It is rain again

Beautiful Bountiful


Again again

Easing stress strain

Drenched as I stand

On Bengarulu Main

Pouring incessantly

water seeping streaking

down arms pits

on to

my fleshy corridors


long skinny legs .

The cool blizzard

caressing the tresses

swirling twirling

tossing in


I Sway

my body hips


the rhythm of

curled landscapes

mingle into

divine dream of

cooing with open


for a dewdrop


it is rain again

beautiful bountiful


Again again

Easing stress pain.





Travelling has fascinated me from childhood..

My father imbued in me the habit of going on Morning walks with him .He would wake me up at 5.30am dress me up to accompany him to walk a mile or two to the green pastures on the hill side of the city . Srinagar city encircled by mighty snow capped mountains luxuriant with greens . One is simply enthralled and mesmerized by its natural beauty.

Being early riser my father would make fire in the kangiri – the traditional fire pot made of earthen bowl covered around with wicker .This is mobile heater for residents in Kashmir during winter to keep them warm.

He would bake two eggs for me in the fire of kangiri. I would Peel off the eggs and eat them before embarking on a walking tour.


Srinagar city  with Dal Lake in background

The October morning was just neither cold nor warm but fascinating enough to tempt us for a long walk..

A starry sky without a speck of cloud. The chirping of birds on the tree bough was soothing to the ears.and some of these would flutter over our heads just to say “hello”.

This was a daily morning phenomenon.

I dressed up in thick cotton pajama and put on ‘pheron’ a loose Kashmiri gown made from woolen cloth.

My father, a six footer of heavy build with dusky complexion, dressed up in Tweed long coat buttoned up to his neck, carrying a staff in his right hand beckoned me to follow him . He walked fast with his outstretched strides .It was very difficult for a tiny figure like me to keep pace with his long steps.

But then he would wait intermittently , hold my hand for a comfortable walk.

The walk was long on the tarred avenue with tall poplar trees on either side, presenting a panoramic view.

The chirpy morning was peaceful and I enjoyed loitering here and there without the noise and honking of the vehicles .

Occasionally a Tonga or a car would speed by and the occupants would wave while zipping across the lonely road.

After trudging for a long walk, we halted by the side of a gurgling stream namely DOODH GANGA every day to enjoy the blissful spectacle of day breaking into dawn.

After crossing the Doodah Ganga we descended the big slope into a plain, a huge ground called Chand Mari. Indian Military forces  had occupied Chand Mari as point of security in the city boundaries.

My father went to one of the camps and called ‘‘Hey

Bonwer Singhji Good morning”

“Good morning Sirji” Bonwer singh came out of the camp “how are you my boy “ He continued.

“Very well “ I replied in a low tone

Bonwar singh, a burly Sardarji was Major and in charge of the Security of Chand Mari Military Force. My father struck friendship with him and inadvertently stopped for a cup of tea and a normal gossip .

“ Sirji you had promised that your son will sing a song . I understand he is good singer “ Bonwar Singh asked .

“ yes why not ,my son sings well.” replied my father

“Biju go ahead sing something” ordered my father.

 I sang ‘khoya khoya chand khulla asman ‘ a Bollywood   song .

 ‘wah wah Biju you sing beautiful. There is modulation in your voice and I am sure you will be a good singer “ Bonwar singh said .

I felt myself at the top of the world.

For a week or so we could not come to see Bonwar Singh

And finally one day we did halt outside the Camp in Chand Mari .

“Tussi Kethay ho Singh Sahib “ shouted my father

“Kaun Hai “ A voice enquired .

“Is Bonwar Singhnji there” my father asked politely.

    A tall Sikh Officer came out while tying up his turban.

“ Hello sirji Bonwar Singh ji is transferrd to Ladakh

and now I , Amitabh singh is new Commander here. “

“Oh I see , glad to meet you .Bonwar singh was a bosom friend just stopped to say hello” my father replied shaking hands with the officer.

“do come sir. I am your new friend .what is your name pl.”

“KNK. Principal in a school ,see you officer sometimes later” my father replied ,waving his hand as we moved onwards.










Aah comes the rain

Torrential rains

Dark clouds growl

The fierce wind howl

Splashing water on to


Window panes

Cooling off spitting


From the heart

And mind.

Aah comes the rain

Gushing ferociously

through the lane

rinsing off the paths

nooks and corners

and setting the green

verdure to the

glistening grass.

Making the prospectus

Inviting embracing

To love

Aah comes the rain

Slithering down the

Body and bosom

The water spatters

On the fleshy contours

Raindrops scatter

Like pretty flowers

Soothing the scorching

sores to blissful




Venezuela –Economic Turmoil

 Oil rich Venezuela is in economic and political turmoil .The petrol prices plummeted, forcing the factories and state farms to shut production .The rampant corruption has literally made life miserable for the people .

The on going protests for the last three months have left about 90 people dead as reported by Associated Press.

The president Nicolas Maduro has called for election on 30th july to elect Constituent Assembly with sweeping powers including power to rewrite the country’s Constituion.

The protesting people and the opposition fearing the move could lead to an authoritarian rule along the lines of the political system in Cuba.

The opposition political Parties claimed that it garnered 7.5 million votes held on Sunday opposite to the President’s move of forming New Constituent Assembly

The U.S President Donald Trump in a statement said “ The united states will not stand by as Venunzuela crumbles. If Nicolas Maduro imposes Constituent Assembly on 30th July,The US will take strong economic action.”

Venezuela exports on average nearly 700,000 barrels of oil a day to USA. It comprises half of the total exports of Venezuela.and covers for the 75 percent income for Venezuela and keeps the Government going on.

