

for breath

like a wounded bird

Breathing in and out

Without a whimper

or a word

 Fingers wriggling

Limbs flailing

eyes vacant

Tears frozen

I stand in anger

and remorse

  The lightening struck

The soul wafted from her body

And she lay

still serene


eternal peace

 I kissed her forehead


my tears moisten

and rolled down.

 The curtain fell

And I watched

the flames leaping

wrapping her fragile

body .

she vanished into blissful


Leaving me to gather

her remnants to be

immersed in the waters

Of Holy Ganges.


The Year 2017 slipped away not exactly quietly but yes with much ado about nothing and welcoming 2018 as the harbinger of tranquility ,peace and prosperity for the Nation.

Despite two decades of far good economic growth we are still in throes of inequalities in have and have- nots.

Hindutva Genre

The BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister MrModi  is brazenly exhibiting the Hindutva genre – lynching of Muslims by cow vigilants ,hacking and burning them to death ,thus creating a great divide abhorrence and alienation among different sections of society all across the country.

The fear and the atmosphere of intolerance is lurking in the minds and thoughts of people at large.

The Media both print as well as electronic has crumbled and eager to toe the line of the establishment thus doing a great disservice to the nation by not highlighting the facts


Annus Horribilis

 On economic front it was annus horribilis.

The Govt has failed to create jobs for the youth ,the private sector main vehicle for creating new jobs is in complete disarray, the farming sector moaning ,and the much thriving Service sector not in happy situation either following Trump policy of restricting outsourcing and retaining jobs for local US citizens .

The Demonitisation ,GST were other factors ,though voiceferously denied by the Govt, that thwarted the blooming growth by nearly 2%.

For instance Agriculture prices nosedived in April –june 2017 , despite bumper crops after draught of 2015 ,resulting in largescale protests by farmers in Madhyapradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan in September.

Later the anger vented by farmers in the Gujrat Assembly elections that saw BJP struggling to limp to bare majority .

The reason was inadequate prices and the low incomes derived thereby despite high production yields .

Modiji’s Swatch Bharat mission is doing a great success. There is wide response to clean sanitation and urgent measures have been taken in constructing toilets across India to discourage open defecation. No mean achievement and Govt deserves kudos.

The triumph of winning all state elections including the UP is unabated though Gujrat was challenged fiercely by The Congress under spirited leadership of Rahul Gandhi.The remarkable change has been witnessed and admired in Rahul Gandhi’s performance.

BJP will have to work undauntedly with Modiji weaving his magic through 2018 till general elections in 2019 to ensure a second term .Rahul Gandhi Tsunami is high on currents, an emerging force to reckon with .

The International events that garnered headlines in 2017 are likely to resurface   in 2018 as well.

The militant group –Islamic state ( ISIS) though defeated by winning back all the territories from the self proclaimed caliphate , the hopes it may not re-group in near future cannot be ruled out .

Alastair Burt U.K’s Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa said on Thursday while speaking at counter terrorism conference held by RUSI – U.K based Royal United Services Institute ,

“ Even as we see Daesh ((ISIS) push back on the physical battlefield we know that they will continue to pose a threat in the region. Daesh is still capable of inspiring people to carryout attacks in its name as such remains a serious   global threat .” he said.

In Asia North Korea continues to remain a lump in Donald Trump’s throat . KIM JONG UN warned united states that he can unleash great harm if North Korea is threatened ,

This was in response to Trump’s statement made in August , he told reporters that if Pyongyang made any threats to strike the US it would “be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Meanwhile Kim in his televised New Year Day speech offered a hand of friendship to South Korea “as a responsible peace loving Nuclear power”. And called for improved relations and less military tensions over Korean peninsula.

we welcome 2018 with more peace transparency and of course prosperity for the Nation and the world and good bye to the bizarre dangerous pronouncements of 2017.


















I recount my little love

Story at leisure

       with much fanfare

and pleasure

my daughters young frisky


making me a piggybackride

by the pool side

thumping bumping jumping

Girlishly laughing loud


diving deep into pool streams

lumbering in the placid


I swirl round restlessly

cooling off relaxing

into fanciful dreams .


The two toddlers

still not done with

Riding on my shoulders

make me to walk

a mile

among the pine trees

in the cool breeze


Get off get off

My lovely girls

Don’t tire him out

My darling bravo

Oh mummy don’t

You worry

Make some sumptuous


We go home in surrey.

I recount my little love

Story at leisure

with much fanfare

and pleasure.



No doubt BJP has limped past 92–seat mark in Gujrat for the sixth term , it may turn out to be turning moment for the Rahul Gandhi led Congress. The Congress apparently more energised under spirited Rahul Gandhi gave Modi –Amit shah combine a fright and dreadful fight.

The elections have generated several trends indicating greater polarization of the voters .

BJP’s tally falling from 115 to 99, and Congress tally increasing from61 to 80.

Interestingly the vote share increasing for both , 1.1% for BJP and 2.4% for The Congress. The increase in vote share has given Congress more seats whereas the increase has reduced the seat tally for BJP.



The Urban –Rural divide has come to the forefront .

The voter participation in rural areas increased around 5% ( 70.6 percent against 65 percent) from that of Rural areas.

BJP has been practically saved by its stellar performance in its four major cities , Surat, Ahemdabad, Rajkot ,Vadodara winning 46 of 55 seats.

But elsewhere BJP lagging behind Congress ; (out of 127 seats Congress winning 71 seats and BJP only 53 seats.)

Congress’s tally was accentuated by its performance in Saurashtra , a region distressed due to low prices for cotton, and other agriculture products , thus winning confidence of patels .


