MY STORY Life of Challenges Part 2 (Continued from Part 1.)


The beautiful Holy Town of Rishikesh.

At Haridwar I understood only state buses were plying between Haridwar and Rishikesh.

Without wasting further time I boarded an ill maintained rickety ,weather worn out bus for Rishikesh.  The bus was full but could found a seat, crumpled ,worn out in the corners , to sit and relax .

I ventured to ask the conductor who was checking the ticket “ hello sirji in how much time we will reach Rishikesh ?. I need to get down near Glass Factory. Will you let me know please?.”

“ we will reach Rishikesh in thirty minutes. I will help you to get down at Glass Factory. It is en-route to the town. No problem” the conductor answered with a smile.


Haridwar is city of God ,the gateway to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

The Holy Ganges river flows through the city .

It is said Sage Bharthari came to Haridwar in early Eightees and meditated on the banks of the Ganges .

Soon after his death his pupils including his brother constructed a big Ghat which later came to be known as Har Ki Pauri.

The pilgrims in thousands throng this Ghat every day to offer prayers and meditate on the ghats surrounding the Har Ki Pauri giving a serene spiritual panoramic view ,a real treat to the eyes.

The bus zoomed on the dingy narrow zig – zag alleys ,lanes.   The jolts jerks did not allow me to relax any way.

After nearly fifteen minutes the bus halted and the conductor hollered “ glass Factory stop. Get down please.”

I gathered my things and got down thanking the conductor very much.

A t the gate of the Glass Factory I asked for Mr Thadani.

The security guard , a puny sized man went inside and returned in short time ,picking up my belongings and ushered me into the office of Mr Thadani.

“kindly wait here ,Sahib will come soon”. The security man said shutting the door upon me.

I was frazzled and slumped into a chair.

After a while a short statured pleasant looking man opened the door and said “ Mr Kaul morning I am Sood ,Administrative officer. You seem to be tired.” extending his hand for a hand shake.

we shook hands warmingly and I thanked him for knowing about my arrival.


“ A great relief Sood Sahib to see you moreover your pleasant smile. Yes I am tired.”

I said smiling .

Mr Sood laughed heartily.

“ Mr Thadani spoke to me about you on telephone. He will be coming in half an hour. He lives in Dehradun and has to drive down the hilly road. “ He concluded politely.

A boy with a tray of two cups of tea and a plate of cookies walked in and kept the same on the nearby table leaving without uttering a word.

“ help yourself to tea kaul sahib, please.” Mr sood said while picking the other cup for himself.

“ Thanks I needed something to warm up. Tea is fine “ I said sipping the tea from the cup  having a nimble on the crunchy cookies.

Suddenly the door opened ajar and an elderly tall bespectacled man entered saying “Hello Mr Kaul , Thadani here ,how was the journey .pleased to see you finally.”

Pointing to Mr Sood Thadani continued “ I will discuss with Mr kaul and take him for a Factory visit . You talk to IDPL Guest house for his accommodation on our company quota.”

“ yes sir I will do that” replied Mr sood and walked out slamming the door after him.

After exchanging pleasantries Thadani spoke of the difficulties in running the operation profitably.

He was candid enough to admit that things were bad.

And need to put systems in place and set the things in order with my assistance.

“ I will take you for a factory round and you can have graphic picture of problems and I would like you to present me with plan proposal to improve the working systems so that we pack good saleable production.” He said anxiously.

“ Will do my best . “ I replied briefly.

“ Yes one more thing you can call me Thadani ,no formalities as such.” He walked out of office and we went for a round of the production hall., machine end followed by cold end operations.

The cold end operations were awful. The continuous production on the conveyers was uncontrollable and falling off to the floor in large heaps.

“This is biggest problem and we are unable to cope up with the size of the production . “ he bemoaned.

“ I want you to address to this problem first. “ He said anxiously..

“ Yes I understand . we will set it right. “ Ireplied confidently.

“Really” He beamed.

“ Yes why not ? “ I said cooly.

I went to the Lehr end and picked up a few bottles . The quality of bottles was bad ,very bad. Production were not rectifying defects. Because of inadequate packing and inspection at the cold end. Right decision  by the production Engineer. Since cold end operations were in jeopardy he could hardly afford to spoil costly mould sets.

