Kashmir continues to be a festering wound and needs   remedy to heal it up permanently.

All genuine efforts from Jawaharlal Nehru to sheikh Abdullah, Indira Gandhi to Shaikh Abdullah , Tashkent agreement ,Simla agreement,

Vajapayee’s Agra Summit ,Lahore Declaration were made from time to time to bring sanity to the permanent solution and make people of Kashmir prosperous responsible citizens of the country.

But every time some disgruntled elements of the valley ,at the behest of Pakistan , fomented trouble and finally joined militancy to threaten peace loving Kashmiris to follow their dictates. Thus jeopardizing any attempt to heal up the wound permanently.

The Central Government over the years has always made efforts to reach out to stakeholders in the valley to help in keeping situation more or less under control.

Surgical Strike

Since the surgical strike the Central government and J&Kgovernment adopted a tough stand to deal with the situation to root out the militancy completely from the valley.

The counter insurgency operation has been on the upswing.

The number of militants killed since 2017 till date is 138 including 60 locals reported to be highest in the decade.

The top commanders of Hizbul including yasin Yatoo has been killed by Government forces.

Recently ( 26th August) at least eight security persons were killed by three JeM fidayeen militants at police lines pulwama .

Interestingly it has been a year since the surgical strike in Occupied Kashmir carried out by special forces of Indian Army ,having no desire for bilateral talks to pursue peace, the two acrimonious neighbours are simply engaged to firing across the borders in Jammu and Kashmir .They resorted to calling names in global forums. Just a few days back the External Minister Sushma Swaraj at UNO General Assembly termed Pakistan “exporter of terror”.To which the permanent representative of Pakistan Maleeh Lodhi responded India is “mother of terrorism’ in south Asia.


The people of Kashmir thus are caught in the melee ,and subsequently with each passing day the political situation worsens in the valley of Kashmir.

The college girls, boys filled the streets to give vent to their grievances and fight for their future. In the past Girls ,young women did not join protestors as such. The unique protests carried out by younger generation became a matter of concern .

The J&K government under C M MehboobaMufti earlier advocated talks with all stake holders irrespective of their political affliations ,but the Central government did not agree to her pleas .

Mehbooba Mufti said “Only way to face this new reality is that instead of using Kashmir as a political issue to divide public opinion, parties across the political divide should come together and country should be united on Kashmir”.

“There is no other way to resolve Kashmir other than dialogue with parties involved “


Ray of Hope

 A ray of hope upon the gloomy Kashmir horizon was brightly seen as PM Mr Narendar Modi pitched for “love and “compassion”message in his 15th August address from the Famous Red Fort, as only possible solution to militancy problem in Kashmir.This was followed by the visit of Home Minister shri Raj Nath to the valley to pursue peace process in Kashmir much admired and applauded by one and all.

Challenges Ahead

The challenges to bring back the people of Kashmir aboard Indian vessel are many but the most prominent ones could be following.

  1.   To preempt any large scale protests seen in the previous  year.

This needs earnest efforts to integrate with masses and youth in particular and try       to understand the problems and work out the solutions..

  1.  Stop Kashmiri youth to join militancy.


It is reported that about 80 young Kashmiri men joined militant ranks this year.


  1.  Stop identifying every Kashmiri with a militant.

For instance I interacted with Kashmiri youths in Train to Jammu in April2017.

“whenever I introduce myself as a Kashmiri and muslim,I am termed as anti –       national.” Said Ali Mohmmad an IT engineer working in Bangalore.

“my political position is to follow peace and work for my living. When people distrust  me I feel disturbed.”

I replied trying to re-assure him “all this is due to certain elements you know better ,  mostly external forces, who try to wedge a deep divide and we must fight such forces  together. The whole Nation will be with you ”.

“Let God listen to your prayers sir .” He replied hoping for a better tomorrow.

4.       To involve women in Kashmir and empower them with responsibilities in administrative tasks to look after poor and needy .This should help to integrate the youth to a great extent.

















Democracy with difference.

Singapore is slated to elect its new President on Sept. 23 2017.

last year as per the constitutional amendment made by Singapore Parliament the presidency is reserved for one of Singapore’s three largest ethnic groups – Indian, Chinese and Malay.