The other significant developments are as follows

The emergence of troika leaders –, Hardik Patel , Alpesh Thakor , Jignes Mevani has led to shifting of Patels and other traditional caste voters from BJP to Congress in an unprecedented manner.

The Rich Patels mostly Urban staying with BJP and the Kadwa Patels shifting to Congress  thus BJP losing huge vote bank in North Gujrat and Saurashtra.

Rahul Gandhi successfully got rid of Shanker Vaghela, the chief of Congress party, well before elections , and led the consistent well organized campaign . Rahul succeeded in mobilizing the three young leaders ,Hardik Patel , Alpesh (joined Congress) and Jignesh Patel taking their support by assuring them of meeting their demands.


 The strategy of the resolute Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to embark upon Temple runs ,yielded tangible results for his Party.

Rahul Gandhi has visited around 27 temples across Gujrat

ignoring accusations of following soft Hindutva policies.

Interestingly His temple runs won 18 seats from the temple constituencies.


 BJP’s successive victory, sixth in a row is commendable .

It shows undoubtedly Modi and Amit shah ‘s pragmatic approach and relentless efforts to ward off successfully discontents on several fronts ,Patels OBCs,Dalits, hangover of demonetization, and GST yieded results.

It is emphatically clear that voters still endure the personal identification with Modiji in his home turf.

He vigorously campaigned in his personal capacity throwing his heart and soul into the state elections especially in the last days of his campaign forgetting that he is the Prime Minister of the country. The stakes in Gujrat election were high to taste the defeat and he managed to use all kind of rhetorics including the references alleged anti- national   collusions of congress leaders with Pakistan ,playing son of soil card to his advantage against Rahul .

He thus managed to scrape through the slender majority and regain his home state.


Both parties have need for introspection and thus move forward to strengthen the democracy of India.

BJP needs to listen to the grievances of the rural region to   bolster its chances to stay in power otherwise it could create enough crescendo to unseat it in future. This time urban cities have saved Gujrat from eminent dismal defeat whose support couldn’t be taken for granted.

Congress needs to understand that the climb is steep and address to its shortcomings at the earliest. Rahul may talk about moral victory but winning the election is what matters. Congress suffers from lack of party structure and Rahul Gandhi has duty to develop own state leaders with Credibility and  continue to strike a chord with public for all times to come.

















 Zimbabwe ruled by a ruthless President Robert Mugabe was forcibly evicted from office on Nov 21 2017 nearly after 40 years in power.

The new president Emmerson Mnangagwa in collision with military ,war veterans and white businessmen ,mostly farmers managed to take over from the 93 year old Mugabe in a bloodless coup.

In the later half of his brutal rule Mugabe resorted to forcibly and violently seizure of white owned farms under the pretext of post colonial land reform resulting in sharp collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy.

The new President Emmerson Mnangagwa is keen to restore the famished economy through various measures , like restoring land to the farmers and to all citizens who had a claim to land by birth.

“we want them to feel that they belong to and build a new country because economy is shattered.” Presidential advisor Chris Mutsvangwa told news reporters.        Reuters      

 The authorities ,for instance, are allowing a white farmer Rob Smart, 71 years old to return to his farm in Lesbury.

In June this year the riot police armed with AK-47 assault Rifles,riot gear ,teargas kicked off Rob Smart and his family including two small grand children with scores of other workers from their farm at Lesbury.

“ it was not us alone but all workers as well the whole compound.” Smart said. “The eviction affected the livelihood of over 5000 people” he continued.

War veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa, and now a special adviser to President Mnangagwa, confirmed Smart’s treatment made clear that new administration was serious about restoring the rule of law and sanctity of property rights.

Now under new regime Zimbabweans would cherish dreams of having good times ahead and their flora and fauna would flourish as well.

The lions and elephants would move around happily , currently starving for want of food.


 Taliban Ghastly Attack

 Pakistan lately have failed to rein in religious hardliners and contain the terrorists , primarly nurtured and patronized by its authorities to foment trouble in jammu and Kashmir state of India, from resorting to violent attacks on its own citizens and institutions.

On Friday ist of dec 2017 , three Taliban jehadists wearing burqas barged into the government provincial Agricultural college near Peshawar,killing instantly 12 people including teenager students .

Among the wounded of 35 it included two soldiers,7 policemen and a reporter .

The police and paramilitary forces killed all the three terrorists in the firefight that ensued for an hour or so.

Tehrik – e- Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the gruesome violent attack.

The police chief Salauddhin Mehsud explained the three attackers attired in burqas alighted from Rickshaw and instantly resorted to firing to make way for the student hostel.

Mehsud further clarified being Friday holiday there were less number of students typically crowded otherwise on normal days ,thus resulting in less casualties.

The gruesome attack was condemned by one and all including chief Minister Pervez Khattak of Khyber Pakktunkhwa province .

“ these terrorists have no religion as they attacked on a day which is very sacred and Nation celebrating it”saidMr Khattak.

The attack was probably third one on the educational institutes in west provinces .

In 2014 the militants carried a ghastly attack on army run school in Peshawar itself killing 150 students instantly and in 2016 in the townof charsadda militants killed 12 students in a lethal attack on Badsha khan university .         source Associated press /sky news

Paying Price

 As is evident from the recent past protest , Pakistan is paying heavy price for its follies and spinning out of control by Government’s capitulation to hardline Muslim Islamists and freeing of Hafiz Saeed ,denounced terrorist by both UN and US ,accused in masterminding of deadly attack on Mumbai .

These hardline Muslim groups are growing in power and could be a force to reckon with in next vote .