I realised the enormity of problem and the urgent need to arrest it as soon as possible.

I drew up my plan in Mr Thadani’s office and discussed at length the steps to be taken in with him . He was desperate to do anything everything to see good production on the floor to be despatched to restore confidence of primary customer IDPL(Indian drugs and pharmaceuticals limited).

We were supposed to give 7.5 ml 10 ml and 15 ml glass vials about 200,000 nos every day.

I pleaded with Mr Thadani to give me 20 days to train inspectors and take other quality measures to pack 2 lakh good quality bottles per day ,which was roughly 80% of the total production.

I spoke to M.D Mr Agarwal on phone highlighting the problems at hand, there by assuring him the problems are being addressed to and could be set right within stipulated time of about 20days..

I further told him that Mr Thadani had given all necessary inputs for meeting the challenge.

I formed a team of two supervisors   and three senior inspectors to conduct training of time and speed control of the production on cold end on the running conveyers technically called glass Lehrs.

We put initially eight inspectors on each Lehr in each shift to handle the inspection for sorting of glass defects .

After 6days I reduced two inspectors on each Lehr for the inspection job.

The training session was carried round the clock in all three shifts.

I requested the Maintenance Engineer Mr Rao to make Inspection boxes with glass and lighting  facilities to tone up the  speed and time of inspecting the 100 percent bottles.

He was kind enough to fix the inspection boxes on the Lehrs  speedily.

After around 8 days of intense training , the inspectors handled full production of three Lehrs of three shifts .

After achieving the break through I requested Production engineer , Mr RK Gupta JI, a very efficient affable young man to change the moulds blanks etc on the machines so that we could pack good production for onward despatches to the customers.

He was too good to cooperate and made the required changes rapidly.

All worn out damaged equipments were weeded out .

I put one inspector in each shift on machine end(hot end) to find defects and get them rectified before feeding into the cold end Lehrs so that defectives are controlled at hot end itself.

With effective coordination of all concerned we could pack 200,000 good quality production exactly after 16 days .

Soon after I formed a statistical quality team under one qualified good supervisor Mr Mathur.. The team was trained to divide day’s production in adequate lots for statistical final inspection.

The lots were drawn as per international plans M, N, P etc.

Thus we ensured AOQL (accepted out quality levels) as major defects 0.5 and minor 1.5 .


Mr Thadani was perhaps happiest man to see the company   heading for a good fortune after nearly a year of its starting date.

“ Thank you Kaul . what I could not do ,you did it .” Thadani said calmly to me.

“ sir it is my duty and due to your cooperation and of all concerned ,we are successful” I replied humbly.

Needless to say I was requested by Mr Thadani to stay permanently in RISHIKESH.


RISHIKESH is a beautiful town with the Holy Ganges   flowing in the midst of it.

Rishikesh is gateway for pilgrimage to the four holy places in India known as “Char Dham”, The pilgrims throng to this place for its   bewitching picturesque mountainscape , tumbling streams, waterfalls. thus presenting a panoramic view.

The beauty of the town enthralled me and I made up my mind to accept Mr Thadani’s offer.

Interestingly I worked in the glass factory of Rishikesh for ten long years before moving to one more great company in Delhi.

By then The company expanded its production capacity by installing three more MCs and were manufacturing quality products ranging from the sizes of 7.5 ml vials to 750 ml liquor bottles.

Life is a challenge at every step ,the timely decisions right expertise ,sincerity and determination leads any one to the door of success and satisfaction of accomplishments.



P.S       on great demand of my readers and blog followers I wrote the part 2 of MY STORY.















Donald Trump is a President with difference. Not a traditional one reacting carefully after sifting chaff from the facts, rather going hogwog over the problems confronting the world at large. He is being best described as egomaniac — egocentric , who would like to see everything revolving around him.

 Paris Climate Deal

 For instance Trump while announcing his country’s withdrawal from the Paris climate deal, spew venom on India by claiming that India has participated in the agreement “contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions dollars in foreign aid” Refuting Trump’s allegations Sushma Swaraj India’s External affairs minister said that India had signed the deal due to its commitment to protecting the environment.

American ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley went a step further by stating categorically that United States does not need India ,China and France to tell it what to do on the issue of Paris climate agreement. While defending Trump’s decision she said “countries should continue doing what is in their interest.