Accordingly this time around, the next president of Singapore must be an ethnic Malay.

And in case only one candidate is nominated unanimously then that candidate will automatically become president without a popular vote.

Singapore’s success story.

Singapore is multi ethnic Country and its late founder father Lee Kuan Yew’s principle “illiberal politics in exchange for good government and high living standards.”still holds good for all practical purposes.

Lee Kuan Yew’s gospel has proved right mantra for propelling Singapore from third to first world status .

Low taxes with minimal regulation have made Singapore a dream for foreign investors, contributing to one of the world’s highest standards of living. The government has made it mandatory to provide equal opportunity for every ethnic group in sectors like housing and political representation. A unique feature in the parameters of economic growth in the region and the world as well.

The racial harmony is maintained strictly by adhering to strict quotas.

The government excercises constraints on free speech. Speaking against the government’s racial policies can land a person in jail with heavy fines.

Apart from the developing nations western rich world

too tries to emulate some of successful policies of Singapore model.

“let us copy Singapore health care miracle,” echoed an opinion piece on the website of Fox News ,American broadcaster to replace Obamacare effectively.

It broadly argued on its two features “empowering consumers and fostering competition.”—-  Source Economist.

American conservatives believe that Singapore’s health system yielded results because of Singaporeans’ sharing personal responsibilities of to pay around 2%of their health care from their pockets. The government spends total 5% of GDP on healthcare thus enjoying highest life expectancy with lower infant mortality.

America spends nearly 17%of GDP on health care with people much less healthy.

Also some of the Brexiteers enthusiasts would like Britain to be “Singapore-on-Thames”.

A low regulated tax heaven for business eager to trade with Europe.

But Britain being already light taxed as per European standards and thus cannot shrink further to reshape its national health services. Also Singapore system envisages coercion in making people to pay from their pockets .

Hence both Americans and Britishers would not accept any such thing. The voters would thrash any party attempting to do anything of the sort.

Presidential election

Coming back to the presidential election Malays are totally dissatisfied with prospective presidential candidates.

Abdullah Tarmugi, Halimah Yacob and Yaacob Ibrahim will be eligible for the elected presidency.

The candidates are not very popular with the Community and are reported to be very partisan as well.

Former member of Parliament Tan Cheng Bock is still a favourite for many to run for the Presidency.

He is highly critical of PAP ( the people’s Action Party)

which has ruled Singapore from its founding.

All Singaporeans eagerly wait for the right man to be their beloved President.


United Nations confirms that Iran is complying with the provisions of the deal it inked with the US and the world body . The results obtained as per United Nation report undermines the Trump’s claims that Iran does not comply with the provisions of the pact.

Under the pact Iran is allowed to produce 130 metric tons of heavy water used in reactors producing plutonium and to maintain 208 kilograms of non enriched uranium. Iran is said to comply with above provisions without fail .

Trump however stressed that IAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency) to ensure as well that Iran complies with the tenets of the pact to be doubly sure.


Strategy Cry.

Poland stirs its hot issue of demanding reparations to stir up nationalist mood as and when required.

Poland has demanded reparations from Germany to the tune of billions and trillions of dollars for the mass killing of its people during world war 11 – warsaw’s strategy cry whenever its relation gets soared with Germany and Europe.   Associated Press reports.

This time Warsaw brings up bill following strong criticism by Germany at the ruling Law and Justice Party over its new laws

giving enormous powers over the judicial system.

However Germany dismissed the financial claims as compensated long ago ,hence Poland having no claims whatsoever.

For Warsaw it is hot issue to stir nationalist mood to appease their people.









In his Independence Day address on 15th August from the famous ramparts of Red Fort , Prime Minister Narender Modi talked about New India free of casteism,nepotism ,terrorism and corruption by 2022. Thus selling his vision to his countrymen beyond his term in his office.

Rather dwelling upon his achievements in his now three and plus years, PM Modi was largely focussed on vision of India for the future. .

However PM Modi convincingly spoke about his Govt’s achievements like Demonetisation, GST, Swatch Bharat , Digital economy as major reforms leading towards corruption- free, transparent India.

