The gleaming morning is revelling


re-imagining the nuances of love.

The Sun is up the mountain peaks

glinting through the dense bushes

On to her ruddy cheeks


my love , my only lovesome love

pretty perky to look at

tripping jostling by the rushes

Torqueing like a bristling dove

carrying that perennial smile

spinning at spectacular speed


swift-footed gracefully agile.

scantily attired holding my hand

lustily moving on the grassy land

‘Ooop’ a splash in the lake

swam across wrinkled waves

    deep passionately underneath

          lapping up to our clenching teeth

 sensuously in tight clasp

      like fishes like birds we make

love .

          The Setting Sun scatters its rays on

           waters of the Yercaud lake azure


creating a crimson cool hue

       demurely she walked through lagoons

beckoning me to emerald woods

 pretty perky dear one

   my only lovesome love

bristling like a dove

    in this gleaming morning


revelling refreshing.



                           FLOWER SHRUB


Birds are beautiful bountiful

birds are brunette brown

red, yellow blue dark

Ticking together like a clock

flying high in a flock

from distant far away land


Humans united they stand

against vagaries of weather

slithering dark clouds together

moving around in a flock of feather

romancing the colourful environ

chirping cooing on the rhododendron

in my

enchanting green backyard garden

Fragrant flowers tingle little brains

birds flutter the wings and off to

some other place in pouring rains

bringing for a moment so charm

sanguine sensuous and warm

birds are beautiful bountiful

birds are brunette brown

red yellow blue dark

flying across the temple spire

cooing murmuring soft prattle

with no rancor or desire

Ticking away in a flock

       like a moving celestial clock.


are beautiful bountiful brown

fluttering the tiny wings

over the valley- glades

rivers oceans forests

smiling singing together

in cool or hot weather.

birds are beautiful brown.

some with colourful crown

Nimbling away

  at the yellow downy hay.



Since 12th DECEMBER 2019 CAA ,Citizenship (amendment)Act was given assent by the President of India after being passed in both houses of Parliament , India is on the boil as protests all over have erupted against the law that makes it easier to grant Indian citizenship to non Muslims minorities(Hindus ,Sikhs ,Christians ,Buddhists parsis Jains ) who entered India on or before 31st December 2014. of three neighbouring countries namely Afghanistan ,Bangladesh, Pakistan .

The unease over Assam ,picturesque tea growing state , is over the fears and apprehensions that inclusion of ‘outsiders’ would dilute them culturally and demographically.

It is necessary to understand the background to these fears about ethnic diversity of the region.

Between 1979 and 1985 All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) spearheaded a movement against illegal migration from Bangladesh ,resulting in violence and insurgencies by other outfits including United Liberation Front of Assam leaving thousands dead.

Consequently Assam Accord was signed in 1985 aiming to address two key disputes .One to stop ‘foreigners’ from Bangladesh and secondly to ensure constitutional safeguards for the Assamese citizens.

The cutoff date was agreed to be 25th March 1971 for expelling the illegal migrants and clause 6 of the Accord stated ” constitutional legislative and administrative safeguards, as may be appropriate, shall be provided to protect ,preserve and promote the cultural social linguistic identity and heritage of Assamese people”.

So Assam agitates against the CAA ,AASU(All Assam Student Union) filed the petition against the Act.

As per census of 2011Assam has population of 3.12 crores, 61.47% Hindus ,34.22% Muslims .Around 12% is Tribal ,Bodos etc. Tribal states of North east have got immunity ,protection from the CAA unlike Assam.

The updated (NRC), National Register of Citizens was commenced by BJP in the state of Assam to identify illegal immigrants and as a result 2 million people seem to have lost their citizenship . 1.3 million are Hindus .

The unexpected peculiar results probably must have prompted the Center Govt to push through CAA so that citizenship could be accorded legally to these Hindus and other non Muslim minorities if any.

It is obvious that BJP did not anticipated such a backlash.

In a damage control exercise Prime Minister Shri Modiji tweeted addressing to Assam that his government was “constitutionally committed to safeguard the political, linguistic, cultural and land rights of the Assamese people”. “No-one,” he said, “can take away your rights, unique identity and beautiful culture”.

In rest of the country the protests are against CAA for the exclusionary nature of the Act and the threat to the secularism.

The protests against the CAA and the proposed National  Register of Citizens (NRC) have triggered all across the country killing at least sixteen people in Uttar Pradesh only ,turning violent in certain other parts of the country on 19.12.2019.

In the Capital New Delhi the peaceful protest suddenly turned violent once a private car was torched in Darya Ganj leading to the lathi charge and use of water canon to quell some of the unruly miscreants.

The Govt resorted to curfew and suspension of internet services all across the affected cities of the country .

In Mangaluru (Karnataka) two persons were killed on Friday in firing by police on a group of protestors against Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA). The town is under curfew .As many as 33 policemen and 5 civilians were injured on 19th December violence.

In view of the protests all across the country Home Ministry assured and said there would be no discrimination against Muslims and undocumented people as feared.