And if the Paris agreement was something that works for them ,that they can achieve,they should do that.” Hailey continued “business could not be run under the kind of regulations imposed by the Paris Climate deal.”

London Terrorist Attack

 While reacting to the London Bridge terrorist attack Trump tweeted impulsively

At least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and the Mayor of London says ‘there is no reason to be alarmed’ thus criticizing the Mayor of London without understanding the context under which the statement was made.

However Trump later showed great concern over the “barbaric act” while speaking to the PM Theresa May and later tweeted “ whatever the United States

can do to help out in London and the U.K we will be there—WE ARE WITH YOU GOD BLESS”

But again on Sunday (4/6/17) he tweeted criticizing The city’s Mayor Sadiq Khan “for not being tough enough protecting the citizens”.

Russian Ties

Micheal Flynn ,the advisor to Donal Trump,contacts with Russians during the Presidential campaign are currently under investigation. As per REUTERS Flynn was fired as national security advisor in February having misled the vice President Mike Pence about conversations with Russian Ambassador in Washington.

Again USPresident Donald Trump reacted sharply over the Justice Department’s appointment of a special counsel to investigate ties between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia ,calling it “the single greatest witch hunt” in US history.

In the preceding tweets he assailed the latest development “with all illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign and Obama Administration there was never a special consul appointed”.

India’s US Dilemma

India finds itself in a dilemma over securing its interests in the volatile Trump era. India needs to understand that Trump believes in Transactional approach to the relations with foreign counterparts and get away from its present Foreign   Policy pitching for about values, principles etc.

Here is a man who is always looking for a “ the deal” thus re-assuring his pivotal commitment to American interest based diplomacy .

With this backdrop India needs to take a hard look to the changed situation

and go about it very judiciously .

Firstly to focus on building a sincere relationship on quid pro quo offering increased markets to the US firms with positive sustained trade returns for both countries on a long term basis.

Secondly India needs to convince Trump that they need to work assiduously to reduce the growing influence of China across Asia.,not simply in terms of containment only but on broader spectrum to thwart China’s designs of expansionism across Asia .

Thirdly India should make US understand that it needs to make investment across Asian countries as a strategy to be an important ally in the region permanently.


















Mosul Fight

 The battle for Mosul ,an ongoing bloody saga for last six months now doesnot seem to end .The pitch of fever is high .

Being probably the last stronghold of Islamic state ,the Iraqi

Combat backed by US air strikes is becoming a challenge to reclaim western Mosul.

In the ensuing frustration the extremists are using children as shields to slow down the Iraqi onslaught.

The Mosul residents escaping the fighting conveyed that American raids had been killing dozens of civilians and the situation looked grim .As per New York Times at least 200 civilians have been killed so far, if true this would be highest civilian casualties since war began in 2003 .

According to wall street journal the terrorist group has resorted to lob grenades on densely populated areas including streets and military targets as well thus causing a situation of no return .

Thousands of civilians are fleeing Mosul city to safety places in the outskirts to save from the perils of war.

With US poised to induct more forces into Iraqi thrust the war in Mosul looks never ending story.

The Deadly Chemical Attack

 A suspected Syrian government chemical attack killed dozens of people ,including children in Idlib on Tuesday,as reported by a monitoring group,medicos and rescue workers.

According to the head of health authority of Idlib morethan 50 people killed and 300 injured.

Though Syrian Military has denied vehemently using chemical weapons but the damage done cannot be repaired .

“ we deny completely the use of any chemical toxic material in Khan Sheikhoun town today and the army has not used nor will use in any place or time neither in the past or in future” the Syrian Army command said.

The incident at Khan Sheikhoun could be deadliest chemical attack since sarin Gas killed hundreds of civilians in Ghouta near Damascusnin August 2013.

The attack invited world reactions sponstaneously .

The White House first to react said “ an intolerable act” and British Prime Minister Theresa May called for investigation into the inhumanly attack.

UN envoy in Syria said “horrific” chemical attack had come from air.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the urgency to maintaining the much awaited Syrian ceasefire as reported by REUTERS.

Russian deadly subway Bombing

 On Monday the terrorist attack in St.Petesburg the second largest city in Russia .Atleast 11 were dead in the subway train ambush .