In the light of above facts Venezuela would ill afford to do anything contrary to the US as the move could debilitate the Maduro Govt economically. Source Associated Press


 On Wednesday, the 193-member U.N. budget committee agreed on $7.3 billion to fund 13 peacekeeping missions across the globe and a logistics support office. The budget is due to be adopted by the U.N. General Assembly on Friday, diplomats said.

The United states has reduced the UN Peacekeepers’ budget by $600 million . The decision is in tune with the Donald Trump’s call for Cost reduction policy for US Annual Budget

The current U.S. funding for the U.N Peacekeeping bill is 28.5percent and Trump has shown concern for the same and suggested to cut down it to 25 percent instead.

In addition Wahington also pays 22percent of the $5.4billion UN core budget.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley told U.S. lawmakers in Washington on Wednesday that Trump’s proposed U.S. federal budget was “making a point that he wanted to strengthen the military and it was putting the United Nations on notice.”

The other major contribution to UNpeace keeper’s budget  comes from China about 10 percent .




Polish protestors are on war path since Sunday evening   demonstrating against a controversial Bill putting supreme court under the Government . in unprecedented rally the protestors were waving flags and chanting slogans “we want free Poland “ and “free court”.

The upper house of the Polish parliament has approved the Bill by a vote of 55 /23 on Saturday ,the lower house keeping it in abeyance following massive protest in all major cities .

The president Andrej Duda has 21 days to give assent to the Bill but it is assumed he would not wait so much to give his decision.

Under the bill the Ministry of justice will be armed with sweeping powers of hiring and firing judges. This Bill according to the Government would make the judiciary more accountable and speed up the otherwise too slow system .


The world leaders across the Globe trying to subvert the Democratic structure to be equipped with manoeuvarable controls to achieve their sinister moves to perpetuate their misrule .




Love we must

And must we love

It doesn’t matter

Where we love

Oh my  pretty dove

Among the bushes

Deep down in the

Woods .

Stealithily in the nook of alleys

Or in the sprawling valleys

But love we must

And must we love

It does not matter

Where we live

On the green verdure

Enticing coquettish


It doesnot matter

Where we make love

Along the sides of gurgling


clinging to the branches

of rustling trees

enjoying a sensuous breeze

to tingle our passions

and delve deep in

Fathoms of eternity

Love we must

And must we love




Amarnath Yatra.

Seven Amarnath Yatris were killed and 18 others injured on their journey of faith by militants on 10th july in Botengo village near ANANTNAG in South of Kashmir. The yatris were travelling in a bus carrying 56 passengers when Militants brazenly attacked it with bullets but the nerve and grit of the driver saved the other 50 passengers in a miraculous manner .He did not stop the bus but drove on with determination to the place of safety.

Condemnation of attack across the political social spectrum on pilgrims to Amarnath shrine is welcome .

Students ,traders and civil society groups took to streets in Srinagar to show solidarity with the victims. This is positive development in the aftermath of Burhan wani’s death and should be heartening for all to learn that everything is not lost in the valley riven with militancy nearly, for over three decades.

A ray of hope and significant message for PDP-BJP government to take stock of situation and bring normalacy to the otherwise devastated vandalized valley for years now.

Historical Background

 The most revered Hindu shrine Amarnath was first discovered in 1850 by a muslim shephered Buta Malik.Malik Family is the custodian along with Hindu priests of Mattan and Dasmani Akhara.

The shephered told the villagers and the shrine became famous and pilgrims started visiting it.

Earlier it opened for 15 days only .but later on shri Amarnathji shrine Board was formed in 2000 and now Yatra is for two months .

The shrine is the shining example of plurality communal harmony kashmiriyat ethos.

Kashmiriyat Ethos

Although it is good to raise the Kashmiriyat ethos at this hour ,though in practice it received a severe blow since the weeding out of Kashmiri Pandits way back in 1990.

The 1990s saw a great religious divide in the valley and the syncretic culture nurtured over hundred of years was given the go for ever in one stroke.The militancy overshot the fundamental tenets of secularism and brought misery to the teeming millions at hand.

Keeping this background in view the attack on Amarnath Yatra should not be a surprise .

Earlier on Ist August 2000 , 17 yatris were killed when Militants attacked base camp in Phalgham.

I earnestly pray the condemnation of attack across by one and all including ‘ separators’

Showing abhorrence for such acts, could bring in Peace and unity of thought for the welfare of people in Kashmir.

PDP-BJP Government

 Currently the PDP- BJP government is in a state of comma , and the separators mere pawns in the hands of Pro- Pak elements ,reciting the tune of hatred and thus doing a great disservice to the people of Kashmir.

The chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti while expressing deep sorrow anguish over the killings, should rise above petty considerations and bring the culprits to book .

With her political acumen she should rope in all leaders ,irrespective of their affliations, to rise against militancy to usher the valley into a state of prosperity and tranquility .

This moment of political consensus could be utilized for normalizing stability and resilience of the state on to the path of peace and promise for better tomorrow.










   My heart is burning

And is churning

   With the thought

        to be in   love                                                                     


  Your bright eyes

  Wide as the blue skies

Your crimson cheeks

   high as mountain peaks

      lure me to your sensuous


My heart is thumping

  And is pumping

  with the thought

    To be in love

  with you.

 Your   long   twirling  hairs

      swirling down in pairs

             over your broad shoulders

                   whispering a swishing sound

                 like rustling leaves

                      The daylight enthusing maze

                     Of somber hues

                       Over the glowing face

                     My heart is sinking

                    And is jumping

                     With the thought

                       To be in love

                          With you.