However the opposition parties have gathered momentum to echo fierce opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act CAA as they see clear violation of the Constitution of India. For instance Mr Pawar said “ not just minorities but those who think about country’s unity and progress are opposing CAA and NRC( National Register of Citizens”.

Sonia Gandhi  leader Congress Party said “ Citizenship Amendment Bill passage marks ‘dark day’ in Constitutional history of India: The Bill fundamentally challenges the idea of India that our forefathers fought for and in its place creates a disturbed ,distorted and divided India where religion will become a determinant of nationhood.”

The constitution of India is unique in its commitment to the fundamental rights

JUSTICE, EQUALITY,FRATERNITY, LIBERTY. to one and all irrespective of religion ,caste, creed and colour.

India is equally committed to its SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC ethos in letter and spirit.

Hence Citizenship Amendment Act is seen as a flagrant violation of the Constitution. by both the opposition and the protestors.

The Home Minister Mr Amit Shah has been explaining in emphatic manner on the subject.

Recently on AAJTAK Mr shah said “ I want to appeal to the students that they should study this Act in details and then if they feel there is something wrong they can come forward and hold discussions with the government.We are ready to explain our position.”

It is to be seen whether Mr Modi’s and Mr Amit Shah’s assurances would placate the protesters. .


BJP needs to understand the elementary truth of governing that by sparking numerous insurrections across the nation is not the route to make India a super power and instil faith in the people . By winning the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 ,the party mistook it for an approval of Hindutva Politics. Looking at the backlash after passing CAA it is obvious now that people cannot be shoehorned into narrow politics.

Let us hope BJP  shows courage leadership to take broader view and address the problem with statesmanship rather than from the narrow Prism thus  serving the nation well. Long live great India.






THE OLD MAN by BrijKaul

20191217_124735 copy

path to the garden of Roses.


               The old man hobbled down the cobbled street

                   perspiring profusely with intense prickly heat

ambling on languorously

A fleeting

moment to relax a while

standing around stile

A stranger with broad smile

holding old man’s hand to climb

over the small fence into park.

A sprawling one with huge trees

the birds chirping on the branches.

Listening to the cacophonic gaiety

the old man enjoying the filial piety

The symphony

of the mellifluous singing

rejuvenated his low spirits

in a flash he picked himself up

trudging along the path to peep

through the garden of the roses

intoxicating scent enlivening old man

to sensuous divine sleep.

  with wide open eyes

looked askance up


the deep blue skies.






                                                             The Snow Flakes

Every dawn , a dusky dull day all

Clouds scudding across the horizons


wind growling howling groaning

Evening chilly breeze sprinkling dew

over the rose petals green trees

Inclement weather heralding a snowfall

Snow Snow Snow white flakes

drifting dancing rapidly downwards

drooling mountains,trees, forests

folding valley in its clasp

as single soft white alabaster

The severe winter ‘Chillai Kalan’

showing its grinding teeth

by forcing men women children

old and infirm one and all seek heat

draping ‘pherans’ loose robes warm and hot

huddling around ‘Bukhari’ a fire pot


combat biting intense winter’s wrath

like a group of smooching sloth

the birds flock to the window sill

to keep warm away from the chill

waiting for snow to stop

so that the mother sparrow

would fly out to hop

from tree to tree to look for

some twigs food picks


feed her squeaking pretty chicks.

 snow snow snow the snowflakes

drifting dancing merrily downwards

to cool the fraying tempers

of the earthly whimpers


UDDHAV THACKERAY’S elevation to the office of Chief minister in extraordinary circumtances  and after a few weeks of political skulduggery in Maharashtra has  come to end .

Uddhav Thackeray finally took oath as chief minister yesterday evening amidst great attempts to subvert the unity of of NCP SHIVSENA CONGRESS alliance.

Thackeray will lead the Maha Vikas Aghadi – NCP Sena Congress post poll alliance ,having being sworn in front of huge crowd at Shivaji Park.

Shiv Sena was formed in 1966 by Bal Thackeray, the founder ,who passed away in 2012.

After nearly 53 years  Mr Uddhav Thackeray for the first time has finally ventured to throw the shackles of remote control away (shivsena controlled the levers of administration from 1995-1999 and 2014 -2019 from outside) and thus taking  himself a plunge to hold the reigns of administration directly in alliance with NCP and Congress , once long standing bitter foes but now friends to carry the political ship across the. angry seas to the safe shore.

Sharad Pawar , the architect of Sena-NCP-Congress alliance will have to play a pivotal role in cementing the alliance and Sena on its part will have to recalibrate its political ambitions by accommodating the interests of allies in order to complete the full term amicably for the progress of the people of state.

It is a matter of paradox that Sena infamous for making arm twisting unconstitutional statements ,has been espousing for the Constitution and its lofty principles. A complete transformation ,may be good for the Indian politics in the long run.

BJP Blinks

 BJP failed to gauge the changing mood and moves of its three decade ally Sena . Shiv Sena under Uddav Thackeray has lately undergone metamorphasis , embracing secularism and pluralism ,thereby, doing away with the cloak of Hindutva for good.