While speaking at length regarding these achievements he quoted exact figures under each headings.

The figures given are being taken correct at their face value by the people leaving experts to confirm  for its veracity.

Interestingly Mr Modi pitched for love and unity message as the only possible solution to militants’ problem in Kashmir and sectarian violence elsewhere in the country.

He went to the extent of offering terrorists to join the mainstream .

He dwelt at length that the evil effects of violence in name of faith as unacceptable.

This positive emphatic statement by PM was largely admired but some critics greeted it with a pinch of salt in contrast to the earlier hardline drawn against the militancy in Kashmir.

The change is being attributed for drawing a flak for an incident for tying a young man to the front of an Army Geep as a human shield and Mr Modi’s wish—washy condemnation of the lynchings and other violence inflicted by Hindu fanatics in name of cow protection.

Mr Modi spoke about the world support in its fight against terrorism .He skillfully did not made any reference to either Pakistan or China in wake of Doklam stand off either .

The speech largely veered around the development and technology driven solutions to transform the country in the near future.

In fact Mr Modi is clearly looking for a second term

And quite possible he would win the second term.

Development on Backseat

 By now we know the Govt under Prime Minister Narender Modi is known to break the tradition.

For instance it has done away with Railways Budget, winding down of planning commission,re-naming it as NITI AaYOG and many other things .

Mr Modi and his dynamic associate Amit shah are more interesting in winning elections ,State Assembly ,Panchayat, Municipal and finally the General elections in 2019 and are whole heartedly in this pursuit.

And obviously in this rat race, the development plank has taken a back seat.


 Though large section of people have still unflinching faith in his leadership but equally true , a good number of Indian population are disgruntled and the downfall cannot be a foregone conclusion in a vibrant democracy like India.

The economic growth plummeting by 1.2% ,industrial production in negative (June 2017 data IIP negative) growth the first in four years. The contraction of index is widespread in manufacturing sector .

On the job front the picture is not rosy either.

It is reported that nearly 1.2 crore Indians enter workforce for jobs every year.

As per the report Fifth Annual Employment –unemployment survey 2016 points out “ at the all India level ,46.6 percent of the workers were found to be self employed.—followed by 32.8 percent as casual labour.Only 17 percent of the employed persons were wage/salary earners and rest 3.7 percent were contract workers”.

The Modi Govt needs to pull up its socks, clean Augustin stables by sheddingoff arrogance ,providing jobs, addressing earnestly to the welfare of the people at large.

The sincere implementation of schemes pronounced already Could give him possibly a clear majority for second term as well.









Venezuela –Economic Turmoil

 Oil rich Venezuela is in economic and political turmoil .The petrol prices plummeted, forcing the factories and state farms to shut production .The rampant corruption has literally made life miserable for the people .

The on going protests for the last three months have left about 90 people dead as reported by Associated Press.

The president Nicolas Maduro has called for election on 30th july to elect Constituent Assembly with sweeping powers including power to rewrite the country’s Constituion.

The protesting people and the opposition fearing the move could lead to an authoritarian rule along the lines of the political system in Cuba.

The opposition political Parties claimed that it garnered 7.5 million votes held on Sunday opposite to the President’s move of forming New Constituent Assembly

The U.S President Donald Trump in a statement said “ The united states will not stand by as Venunzuela crumbles. If Nicolas Maduro imposes Constituent Assembly on 30th July,The US will take strong economic action.”

Venezuela exports on average nearly 700,000 barrels of oil a day to USA. It comprises half of the total exports of Venezuela.and covers for the 75 percent income for Venezuela and keeps the Government going on.

In the light of above facts Venezuela would ill afford to do anything contrary to the US as the move could debilitate the Maduro Govt economically. Source Associated Press


 On Wednesday, the 193-member U.N. budget committee agreed on $7.3 billion to fund 13 peacekeeping missions across the globe and a logistics support office. The budget is due to be adopted by the U.N. General Assembly on Friday, diplomats said.

The United states has reduced the UN Peacekeepers’ budget by $600 million . The decision is in tune with the Donald Trump’s call for Cost reduction policy for US Annual Budget

The current U.S. funding for the U.N Peacekeeping bill is 28.5percent and Trump has shown concern for the same and suggested to cut down it to 25 percent instead.

