Behold the Beach girl

Sweet and sour

Thunderous wonderous

reaching out just


amuse me with legions

of Love .

with almost no attire

the beach girl beckoning

 in a leap

sweeps me off the feet

into recesses of sea

so blue deep.

fighting the tides


spring and neap.

In her tight clasp

Tossing plunging

I melt down to

her sensuous passion.


Turbulent tempestuous


Storming to the shore.

Behold the beach girl

Garrulous gorgeous


enticing and engulfing


to the ecstacy


passionate bliss.




Love we must

And must we love

It doesn’t matter

Where we love

Oh my  pretty dove

Among the bushes

Deep down in the

Woods .

Stealithily in the nook of alleys

Or in the sprawling valleys

But love we must

And must we love

It does not matter

Where we live

On the green verdure

Enticing coquettish


It doesnot matter

Where we make love

Along the sides of gurgling


clinging to the branches

of rustling trees

enjoying a sensuous breeze

to tingle our passions

and delve deep in

Fathoms of eternity

Love we must

And must we love




Jump on Jump on

To the saddle

Resting firmly your feet

On the paddle

you are no more

A child in the cradle

With grit and Will

Just tumble down

The sloppy hill

Enjoying the rhyme

Rhythm of wind

Whirring Sweetly softly

Caressing, tossing up

Your face and hair.

The lark soaring up on the sky

Deep blue and high.

Flying with no fear

Tearing through the clouds

With cheer.

The birds swarm across

In flocks like beloveds

With arms akimbo

Like a Jumbo

In a freestyle show

You race down race down

Down and down

Turn and twist

Fume and fret

Like a speedy jet

with Grit and Will

Just tumble down

The sloppy hill.

Down and down

With smile only

No fear or frown


Theresa May in action

The UK. Under the leadership of Theresa May is finally set to trigger Article 50 of key EU treaty on March 29 2017.

She has kept to her word in letter and spirit by assuring its citizens that she would “broker a best deal for United Kingdom” according to BBC.

Tim Barrow, Britain’s ambassador to 28 nations EU, informed the European Council President Tusk of finally exiting the European Union.

It could take at least two years for UK to complete the most important negotiation, thus severing the trade ties of 43 years.

Prime Minister Theresa May ought to make announce in the House of Commons on March 29TH, the day Article 50 is triggered.

The European Commission   confirmed it stood ready to help launch the negotiations.

The UK is expected to turn a new leaf towards building trade relations with thriving world economies especially with South Asian booming markets rather than confining itself to EU cage.

The move is crucial in a way it could plunge United Kingdom into a period of uncertainty.

It is to be seen and watch UK survives the Exit successfully.

Asia’s youngest Nation

East Timor, Asia’s youngest democracy became independent on May 20th in 2002.

With 60 percent unemployment the country held polls for Presidential elections on Monday, 20th March 2017, fourth time since its independence in 2002.

Francisco “ Lu olo” Guterres backed by party that led independence struggle (FRETILIN) is the most coveted one to win the election.

East Timor was under the occupation of Portugal, who settled down in 16th century and was in command till 1975.

Later on Indonesia invaded it and annexed it with their country,

It was after great struggle East Timor became independent.

The young Nation is determined to build the future of their people.

Bygmalion Scandal.

French former President Nicolas Sarkozy was caught unawares when a judge ruled that Sarkozy must stand trial over the charges that his party falsified to hide 20 million Euros of campaign spending in 2012.

Popularly known as Bygmalion scandal, centers around the charges leveled against Sarkozy’s party UMP raising invoices to the tune of 20 million Euros in name of the party through a public relation company, Bygmalion thus allowing it to spend double the amount than permitted under the French campaign financial laws.

Sarkozy, thus, is the second President to be accosted under law, the first being President Jacques Chirac who was given two years suspended sentence for misappropriation of public funds.

Netherland vs. Turkey row

The Knives are out. Netherland and Turkey are fighting.

The Dutch Govt   refused two Turkish ministers to hold rally with Turkish citizens in Rotterdam as reported by REUTERS.

The rallies had been called to address ethnic Turkish residents in Rotterdam to vote yes for providing sweeping powers to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on April16 referendum.

