From the stunning hug and cheeky wink it is as clear as summer’s sunny day that Rahul Gandhi is a force to reckon with and ready to take on Modi on an even keel in one to one fight in Lok Sabha elections of 2019.

Throwing off his ‘shehzada’ ‘Pappu’ mantle into political dustbin, Rahul Gandhi marches ahead from Hussar to General in his forays of India’s political leadership.

Rahul Gandhi ‘s soul stirring incisive speech with relentless attack on the Prime Minister Mr Modiji during the no- confidence motion debate sets the tone for the battle lines being drawn.

The aggressive pitch of his speech highlighting relevant Govt failures convinced the treasury benches apart from the opposition, that novice Rahul Gandhi is gone and a leader with confidence, conviction and compassion has finally arrived on Indian political scene.

Let us analyse the profile of Rahul

After making a scathing attack, Rahul Gandhi’s snuggle hugging Prime Minister Modiji ,demonstrated that political differences need not impair the relations and respect for one another in the vituperative political atmosphere.

A definitely good gesture on part of Rahul Gandhi but Modiji did not reciprocate the same, instead made butt of the joke in his speech and thus demonstrated his lack of political statesmanship essential for a leader of his stature.

But Rahul Gandhi has managed to rattle Modi and gave enough reason to everybody to define Rahul with more clarity and leadership acumen.

The fact is that both Modiji and Amit shah are constantly attacking ,browbeating Rahul demonstrates clearly that his stature has grown in their eyes and perceive him as a potent threat to them.

Also,whenever BJP gets an opportunity to belittle Rahul ,they do not leave anything to chance but vociferously assail him and malign him to their fill.


For instance an Urdu daily Inquilab reported that Rahul Gandhi saying that the congress was a party of Muslims, although a gross misrepresentation of his conversation with a group of intellectual Muslims, BJP demanded explanation from Rahul so much so taunting him for claiming a Shiv Bakht on one hand and simultaneously hobnobbing with Muslim intellectuals on the other hand.

These erratic actions on part of the ruling party has propelled Rahul Gandhi to the center stage and given him reason to imbibe confidence by asserting that he and his party ,the Congress, stand for all marginalized people irrespective of caste color and creed.

 Clearly the battle for 2019 elections are announced.

Modi recently flared up at an investment summit in Lucknow ,stating he was not afraid of aligning with businessmen, as the nation building requires “joint efforts of industralists,as well as farmers,workers,bankers and civil servants”

Lambasting at Congress UPA coalition in 2014 election as scam bunch and talked proudly of his success in cooking Congress’s goose then.

The million dollar question is ;Will BJP repeat the election success in 2019.?

Perhaps not. The Modi Govt has failed to live up to the expectations of deliverance of good governance in totality.

In fact has done little to tone up economic growth beyond 6% to 7% .

The promise of new India free from corruption and capital cronyism has not been eventually realized.

Instead mob lynchings in name of cow protection ,rape of women ,communal divide and victimization of Dalits have become almost order of the day.

.Demonetisation was bungled badly The good economic reform GST was badly implemented. The price rise of oils petrol and diesel has put people on the mat.


Rahul Gandhi has started mobilizing the opposition including Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati by upholding the democratic values and declared that Congress is willing to accept any non-RSS backed Prime Ministerial Candidate ,depending upon the outcome of elections in 2019.

He is fast imbibing the nuances of political manoeuvres  to project himself as a kind large hearted political opponent to Modi.

On Saturday ,August 4 in a bid to show unity Rahul Gandhi shared plateform and also spoke at the opposition congegration “opposition stands united” against BJP’s “assault” on India’s history and culture.

Taking on Nitish Rahul said “if Bihar chief Minister is actually ashamed of the sexual abuse on minor girls,it should be reflected in his actions.” “ we arehere to send a message we are with women and children ,we are not going backtrack.” He said.

With the sexual abuse cases at a shelter home in Muzaffarpur (Bihar),the event being organized by RJD at Jantar Mantar, Delhi , the protest venue .

Tejashwi  of RJD said “ the state govt has completely failed to maintain law and order. This dharna is not political one but only those who want perpetrators of the crime to be punished have come together.” He concluded

Thus the election in 2019 may not be easy cakewalk for Mr Modi as in 2014 as resurgent Rahul Gandhi poses a determined threat.



Rahul Gandhi ,a polite graceful leader is seen as a messiah , talisman by the downtrodden harassed ,traumatised Indians and more than that he is cleansing Congress of partisan thus a great solace to multitudes for perceiving a better India bereft of hate, violence in name of religion caste and divisive politics.

