In addition Wahington also pays 22percent of the $5.4billion UN core budget.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley told U.S. lawmakers in Washington on Wednesday that Trump’s proposed U.S. federal budget was “making a point that he wanted to strengthen the military and it was putting the United Nations on notice.”

The other major contribution to UNpeace keeper’s budget  comes from China about 10 percent .




Polish protestors are on war path since Sunday evening   demonstrating against a controversial Bill putting supreme court under the Government . in unprecedented rally the protestors were waving flags and chanting slogans “we want free Poland “ and “free court”.

The upper house of the Polish parliament has approved the Bill by a vote of 55 /23 on Saturday ,the lower house keeping it in abeyance following massive protest in all major cities .

The president Andrej Duda has 21 days to give assent to the Bill but it is assumed he would not wait so much to give his decision.

Under the bill the Ministry of justice will be armed with sweeping powers of hiring and firing judges. This Bill according to the Government would make the judiciary more accountable and speed up the otherwise too slow system .


The world leaders across the Globe trying to subvert the Democratic structure to be equipped with manoeuvarable controls to achieve their sinister moves to perpetuate their misrule .




Amarnath Yatra.

Seven Amarnath Yatris were killed and 18 others injured on their journey of faith by militants on 10th july in Botengo village near ANANTNAG in South of Kashmir. The yatris were travelling in a bus carrying 56 passengers when Militants brazenly attacked it with bullets but the nerve and grit of the driver saved the other 50 passengers in a miraculous manner .He did not stop the bus but drove on with determination to the place of safety.

Condemnation of attack across the political social spectrum on pilgrims to Amarnath shrine is welcome .

Students ,traders and civil society groups took to streets in Srinagar to show solidarity with the victims. This is positive development in the aftermath of Burhan wani’s death and should be heartening for all to learn that everything is not lost in the valley riven with militancy nearly, for over three decades.

A ray of hope and significant message for PDP-BJP government to take stock of situation and bring normalacy to the otherwise devastated vandalized valley for years now.

Historical Background

 The most revered Hindu shrine Amarnath was first discovered in 1850 by a muslim shephered Buta Malik.Malik Family is the custodian along with Hindu priests of Mattan and Dasmani Akhara.

The shephered told the villagers and the shrine became famous and pilgrims started visiting it.

Earlier it opened for 15 days only .but later on shri Amarnathji shrine Board was formed in 2000 and now Yatra is for two months .

The shrine is the shining example of plurality communal harmony kashmiriyat ethos.

Kashmiriyat Ethos

Although it is good to raise the Kashmiriyat ethos at this hour ,though in practice it received a severe blow since the weeding out of Kashmiri Pandits way back in 1990.

The 1990s saw a great religious divide in the valley and the syncretic culture nurtured over hundred of years was given the go for ever in one stroke.The militancy overshot the fundamental tenets of secularism and brought misery to the teeming millions at hand.

Keeping this background in view the attack on Amarnath Yatra should not be a surprise .

Earlier on Ist August 2000 , 17 yatris were killed when Militants attacked base camp in Phalgham.

I earnestly pray the condemnation of attack across by one and all including ‘ separators’

Showing abhorrence for such acts, could bring in Peace and unity of thought for the welfare of people in Kashmir.

PDP-BJP Government

 Currently the PDP- BJP government is in a state of comma , and the separators mere pawns in the hands of Pro- Pak elements ,reciting the tune of hatred and thus doing a great disservice to the people of Kashmir.

The chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti while expressing deep sorrow anguish over the killings, should rise above petty considerations and bring the culprits to book .

With her political acumen she should rope in all leaders ,irrespective of their affliations, to rise against militancy to usher the valley into a state of prosperity and tranquility .

This moment of political consensus could be utilized for normalizing stability and resilience of the state on to the path of peace and promise for better tomorrow.










The world is in the throes of violence breeding hatred , fanaticism and separatism. There are no signs of respite whatsoever.


 Kashmir the most picturesque valley is hit by intense violence day in and day out. The border skirmishes between Pakistan and Indian army are on the increase breeding casualities particularly targeting Police forces which have lost six cops recently in the fierce encounters in south of Kashmir.