Russian President Vladimir Putin while laying flowers at the deadly scene reaffirmed to nab the terrorist for severe action.

The Russian Govt is meanwhile investigating into the terrorist act committed by single perpetrator. No group has such has claimed responsibility.

Russia has been facing similar attacks since 1970, the recent ones

Were one at Moscow airport in 2011, and in 2010 at Moscow subway,

The United Nations Intervention

 Since gruesome wars are going on continuously all over the globe, it is imperative that United Nation should wield its influence to bring peace and sanity in the comity of Nations for future generations of this beautiful world.

The United Security Council has started parleys since Wednesday as how to deal with a situation arising out of chemical weapon strike.

By Syrian Govt troops that killed nearly 100 people including children below age of eight.

Britain France and the US are pushing for a Security Council resolution condemning Syrian Govt and ordering Syrian Govt to come out with facts to international investigaters as reported by New York Times.



 Egg incubation

 Last week French Artist Abraham Poinvechal had taken challenge of incubation 10eggs using his own body heat. He has sealed himself in glass vivarium as reported by Reuters.

He is eating ginger and othe herbal food to maintain his body temp well within required parameters.

He expects to hatch the eggs in 26 days.


Theresa May in action

The UK. Under the leadership of Theresa May is finally set to trigger Article 50 of key EU treaty on March 29 2017.

She has kept to her word in letter and spirit by assuring its citizens that she would “broker a best deal for United Kingdom” according to BBC.

Tim Barrow, Britain’s ambassador to 28 nations EU, informed the European Council President Tusk of finally exiting the European Union.

It could take at least two years for UK to complete the most important negotiation, thus severing the trade ties of 43 years.

Prime Minister Theresa May ought to make announce in the House of Commons on March 29TH, the day Article 50 is triggered.

The European Commission   confirmed it stood ready to help launch the negotiations.

The UK is expected to turn a new leaf towards building trade relations with thriving world economies especially with South Asian booming markets rather than confining itself to EU cage.

The move is crucial in a way it could plunge United Kingdom into a period of uncertainty.

It is to be seen and watch UK survives the Exit successfully.

Asia’s youngest Nation

East Timor, Asia’s youngest democracy became independent on May 20th in 2002.

With 60 percent unemployment the country held polls for Presidential elections on Monday, 20th March 2017, fourth time since its independence in 2002.

Francisco “ Lu olo” Guterres backed by party that led independence struggle (FRETILIN) is the most coveted one to win the election.

East Timor was under the occupation of Portugal, who settled down in 16th century and was in command till 1975.

Later on Indonesia invaded it and annexed it with their country,

It was after great struggle East Timor became independent.

The young Nation is determined to build the future of their people.

Bygmalion Scandal.

French former President Nicolas Sarkozy was caught unawares when a judge ruled that Sarkozy must stand trial over the charges that his party falsified to hide 20 million Euros of campaign spending in 2012.

Popularly known as Bygmalion scandal, centers around the charges leveled against Sarkozy’s party UMP raising invoices to the tune of 20 million Euros in name of the party through a public relation company, Bygmalion thus allowing it to spend double the amount than permitted under the French campaign financial laws.

Sarkozy, thus, is the second President to be accosted under law, the first being President Jacques Chirac who was given two years suspended sentence for misappropriation of public funds.

Netherland vs. Turkey row

The Knives are out. Netherland and Turkey are fighting.

The Dutch Govt   refused two Turkish ministers to hold rally with Turkish citizens in Rotterdam as reported by REUTERS.

The rallies had been called to address ethnic Turkish residents in Rotterdam to vote yes for providing sweeping powers to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on April16 referendum.

The Dutch police used water canons and attack dogs on the protesters who retaliated

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan retorted angrily calling Dutch “Nazi remnants”

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim went a step ahead by promising to take “harshest ways” and “ respond in kind to this unacceptable behaviour” in retaliation.

Turkish president Erdogan’s fresh controversial statement accusing the Dutch of being behind the gruesome slaughter of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica in 1995 “they have nothing to do with the civilized world they have nothing to do with modern world”

Almost 8000Muslim men and boys were reported being killed by Bosnian Serb troops in Srebrenica with a Dutch battalion of UN Peacekeepers allegedly failing to halt the gruesome slaughter.