Islands are fascinating and meeting places between sea and land.

The Islands date back to million of years , scattered all across the oceans of the world , one time a flowing molten lava and over thousands of years have become a lush tropical ones .

The wonders of Island life remind us without doubt that the earth in itself is an Island flooded with resplendent plants animals and unique birds ,seas, mountains ,rivers and what not.

Origin of Islands

 Islands have evolved in two ways , Continental Islands and the Oceanic Islands.

The Continental Islands are the land part of the Continental mainland, cut over the years either through erosion or due to geological forces leading to major upheavals in the surface structure of the earth .

Oceanic Islands are formed where molten rocks pile upon the lava flow upon lava flow and build volcanic mountain.

This phenomenon takes thousands of years ,before the mountain growing to a such a height thus breaking from the ocean surface.

The volcanic islands get exposed to wind weather waves and rain .

The   off shore coral reefs form a barrier against the crashing sea waves that could limit the life span of the volcanic islands.

The Continents have shifted continuously in a slow way and this phenomenon still continues unabated.

Over 200 million years ago as geologists believe all the land on earth was a great one mass called Pangaea.

Later after some million years the dry land split into two super continents; Gondwanaland ,which is todays South America ,Africa, India ,Australia and Antartica; the other Laurasia ; consisting of North America ,Greenland ,Europe, and Asia .

 It is humanly impossible to know or assess how many islands have been on the broad surface of this earth to be eroded away or to have been washed away in its bosom by the rising seas.

Life on Islands.

 Every island as a result of evolutionary process develops its own organisms and life sets its foothold .

Whenever man settles in an island ,he has brought with himself food, plants, pets like dogs .

The Continental islands support a community of living things when they are separated from the mainland. But the colonisers bring other species from elsewhere and the evolutionary mechanism gives rise to unique plants and animals ,thus setting meteor of life for more environmental changes with the passage of times.


The Oceanic islands are sterile and devoid of any life on its rugged surface.

The surface life of plants and animals emerges only through settlers from other islands.

The plants and animals that reach an island have to survive against the environmental odds and ends thereby gaining access to new breeding sites . The organism manage to ross over the oceans and settle permanently in the scattered odd number of islands.

The plants that survive on arrival are Algae, lichens, fungi, mosses ,ferns.

The birds fly out in seas to make nests on the vegetated cliffs and in the dense plant vegetation and thus survive the new hazards.

The other animals like lizards, bats, land snails ,spiders carry themselves successfully in the ocean voyages.

Though spiders do not fly but it is common to see them weaving strands of fine webs and move like parchutes with the breeze that carry the spiderlings   far aloft.

Nature works its way for every one in this beautiful universe. Only the beholder should be alert to see and feel the impact of the beauty around .


The scientist writer Thomas Huxley in his famous essay

“ Life Growth Change “ has demonstrated that animals evolve unusual adaptations in relation to the physical environment .   For instance if an animal is transformed from Iceland to a desert of intense heat, the animal adapts slowly to the changed Circumtances and in the successive generations they become completely different from their ancestral breeds.


The largest lizard ,the 9ft komado dragon found only

In Indonesian island of Komado , preys on monkeys and deer.



The 4 inch long mouse Lemurs of Madagascar island are the smallest of all primates, also the most primitive. Lemurs hide in the foliage and come out in night to feed o insects




A unique Parrot lives in the islands of West Indies. This red-necked parrot lives in the mountains forests of   Dominica.


The Caribbean islands exhibit lush islands numbering 700 ,stretching from Florida to South America. A few are Continental in origin but majority of these are of volcanic   and the volcanoes that formed them are extinct now.

The Caribbean with total land of 91000 square miles ,the many islands of West Indies are spread over 971,400 square miles of open ocean.


The   islands of Philippine archipelago are without human settlement. The larger islands are mountainous with 20,000 mile shoreline ,with extreme weather of humid warmth at sea level, to the chill of 9000ft high, Philippines is home to variety of beautiful plants and animals.


Island life is a manifestation of diversity and uniqueness in character. The bizarre kinds of plants animals and their habitations make islands fascinatingly charming abodes of beauty.







The cool crimson Sunshine

beckons me

   to a bracing walk in the

verdant woods.

The rustling leaves listening to

the cacophony of singing birds

howling animals

purring waters of brooks

flowing across

The cool crimson Sunshine

Invigorating me

sway swirl and swish


the curling landscapes

with determination and will

I climb up the hill

to a panoramic view


limitless blue sky.