Although a good number of militants have been killed by Indian Army and Paramilitary forces , the militants continue to be on the offensive and continue targeting the Army quarters and police stations, killing innocent ones both civilians and cops at will with impunity.

The State Separators have been reduced to the state of pawns in the hands of Pakistan sponsored militants to foment perpetual trouble thus creating instability and hatred in the minds of youth against India.

The political parties are jostling for space fearing annihilation in the maelstrom of political survival.

The situation is worst than what it was in 1990 when the valley rebounded with first bouts of insurgency forcing lakhs of Kashmiri pandits to leave their homes and never to return till date.

The State PDP –BJP Government under leadership of Mehbooba Mufti has lost complete control over the situation and unable to restore a fragment of normalacy .

A cursory glance at the violent incidents this year (2017)could be an eye opener.to understand Kashmir imbroglio .

January 2017

3/01/17 A Let militant killed in Haritar Tarzoo Sopore,south Kashmir

6/01/17 Al Badr commander killed in macho, Budgam, near Srinagar.

10/01/17 A LeTmilitant killed and a soldier injured in Hajin, Bandipore.

16/01/17   Three Hizbul Mujahideen millitants killed in Awoora, Pahalgam.


February 2017

 04/02/17 Two Hizbul militants killed in Amargarh ,Sopore.

12/02/17   Two Soldiers ,four millitants and a civiliankilled in Kulgam .distict.

14/02/17   Three soldiers ,one LeTmillitant killed in Bandipore. A Major,and three LeTmilitants killed in Handwara,

23/02/17   Three soldiers and a woman killed in Shopian.

March 2017

 05/03/17     A Policeman and two militants killed in Tral.

09/03/17     Two militants killed in padgampora ,Pulwama

15/03/17     Three LeTmilitants and a a girl ,11 years old killed in Hyhama, Kupwara.

26/03/17  Two militants killed in Pulwama

28/03/17     A militant and three protesters killed in


April 2017

 02/04/17  A police man killed in grenade attack in Nowhatta downtown Srinagar.

03/04/17   A CRPF constable killed in Sempora , Srinagar.

10/04/17   Four militants killed during infiltration bid in South Kashmir.

22/04/17   Two militants killed in Budgam district.

27/04/17   Army Captain ,two soldiers ,two militants and a protester.

May 2017

 01/5/17  Five policemen and two Bank guards killed after fidayeen attack on cash van in Kulgam.

06/5/17   A militant and three civilians killed following militant attack on police party in Kulgam.

10/05/17   Lieutenant Ummer Fiaz Parray was abducted and killed in Shopian.

14/05/17       Two militants in Waripora Handiwara

20/21/05/17 Three soldiers and four militants killed while Army foiling the infiltration bid.

26/05/17   Two militants killed by Army foilled one more infiltration bid in Uri sector .

27/05/17   six militants were killed in Baramulla   and Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Sabzar Bhat killed in Tral . —            SOURCES (Indian Express, TOI) .


However all eyes on the Centre under the stewardship of Shri Modi to come up with solution that could the calm the valley and do away with violent killings for good.


 Canada , a picture of calm and placid exterior is in actual seething with the “season of separatism”.

The French speaking Province of Quebec did not favour voting for the constitution of Canada in 1982 and was almost close to leaving Canada in 1985 referendum.

The Quebec Preimer Phillipe Couillard has reopened the constitutional talks after 22 years demanding province’s “ right distinctive society” with other demands like constitution veto powers ,increased immigration controls and a guaranteed spot in the Canadian Supreme court.

The charismatic young flamboyant Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has emphatically stated not to “reopen Canada’s constitution ” as reportd by REUTERS.

Phillipe Couillard while speaking to reporters said “we are Quebecers ,our nation is the founder of the country .we will engage ourselves in dialogue with other Canadians.” reports Global and Mail.


The Quebec Province holds 78 seats in 338 seats in the house of commons and Trudeau needs to win extra seats elsewhere to offset the losses in 2019 elections.

Trudeau apparently has enough potential to overcome the problem at hand.



 War tempers high again in Afghanistan.