It appears that the world Nations are pursuing the path of violence against one another with no remorse or regret.

The United Nations Organization   needs to take lead in pursuing the warring Nations across the globe to usher into serious peace talks for the well being of millions who live with a hope of prosperous future

.We hope wisdom dawns on the people of this great world irrespective of caste creed color to sit across and seek much needed Peace for good.


The Researchers at Queensland University in Australia have developed models of human heart tissue to study Cardiac biology and disease in laboratory stage to help understand the means to arrest the spreading disease.

The scientists have invented functional “beating” human heart muscle from stem cell a significant step in this direction.


Britain is set to reap the harvest of seeds sown in 2016.

On Sunday  British Prime Minister Theresa May set the tone for official announcement of her plans to take Britain out of the EU’s single market.

“we will ,outside the European Union, be able to have control of immigration and be able to set out rules for people coming to the UK from member states of the European Union.” May said to the media.

Many Brits did not get pleased with her comments , as they expected,,though leaving the European Union,retain the access to their trading partners in the EU.

Theresa May’s plainspeaking remarks brought backlash from the European leaders .

German Chancellor Angela Merkel categorically stated that they would not let Britain to have the benefits of access to European Union markets without allowing Europeans to work and travel in Britain freely.

Demonstrating Britain had alternative to its relationship with Europe ,Prime Minister May also said she would like to Meet US President -Elect Trump to improve Britain’s trade relations with USA in the near future.

As a boost to her statement ,Trump tweeted “I look very much forward to meeting Prime Minister Theresa May in Washington in the spring, Britain a longtime   US ally , is very special.”

A bold step by PM Theresa May to benefit  Britain trade in the long run. 

Chicago Violence

 Families in Chicago are scared and wary of gun violence .

The year 2016 saw highest shooting incidents ,3550, and around 760 murders . Unfortunately the majority of the city’s victims have been the kids.

The Residents are all out in the streets protesting for restoration of safety and end to the blazing incidents as a matter of fact.



Chicago has witnessed unprecedented spike in the gun violence last year with no possible repercurssions for the people doing the round of crimes leading to believe that no one seems safe in the crime hit city.

The fear of gun violence is not on the affected family only but on the all residents of the city.

The violence is being attributed to the infighting among warring gangs operating since 1990s.

.With Gun violence claiming more younger victims , the police are finding itself in catch -22 situation to take action and reddressal. The community members being reluctant to report the crimes for the fear of inviting wrath of the gangsters .

  The City residents need to take courage in both hands to help the police to bring the culprits to book.

Otherwise there would be no end to this menace.

Philippines Riddle

 The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s loud mouth has put him in quandary many times but he continues to boast about his achievements undauntendly.

Duterte recently compared his war on drugs ,claiming 5,300 lives to Hitler’s execution of the Holocaust.

In his controversial exponents among many, like jokes about Rape,Memoralising of late dictator Ferdinanand Marcos, advocacy of Martial Law, but lastly his admissionOf aiding and abetting murder earned him a backlash from his countrymen in Philippines.

Nothing deters Duterte ‘s venomous rhetorics –in his usual flamboyant style in response to objectionable comment from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain   Duterte said “ we pay your salary. You donot talk to me ,you son of a bitch.Only the Filipinos can call me son of a bitch if I am remiss in my job”

Duterte has great affinity for the USpresident –elect Trump. Both seem to be on even keel.

Duterte appointed businessman Jose Antonio , a Trump business partner as a special Trade Envoy to reported by Los Angeles Times.

Jose Antonio is building 150 million 57 storey Trump Building apartment in Manila.


 Bird Droppings

As you step out fully dressed into the market ,A bird Dropping on your ironed shirt or combed head, makes you to pucker your brows in anger –but never mind a good omen not for you only but for the environment as well.

A Canadian atmospheric Scientist Mr Gregory has reported in Journal Nature Communication “There is a connection between ecology . The environment is very interconnected,”

Bird poop contains ammonia and is being emitted into atmosphere. –33000 tons of it whilebirds do the easing process.

This ammonia gets interacted with sulphuric acid and water,condenses around water particles and results in ammonia low laced clouds.The supercharged clouds after reflecting the incoming sunlight cools off the region thereby yielding ecological benefits.