The Dutch police used water canons and attack dogs on the protesters who retaliated

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan retorted angrily calling Dutch “Nazi remnants”

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim went a step ahead by promising to take “harshest ways” and “ respond in kind to this unacceptable behaviour” in retaliation.

Turkish president Erdogan’s fresh controversial statement accusing the Dutch of being behind the gruesome slaughter of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica in 1995 “they have nothing to do with the civilized world they have nothing to do with modern world”

Almost 8000Muslim men and boys were reported being killed by Bosnian Serb troops in Srebrenica with a Dutch battalion of UN Peacekeepers allegedly failing to halt the gruesome slaughter.

It appears that the world Nations are pursuing the path of violence against one another with no remorse or regret.

The United Nations Organization   needs to take lead in pursuing the warring Nations across the globe to usher into serious peace talks for the well being of millions who live with a hope of prosperous future

.We hope wisdom dawns on the people of this great world irrespective of caste creed color to sit across and seek much needed Peace for good.


The Researchers at Queensland University in Australia have developed models of human heart tissue to study Cardiac biology and disease in laboratory stage to help understand the means to arrest the spreading disease.

The scientists have invented functional “beating” human heart muscle from stem cell a significant step in this direction.


Trump Donald Woos Putin

 Both Russia and Washington are genuinely inclined to bond together to fight violent extremists and usher into a peace and tranquility for good.

In fact Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov told his country lawmakers in emphatic manner

“we need to work in a business like “.

Among other issues he referred to the urgency for US and European Union ending of the sanctions imposed on Russia after capturing and annexing of Crimea in 2014.

The president Donald Trump has already expressed his willingness to lift the sanctions on Russia in his interview to Wall street quite recently.

But the Eurpean Union is in awe of President Putin‘s meddling in Ukraine ,military encroachment into Baltics and Artic.

Lavrov however assured the European Union that “Russia is a peaceful country but we have to be ready and prepared to provide the security and safety of our citizens,” he said.

Also in response The US has moved enough troops to Europe ever since the end of cold war.

Looking to Trump’s recent executive orders in relation to banning travel of seven Muslim majority countries and for

construction of 2000kms wall on Mexicon border ,The President means business.

Despite huge protests and sharp reactions from the Civil rights groups and Democrats he stands firmly on his decisions right or wrong.

Meanwhile the world leaders have reacted strongly to the Trump’s banning order.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted to the banning order as reported by The Guardian” she is convinced that decisive battle against terrorism doesnot justify a general suspicion against people of certain origin or religion”

The Turkish Prime Minister ,Binali Yildrim said “he did not think any white house order could curb terrorism .you can build a wall but it is not a solution “ He added that Turkey has spent $ 26 billion onsheltering refugees from Syria.and other places.

The Canadian PM has he would welcome refugees and OTTAWA has started offering visas to Engineers Techies for asylum in Canada.

He would not budge from his well intended decision to improve US relations with Russia provided Putin responds equally enthusiastically.

In case the two forge an alliance of unity this should begin a new era in the history of two super powers of the world

It could lead to an era of peace for generations to come.

French Corruption Affair.

Corruption charges donot seem to be the forte of India only .

The reported corruption charges against French Conservative Presidential candidate Francoise Fillon may derail his election propects .The prosecutors have launched investigation against his British wife for receiving money illegally.

Fillon ,being the front runner in the Presidential Election race, has hit back by promising to quashing the charges against his wife Penelope after presenting the facts to the investigating authorities soon.

In case he fails it would spell disaster to his prospects of becoming next President of France.

Iran Fires A Salvo

 Just to test the audacity of US President Trump on the Iran- Us treaty 2015 ,Iran launched a missile on Monday that travelled 600kms but the re-entry vehicle exploded just before completing the reported by New york Times.

Trump upheld that he would abide by the deal with Iran during his campaign, but the launch would give opportunity to Israel to push for new sanctions specifically related to Missiles.

An interesting moment to watch and wait for Trump to Act.