The cool crimson Sunshine

Warms me


tread upon the untamed

Verdure forest deep

into realms of immense beauty.

A group of virgin belles

gaily giggling

Strode along

Twirling their skirts


revealing bare legs

taking my breath away

 standing gleefully on a big stone


Murmur in undertone

Love is lovely


is lovely.


Much awaited meeting

 The President Donald Trump’s much awaited crucial meeting with President Vladmir V. Putin in Helsinki ,Finland on July 16 ended with a note of assurance for building a better future relations amongst the two world powers .

The meeting began with President Trump a bit restive and President Putin putting on a stony look.

But Flamboyant President Trump took the lead to break the ice by congratulating President Putin on a really great Soccer world cup   “One of the best ever what everybody tells me. And for your team ,itself, doing so well.” And thereafter the meeting went on smoothly .




Trump and Putin addressing News Conference. 16TH JULY 2018.


Afterward , the two leaders held press conference where both addressed to the accusations that Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

Mr Putin said in response to a question at the news conference “ President Trump mentioned the so called interference of Russia in the American elections.I had to reiterate things I said several times that the Russian State

has never interfered and is not to interfere in the internal affairs of America including the election process.”

Mr Trump replied when asked whether he believed his American agencies ,which allege that Russia interfered in 2016 United States elections or Putin.

“ They think is Russia .I have President Putin – he just said it is not Russia ,I do not see any reason why it would be”

Mr Trump regarded it as ‘ misconduct of Democrats during the campaign.’

Mr Putin took more frontal approach “ As to who is to be believed ,as to who is not to be believed ,you can trust no one .

Where did you got this idea that President Trump trusts me or that I trust him. He defends the interests of United States of America and I defend the interests of the Russian Federation. We do have interests in common and we are looking for points of contact”


Trump said “ what he did is an incredible offer. He offered to have the people working as on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people .I think that is an incredible offer.”


In a later tweet Mr Trump wrote “ As I said today and many times before, ‘I have GREAT confidence in MY intelligence people’. However , I also recognize that in order to build a brighter future , we cannot focus on the past — as the world’s two ,largest powers , we must get along”.

On Monday in a couple of Tweets Mr Trump branded the special Counsel Investigation into Russia’s election interference “Rigged Witch Hunt . Many years of U.S foolishness and stupidity .”

He even clarified “ I hold both countries responsible . I think United States has been foolish . I think we all have been foolish”

He continued further ,” our relationship has never been worse than it is now .However that changed as of about four hours ago. I really believe that.”


But back home some Senators ,both Republican as well as Democrats echoed discontentment , remorse and a silent protest through Tweets.


Jeff Flake , a retiring Senator from Arizona said on a Twitter

“ I never thought I would see the day when our American President would stand on the stage with Russian President and place blame on the United States for Russian aggression. This is shameful”.


Senator Ben Sasse, Republican from Nebraska said “This is bizarre and flat out wrong.”   “The United States not to be blamed.” he concluded.

Representative Justin Amash from Michigan put on Twitter “A person can be in favour of improving relations with Russia ,in favour of meeting with Putin and still think something is not right.”

Democrats spoke more brazenly.

Senator Edward .J. Markey of Massachusetts called Mr Trump’s performance as “national embarrassment”        


Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested on the press Conference that Moscow and Washington could cooperate to reduce volatility in the oil market thus making US a sort of silent partner in OPEC .

Sources NYT/WashingtonPost




President Tump ,however naive and egomaniac at times , deserves kudos for taking on one –on –one meeting with his counter part Mr Putin to improve relations and cooperation between two powerful Nations to foster much needed peace and thus ensure a better future and tackle global problems on hand with determination , despite areas of disagreement.


The annexation of Crimea from Ukraine by Russia and Trump’s withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal are some of the many areas of disagreement to address to.

However Mr Putin was glad to admit that the war in Syria could be “the first showcase example of successful joint work” between two countries.

In this era of strong man politics,fear ,resentment ,xenophobia and bigotry around the world ,Mr Trump took courage in his both hands to meet President Putin for well meaning meeting.

Mr Trump is a leader who believes in making things happen rather than beating about the bush.

Mr Putin must be equally glad to be in the club of global leaders.




Indira Gandhi ,India’s most powerful Prime Minister earned the epithet of Goddess Durga after winning the war of 1971 with Pakistan .

She dismembered the belligerent Pakistan into two distinct nations , Bangladesh and present Pakistan ,bruising further its pride by making 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendering to the Indian Army.

Pakistan was in a shambles.