So love the Bird Poop.









Who wins who loses

Amid the Indian Demonetisation, American presidential election, terrorism in Europe, Brexit ,the Syrian Civil War, and other big events that garnered headlines this year,the economists ,experts on world affairs seemed to be engaged in serious discussions on the world wide slowdown of growth and economic development.

The Indian PM Narender Modi in a bid to weed out the black money ,corruption resorted to Demonetisation of high denomination notes of INR500and 1000 on 8th November2016.

Due to poor planning and execution The people had to stand in long queues to take their legitimate money from their bank accounts resulting in great hardships .

On November 8, 2016   Demonetisation rendered nearly 15.4trillion high denomination notes worthless .

The banks are being reported that they received back 14.97 trillions by 30th Dec2016 ,the deadline for exchange of old INR 500 and 1000 notes.

It is yet to ascertain the long affects of this bold move by the Indian Government but a definite beginning being made to fight the corruption menace .

President elect Donald Trump has threatened a trade war with China for allegedly undercutting American workers.

Trump is having a re-look on the Trade Policy with China .

“ China steals US Navy research drone in International waters—rips it out of water and takes it to China in unprecedent act” President -elect Trump wrote in his tweet.

Immediately The Chines defence ministry responded that they would return the drone taken by Chinese Naval vessel but alerted to refrain from “hyphing up” the issue.

China on its own is facing slowest expansion in 25 years as reported by Reuters recently.

The annual economic Growth is predicted to slide down to 6.5 percent in the year 2017 against almost 6.75 percent in 2016.

Generous credit to its state owned companies has zoomed China’s debt to almost 250 percent of gross domestic product.

With anemic worldwide economic growth, any default in payments coupled with flagging of demand could further dampen the prospects of good economy.


Britains Brexit plans are on the rocks following the resignation of   Ivan Rogers ,UK’S ambassador to EU.

The move left the Prime Minister Theresa Meyer in dire straits for processing the Article 50 to sort out the future relations between Britain and the EU ,before it leaves the bloc by the end of March 2017.

The Syrian Civil Conflict

 The years from April 2011 to the December 2016 saw bloody war in Syria leaving a staggering figure of over 4.8 million refugees seeking asylum across the European and The Middle East countries.

There are 2.8 million refugees registered in Turkey,

Over a million in Lebanon, and more than 656000 in Jordan.

Around 884461 Syrian refugees have applied for asylum in European countries from April 2011 to October 2016.

According to international Amnesty at the Rukban border crossing there were 90 shelters present in July 2014 which increased to 6,563   by the end of July 2016 and by September it increased to 8,253.

 The United Nations confirmed on Tuesday December 13 2016 that Syrian Soldiers and allied Iraqi fighters under the new deal reached to complete the evacuation of Syria’s east Aleppo .

Around 8,000people,including 3000fighters,and300 women have been evacuated to safer areas.

Russian president Vladir Putin is working with Turkish President to start fresh Syrian peace talks for lasting ceasefire.

It is hoped wisdom should dawn on the respective leaders to bring peace and tranquility to the suffering millions.



 Carpooling , according to new MIT research a network algorithms of a different sort may become the newest fad.

Under this new system fewer cabs could service commuters quickly efficiently and economically than usual taxis currently in vogue.

Presently for instance , about 14,000 yellow cabs are operating in New York City. As per MIT new developed research algorithm only about 3,000 four-seater cars could meet 98 percent of commuter demand – with only waiting 2.3 minutes on average for a cab.

The algorithm combines user requests to optimize carpooling. It works in real-time to change routes based on requests, meaning that high-demand areas are serviced more quickly.

In addition first improving pollution norms by decreasing traffic congestion, and secondly cab drivers could see employment benefits making same amount of money by  working less hours say in 8 hrs than 12 hrs currently because the need of transportation and money flow would remain same .


 Scientists in Spain have developed a mind controlled robotic hand that would enable people with spinal problems to perform everyday tasks such as holding a cup, sipping tea and using fork etc.

This low cost device would help people with quadriplegia . By wearing a cap that manages electric brain activity and eye movement ,the user would send signal to tablet computer which in turn controls the glove like device attached to hand

The participants could perform daily activities better  with Robotic hand  than without .