Who wins who loses

Amid the Indian Demonetisation, American presidential election, terrorism in Europe, Brexit ,the Syrian Civil War, and other big events that garnered headlines this year,the economists ,experts on world affairs seemed to be engaged in serious discussions on the world wide slowdown of growth and economic development.

The Indian PM Narender Modi in a bid to weed out the black money ,corruption resorted to Demonetisation of high denomination notes of INR500and 1000 on 8th November2016.

Due to poor planning and execution The people had to stand in long queues to take their legitimate money from their bank accounts resulting in great hardships .

On November 8, 2016   Demonetisation rendered nearly 15.4trillion high denomination notes worthless .

The banks are being reported that they received back 14.97 trillions by 30th Dec2016 ,the deadline for exchange of old INR 500 and 1000 notes.

It is yet to ascertain the long affects of this bold move by the Indian Government but a definite beginning being made to fight the corruption menace .

President elect Donald Trump has threatened a trade war with China for allegedly undercutting American workers.

Trump is having a re-look on the Trade Policy with China .

“ China steals US Navy research drone in International waters—rips it out of water and takes it to China in unprecedent act” President -elect Trump wrote in his tweet.

Immediately The Chines defence ministry responded that they would return the drone taken by Chinese Naval vessel but alerted to refrain from “hyphing up” the issue.

China on its own is facing slowest expansion in 25 years as reported by Reuters recently.

The annual economic Growth is predicted to slide down to 6.5 percent in the year 2017 against almost 6.75 percent in 2016.

Generous credit to its state owned companies has zoomed China’s debt to almost 250 percent of gross domestic product.

With anemic worldwide economic growth, any default in payments coupled with flagging of demand could further dampen the prospects of good economy.


Britains Brexit plans are on the rocks following the resignation of   Ivan Rogers ,UK’S ambassador to EU.

The move left the Prime Minister Theresa Meyer in dire straits for processing the Article 50 to sort out the future relations between Britain and the EU ,before it leaves the bloc by the end of March 2017.

The Syrian Civil Conflict

 The years from April 2011 to the December 2016 saw bloody war in Syria leaving a staggering figure of over 4.8 million refugees seeking asylum across the European and The Middle East countries.

There are 2.8 million refugees registered in Turkey,

Over a million in Lebanon, and more than 656000 in Jordan.

Around 884461 Syrian refugees have applied for asylum in European countries from April 2011 to October 2016.

According to international Amnesty at the Rukban border crossing there were 90 shelters present in July 2014 which increased to 6,563   by the end of July 2016 and by September it increased to 8,253.

 The United Nations confirmed on Tuesday December 13 2016 that Syrian Soldiers and allied Iraqi fighters under the new deal reached to complete the evacuation of Syria’s east Aleppo .

Around 8,000people,including 3000fighters,and300 women have been evacuated to safer areas.

Russian president Vladir Putin is working with Turkish President to start fresh Syrian peace talks for lasting ceasefire.

It is hoped wisdom should dawn on the respective leaders to bring peace and tranquility to the suffering millions.



 Carpooling , according to new MIT research a network algorithms of a different sort may become the newest fad.

Under this new system fewer cabs could service commuters quickly efficiently and economically than usual taxis currently in vogue.

Presently for instance , about 14,000 yellow cabs are operating in New York City. As per MIT new developed research algorithm only about 3,000 four-seater cars could meet 98 percent of commuter demand – with only waiting 2.3 minutes on average for a cab.

The algorithm combines user requests to optimize carpooling. It works in real-time to change routes based on requests, meaning that high-demand areas are serviced more quickly.

In addition first improving pollution norms by decreasing traffic congestion, and secondly cab drivers could see employment benefits making same amount of money by  working less hours say in 8 hrs than 12 hrs currently because the need of transportation and money flow would remain same .


 Scientists in Spain have developed a mind controlled robotic hand that would enable people with spinal problems to perform everyday tasks such as holding a cup, sipping tea and using fork etc.

This low cost device would help people with quadriplegia . By wearing a cap that manages electric brain activity and eye movement ,the user would send signal to tablet computer which in turn controls the glove like device attached to hand

The participants could perform daily activities better  with Robotic hand  than without .