Winning a spectacular victory in the general elections in 1971, Indira Gandhi had become the most popular leader with the people showering love and affection from every nook and corner of the country.Her popularity among the Indian masses was unbelievable and reached its zenith.

The opposition gathered momentum, after being decimated in the general elections , especially under the stalwarts ,Morarji Desai , Atal Bihar vajpayee, L.K.Advani and Jayprakash Narain popularly known as JP,   the slogan of “Indira Hatao” became more strident day in and day out.

Indira Gandhi sensed the trouble brewing and in a bid to cling to power she decided to act swiftly.

Nearly 43 years ago(25th June 1975) the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed emergency by making announcement on All India Radio “ The President has declared a state of emergency. There is no need to panic”

Within hours all opposition leaders including the stalwarts L.K.Advani, Morarji Desai, Atal Vajpayee, and veteran freedom fighter Jai Prakash Narayan , with scores of junior senior leaders were put behind the bars.

Hush fell on the country and a strange fear, never experienced before ,gripped the Nation .

It would be interesting to understand and analyse the reasons for then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for imposing the emergency.

The reasons could be as follows

Hunger for power

In democracy it is always dangerous to eulogize a person to deific stature, thereby allowing him to concentrate power and pelf leading ultimately to the authoritarian rule, harmful to the pluralism inclusive society and the people at large.

This is what happened to Indira Gandhi. She became authoritarian and wanted to cling to power by any means fair or foul.

Morarji Desai factor in Gujrat.

Morarji Desai losing out twice(1967 and 1971) to Indira Gandhi in the race for Prime Ministership , nurtured a deep rancour in his heart and in a bid to take revenge supported the student agitation of L.D.College of Engineering in Ahmadabad so much so that he launched fast unto death agitation in support of the student demands. The main demand ,among others ,was dismissal of Chiman bhai Patel Govt.

Indira Gandhi blinked and put Gujrat under the President’s rule in February 1974.

Bihar Student Agitation.

The students of Patna University launched an agitational movement in Bihar in March 1974. The agitation flared up with the students of other universities joining the fray.. But Abdul Ghafoor government repressed it with iron hands.

J P Narayan, the veteran Gandhian leapt out of his political hibernation ,and led the student movement describing it as “Total revolution” to overthrow Indira Gandhi regime.

JP’s leading the students movement  spreading to other states assumed  a national campaign .

JP Narrain and Morarji Desai organised a rally at Ramlila   Maidan in New Delhi on June 25, 1975 .At this rally, JP made a call to army and police not to follow the orders of Indira Gandhi government.

Morarji Desai declared , “We intend to overthrow her, force her to resign”   “the lady won’t survive our movement.” He concluded angrily.

Raj Narain Petition

Raj Narain ,after defeat in 1971 , filed a petition in Allahabad High Court contesting the victory of Indira Gandhi from Rai Bareilly Constitution on the plea of malpractices  by misusing her official position,

On June 12 1975 ,Allahabad High Court delivered verdict against Indira Gandhi ,holding her guilty of malpractices.

The order was subject to appeal in Supreme Court.

The top lawyer NaniPalikiwala filed the case of Indira Gandhi in the Supreme Court.

The vacation bench under justice VK Krishna Iyer ordered stay on Allahabad High Court Judgement on June 24 1975.


Doubtless , apart from the reasons explained,the call by JP Narain to Army and police in the rally of Ramlila Maidan for disobeying the orders of Indira Gandhi must have finally  ignited the cinders to the proclamation of Emegency by Indira Gandhi.

Despite grave provocations from the Opposition Indira Gandhi should have maintained restraint and not resorted to the imposition of Emergency.

Instead she should have resorted to other political manoeuvres to defeat the Opposition’s willful strategy of deriding ,decrying and dethroning her .


I long to be with you

My daughters pretty

Petite ones

for sometime nay a long


gossiping giggling galloping


the hill tops with emerald


gliding down the slopes

into deep forests

with the rhythm rhyme


golden time.

Come now my daughters


Some time nay a long


frisking frolicking rolling


into the arms of your

papa mummy

 I live your childhood memories

Whenever I get time to

roam about

in my thoughts

           your mummy is equally lost

in memories dear


     winning the gold medals for

interschool games

local papers screaming

with banner headlines


come my daughters


some time nay a long


to drive along the Boulvard


listening to the Kashmiri

folk songs

while skiing for


on the placid waters of

    Dal lake.



BJP –PDP Alliance in Jeopardy

 With imposition of Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir for the eight time in last forty years Peace has finally eluded Kashmir once again.