As per Najib Danish spokesman Afghan Interior Ministry at least six police were killed and a dozen injured on Sunday(18/5/17) morning at 6.30am .   As many as six gunman and a suicide bomber gatecrashed the police head quarters in Gordez city in eastern Afghanistan.

It took whole day for the Afghani security forces to kill last gunman who had taken refuge in a kitchen in the police compound itself.

The weekend was gruesome.

An Afghan soldier working with US troops shot and wounded seven American soldiers on Saturday (17/5/17) as per Washington post. This being second “inside attack” on US soldiers.

Trump Donald’s Defence secretary James Mattis   testified to senate of Armed Services Committee about conflict in Afghanistan in his flamboyant style

“we are not winning the war in Afghanistan right now” The security situation deteriorating and the prospects of winning the war very remote in the current situation he reaffirmed.

Trump is stated to have given directives to increase troops at least by 5000 towards early July this year.

Meanwhile the ground situation in Afghanistan is very bad .

Anti Govt Protests in the streets of Kabul , demanding resignation of President Ashraf Ghani and his cabinet ministers for failing to protect the people and country from continued violence, are on the increase every day.

Let us hope wisdom sanity dawns on the war mongers and Peace Tranquility reigns the world for ever henceforth.












Donald Trump is a President with difference. Not a traditional one reacting carefully after sifting chaff from the facts, rather going hogwog over the problems confronting the world at large. He is being best described as egomaniac — egocentric , who would like to see everything revolving around him.

 Paris Climate Deal

 For instance Trump while announcing his country’s withdrawal from the Paris climate deal, spew venom on India by claiming that India has participated in the agreement “contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions dollars in foreign aid” Refuting Trump’s allegations Sushma Swaraj India’s External affairs minister said that India had signed the deal due to its commitment to protecting the environment.

American ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley went a step further by stating categorically that United States does not need India ,China and France to tell it what to do on the issue of Paris climate agreement. While defending Trump’s decision she said “countries should continue doing what is in their interest.

And if the Paris agreement was something that works for them ,that they can achieve,they should do that.” Hailey continued “business could not be run under the kind of regulations imposed by the Paris Climate deal.”

London Terrorist Attack

 While reacting to the London Bridge terrorist attack Trump tweeted impulsively

At least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and the Mayor of London says ‘there is no reason to be alarmed’ thus criticizing the Mayor of London without understanding the context under which the statement was made.

However Trump later showed great concern over the “barbaric act” while speaking to the PM Theresa May and later tweeted “ whatever the United States

can do to help out in London and the U.K we will be there—WE ARE WITH YOU GOD BLESS”

But again on Sunday (4/6/17) he tweeted criticizing The city’s Mayor Sadiq Khan “for not being tough enough protecting the citizens”.

Russian Ties

Micheal Flynn ,the advisor to Donal Trump,contacts with Russians during the Presidential campaign are currently under investigation. As per REUTERS Flynn was fired as national security advisor in February having misled the vice President Mike Pence about conversations with Russian Ambassador in Washington.

Again USPresident Donald Trump reacted sharply over the Justice Department’s appointment of a special counsel to investigate ties between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia ,calling it “the single greatest witch hunt” in US history.

In the preceding tweets he assailed the latest development “with all illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign and Obama Administration there was never a special consul appointed”.

India’s US Dilemma

India finds itself in a dilemma over securing its interests in the volatile Trump era. India needs to understand that Trump believes in Transactional approach to the relations with foreign counterparts and get away from its present Foreign   Policy pitching for about values, principles etc.

Here is a man who is always looking for a “ the deal” thus re-assuring his pivotal commitment to American interest based diplomacy .

With this backdrop India needs to take a hard look to the changed situation

and go about it very judiciously .

Firstly to focus on building a sincere relationship on quid pro quo offering increased markets to the US firms with positive sustained trade returns for both countries on a long term basis.

Secondly India needs to convince Trump that they need to work assiduously to reduce the growing influence of China across Asia.,not simply in terms of containment only but on broader spectrum to thwart China’s designs of expansionism across Asia .

Thirdly India should make US understand that it needs to make investment across Asian countries as a strategy to be an important ally in the region permanently.