BJP again gambled upon aligning with Ajit Pawar,a knave shrewd politician, doing somersaults not once but twice thus forcing the power lusty Chief Minister Devender Fadnavis to resign ,amid tumultuous month long political drama, even before facing assembly floor test.

Meanwhile Anti corruption Bureau dropped all cases against Ajit Pawar during 80 hour acrimonious nocturnal act ,going down in Maharashtra political history as a black blot.

Ajit Pawar has since returned to the Sharad Pawar -led party,leaving bruised BJP to fend for itself thereby damaging the much earned credibility of good administration of Devender Fadnavis as chief Minister of the state.


The CMP of   Shiv Sena –NCP-Congress alliance partners uphold commitment to the secular values enshrined in the Constitution ,a great feat of achievement to promote the development of Maharashtra state .


The CMP (Commom Minimum Promme) announced by Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress   Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) offers glimmer of hope to ASHA ( Accredited Social Health Activist) and Anganwadi workers ,who run all the health Programmes on the ground, in promisingto augument their honourium and the service facilities.

Currently there are 70,000 ASHA workers . They propagate as many as 73 health programmes on the ground earning   around Rs 1,500 on the programme, twith an additional 1,500 for record maintenance.

CMPoffers to increase the wages by minimum Rs 2000 .

In addition CMP has offered health Insurance cover every citizen along with One Rupee health Clinics at Taluka level.


 To provide immediate Financial assistance to the Farmers suffering as a matter of untimely recent rains and floods., Loan waiver, crop insurance , remunerative prices and adequate permanent water system to the draught affected areas.


 Uddhav Thackeray Govt promises to fill in all vacant posts with immediate effect, Fellowship to unemployed youth and other measuresincluding enacting a law ensuring 80% reservation of jobs for local domicile people.

To provide educational loans to youth especially of weaker sections at zero percent interests .

Coordination committee

There will be two coordination committees, one for coordination within the State Cabinet and the other for coordination among the alliance partnersto foter smooth running of the state Govt machinery.


The CMP preamble ensures commitment to the secular values and work assiduously to provide development to the state in an earnest manner.

The CMP provides no room for its allies to whither away in different directions but to work strictly within its drawn framework and thus work for all sections of society.Both the Sena and its chief will be under sever scrutiny for how they use the alliance to propel the Govt amicably for full term keeping in view the ultimate welfare of people. of the state. A difficult job but not impossible to move on with grand glory.










City of Peace by Brij kaul


City of Peace



city of peace and promises

people of large hearts

overflowing with milk

of human kindness


 city  agog with lively crowds

young springing youths,

giggling frolicking ones

exhibiting libido, elegance of

dress, design fashion


aspirations dreams   desires

of touching skies .

Old citizens on early walking tours

dangling staffs while sprinting

for awhile at a leisure

to their great pleasure.


city of love and liberty

with no rancor or remorse

towards one and all

The enthralling environs

with green spectacle all over

distant rolling hills beckoning

one and all into its bracing breezy



breeze a lilting soothing one


sensuous intoxicating caressing

the mind and body for a

yearning longing to merge

                                                               in its eternal beauty.



19th October many many years gone


with Baraat Band ‘Baja’

I became Raja

bedecked in typical Groom attire

the king of my sweet heart


a trail to wed the soothing bride


scintillating sensuous sparkling visage

beauty so heart warming


for her prince charming.

winsome smile voice sounding

with the twang of her


Forty four years wafted like a whiff

of fresh scent of rose

years wear on

and on and on

snuggling twitching tingling playing

about the passionate moments

mingle into sensuous trance

culminating into fulsome

love and dance.

years wear on

and on and on

from evening to dawn

we love to trudge upon

long verdure stretches

and unknown sights

in the starry moonlit


     we hobnob with people

  of taste and love.

years wear on

and on and on


not an apostle of lust

but temple of trust

A bed of flowers

canopy of blessings

companion of comforts

  for all the times .

cloudy or sunny.

marriage is cauldron of

love. love and only


years wear on

and on and on


Baraat Band Baja

I became Raja.


Come September be my love.

with a glass of wine

I lounge in my backyard

basking in the morning splendid


The breeze is pleasing fine

whistling noisily at a time

waking me up from my


I scramble around to shut the

roaring doors windows

pulling up the curtains

tie up from being flown


Come September be my love

          The Apple orchards in no more


with abundant red fruits

hanging from the branches

in full bloom.

Fruit trees peach , plum


to the beauty of the picturesque sights

The giggling village belles

sorting the juicy ones.

The impeccable gardens abound in


dahlias, chrysanthemum ,roses,


looking vivaciously charming

the rows and rows of floral boom


my mind and body so warming.

The Cities agog with festivities

crowds ranting songs ,hymns


the musical tune with Band Banjo

Come September be my love

 Early in the dawn


Strut on the big lawn

cherish watch the endless gaze

regal poplar trees standing tall

against the fencing wall

dazzling in the flaming Autumn