BJP –PDP alliance limped around for three years and finally doomed when the Union Government pulled the rug off on 19th june 2018, leaving the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti with no alternative but to resign and fend for herself in the prevailing situation.

Thus came the end of an alliance with divergent political ideologies , forged essentially to bring peace and tranquility to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

BJP squarely placed the blame of failure on PDP and the general secretary Ram Madhav told reporters “ continuance in the government had become untenable –responsibility for this kind of scenario lies on the other side.” “ keeping in mind the larger interest of India’s integrity and security , keeping in mind the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of India, in order to bring control over the situation prevailing in the state, we have decided that it is time the reins of power in the state be hand over to the Governor.” Mr Ram Madhav continued.

BJP cited growing radicalism ,terrorism and violence as the reasons of pulling out of the alliance without assigning reasons for the increase thereby.

Mehbooba Mufti after resigning as chief minister blamed BJP’s for the break up of alliance and said while addressing the media “ we are convinced that a muscular policy will never work and the only way forward is our healing touch poicy –Kashmir is not an enemy territory.” “We did everything that we could manage to do to address the situation on the ground.” She said “ we did not stitch this alliance for power. We did it for the object of offer of dialogue ,unilateral ceasefire ,and for the peace of the valley.”

Mehbooba while defending her good intentions she said on Tuesday soon after her resignation as Chief Minister   “we negotiated an agenda of alliance where we ensured that BJP scaled down . for example we persuaded them to maintain status quo on Article 370 and Article 35-A .That was part of our agenda alliance. We defended (article 370) inside the court too. We ensured our Govt government defends Article 35A in the court”

‘’ we pushed for a policy of reconciliation and convinced (Centre) to grant amnesty to 11000 youth booked for stone pelting .”

It was contended by people of jammu that they voted overwhelmingly for BJP in assembly elections so that the BJPcould fulfill the promise of abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A .

Article 370 grants special status to J&K ,article 35-A denotes special powers to its legislature to define its permanent residents and make laws/provisions for giving them special rights and concessions.

The BJP had been vigorously advocating for abrogation of these two articles and during election campaigns promised to have a public discussion on the same.But once in power with an alliance with PDP it chose to maintain stoic silence and do nothing about it.

The Jammu people got annoyed and saw BJP ‘s helplessness before its partner PDP ,after Mehbooba Mufti warned and said that anyone interfering with these two articles ,”there wont be anyone to even shoulder the National tricolor in the state.”

With the law and order situation worsening in Kashmir day in and day out ,BJP found it difficult to justify ,manage to the agreed to concessions ,like recent ceasefire, amnesty to 11000 stone pelters ,as agreed in agenda of alliance.

This might have been one of the many reasons for BJP to come out of the alliance .

My Conclusions

 It is painful for BJP to have lost an opportunity for good to bring positive change in the J&K state , it will be no exaggeration to admit that the gamble failed miserably because of the clash of ideologies, leaving the state in a worse state, communally more polarized than ever before.

With no concrete policy on Kashmir , BJP’s vacillating approach cost the severance of the alliance formed with good intentions of bringing lasting peace to the state of   J&K.

 After governing the state in alliance with PDP ,BJP must have understood that Kashmir is a different cup of tea and needs threadbare approach to resolve the knotty  tangle and  hence resorted to Governor’s rule a euphemism for direct rule by the Central Government.

 Now a weary long path to tread upon in order to wean away the youth from radicalism ,and to woo the alienated citizens to attune for the national cause.

 But having said so nothing is difficult if intentions for the peace and wellbeing of people is genuinely pursued by the  Govt of India.

The GOI (government of India) needs to think out of box.

 By enforcing policy of reconciliation ,(talks with all stakeholders including separators ) through the acceptable independent interlocutors from civil society to re-engage for talks   could be a stepping stone to the process   of peace in the valley .

The interlocutors should not be representatives of the govt in the current situation ,lacking the credibility.

 No doubt the Military operations should be enforced to root out militancy ,but simultaneously the Military border Helpline should be initiated to resolve the problems of civilians at hand and thus present the forces as friends not foes only.

The forces should be amply educated that they are operating to quell terrorism in their own territory not enemy territory and be extra alert not to persecute the innocent citizens.

This compassionate gesture should go a long way in building up confidence to help the alienated citizens to lay trust in the forces and rise to the occasion  in case of any eventuality. That is what we should aim at, the engagement of people in the development and growth of J&K State.Nothing of such sort has been attempted by the govt ,both State as well as the Centre .

The rhetorics  Insaniyat , Kashmiriyat  and  Jhamhuriat  should be given the go once for all.These do not  hold any water now.