Behold the Beach girl

Sweet and sour

Thunderous wonderous

reaching out just


amuse me with legions

of Love .

with almost no attire

the beach girl beckoning

 in a leap

sweeps me off the feet

into recesses of sea

so blue deep.

fighting the tides


spring and neap.

In her tight clasp

Tossing plunging

I melt down to

her sensuous passion.


Turbulent tempestuous


Storming to the shore.

Behold the beach girl

Garrulous gorgeous


enticing and engulfing


to the ecstacy


passionate bliss.



Somewhere someone is

always beautiful

The little bewitching Tuwashi

clinging and frisking

like a duck on to the

bosom of her Mum

      babbling sweet


             Little chirpy Yukti

             Sizzling Zitni

               Hovering over little


                      Giggling folding

                      Arms in leisure


                        Wrap her

                              In  pleasure

                                         somewhere someone is

                                        Always beautiful

                                                     Faraway in Deodar forests

                                                       The chirping sparrows

                                                                Cuckoo birds cooing gleefully


                                                     Dancing peacocks 

                                                              Somewhere someone is

                                                               Always beautiful

                                                                     The brimming lass

                                                                          With stunning look


                                                                              By the sideof

                                                                                       Gurgling brook

                                                                                                   For someone handsome


                                                                                             hold her hands


                                                                                                     Sing a song of


                                                                                                                Somewhere someone is

                                                                                                                 Always beautiful

                                                                                                                    Somewhere something is

                                                                                                                     Always beautiful






Who is she how is she

My beautiful Titlee

 Hopping buzzing like a bee

Flying from tree to tree

In search of Honey.


Braving sunshine

And heavy shower

From flower to flower

Sprinkling nectar sweet

And sour.

Who is she how is she

My beautiful Titlee


Jostling in the midnight

With no candle or light

Kissing corolla and with joy

And mirth

Cooing the melody of love

To the enchanting earth

 Who is she how is she

My beautiful Titlee.









If you donot love me

Someone else will do

If you donot marry me

Someone else will do


The world is cradle of beauty.

You are not only sweety.

Some one else shy and petite

Beaming with delight

To spill love down

Fathom of my heart.


Behold close by here

Someone else slid her fingers

through my hair

Caressing my visage so dear.

And embellishing me with

Love lovely and fair.


If you donot love me

someone else will do

If you donot hug me

Someone else will do.






She is charming

She is warming

Brimming with youth

And cannot be uncouth


She is my love


She is chumming

She is humming

Around like a bee

Bubbling with youth

And cannot be uncouth


She is my love


With hazel almond eyes

Penetrating deep into

The realms of blue skies

Rollicking with youth

And cannot be uncouth


   She is my love.



Trump Donald Woos Putin

 Both Russia and Washington are genuinely inclined to bond together to fight violent extremists and usher into a peace and tranquility for good.

In fact Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov told his country lawmakers in emphatic manner

“we need to work in a business like “.

Among other issues he referred to the urgency for US and European Union ending of the sanctions imposed on Russia after capturing and annexing of Crimea in 2014.

The president Donald Trump has already expressed his willingness to lift the sanctions on Russia in his interview to Wall street quite recently.

But the Eurpean Union is in awe of President Putin‘s meddling in Ukraine ,military encroachment into Baltics and Artic.

Lavrov however assured the European Union that “Russia is a peaceful country but we have to be ready and prepared to provide the security and safety of our citizens,” he said.

Also in response The US has moved enough troops to Europe ever since the end of cold war.

Looking to Trump’s recent executive orders in relation to banning travel of seven Muslim majority countries and for

construction of 2000kms wall on Mexicon border ,The President means business.

Despite huge protests and sharp reactions from the Civil rights groups and Democrats he stands firmly on his decisions right or wrong.

Meanwhile the world leaders have reacted strongly to the Trump’s banning order.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted to the banning order as reported by The Guardian” she is convinced that decisive battle against terrorism doesnot justify a general suspicion against people of certain origin or religion”

The Turkish Prime Minister ,Binali Yildrim said “he did not think any white house order could curb terrorism .you can build a wall but it is not a solution “ He added that Turkey has spent $ 26 billion onsheltering refugees from Syria.and other places.

The Canadian PM has he would welcome refugees and OTTAWA has started offering visas to Engineers Techies for asylum in Canada.

He would not budge from his well intended decision to improve US relations with Russia provided Putin responds equally enthusiastically.

In case the two forge an alliance of unity this should begin a new era in the history of two super powers of the world

It could lead to an era of peace for generations to come.

French Corruption Affair.

Corruption charges donot seem to be the forte of India only .

The reported corruption charges against French Conservative Presidential candidate Francoise Fillon may derail his election propects .The prosecutors have launched investigation against his British wife for receiving money illegally.

Fillon ,being the front runner in the Presidential Election race, has hit back by promising to quashing the charges against his wife Penelope after presenting the facts to the investigating authorities soon.

In case he fails it would spell disaster to his prospects of becoming next President of France.

Iran Fires A Salvo

 Just to test the audacity of US President Trump on the Iran- Us treaty 2015 ,Iran launched a missile on Monday that travelled 600kms but the re-entry vehicle exploded just before completing the reported by New york Times.

Trump upheld that he would abide by the deal with Iran during his campaign, but the launch would give opportunity to Israel to push for new sanctions specifically related to Missiles.

An interesting moment to watch and wait for Trump to Act.


For me and my family Chennai is the city of Destiny.

My daughter Deepali was destined to be settled here in this miraculous city of unknown but blissful souls.

She came here for a brief interlude of IT posting but was destined to get mingled up permanently after marrying with Sathish ,a young IT Exponent of brilliance.

I and my wife came to Chennai on 19TH January 2017 to spend some time with Deepali and possibly to celebrate 6th birthday of our grand daughter Annanya fondly called Zooni.

Jalli Kutta Protest

The journey from Chennai Railway station to home was ardous , intercepted by the Jallikutta protesters ,the young college youth demonstrating for restoring Tamil pride by lifting ban on the Annual Bull Taming sport. The sport is part of Pongal celebrations on Mattu Pongal day.

The words “Jalli “and “Kattu refer to silver or gold coins tied to the horns of Bull.

The Bull is released into the crowd of people who attempt to hold on to the hump of bull till it is tamed to a stop.



The whole movement was organised by non political activists ,joined by Actors, general public gathering into mass congregation at Marina Beach the heart of the City.

The protesters peacefully conducted themselves and thus forced authorities both at State as well Centre to pass an ordinance to allow the Jallikutta Bull Taming sport across the Tamil Nadu State.

Despite passing Ordinance by the Tamil Nadu State Assembly to end the impasse, some agitators refused to budge from the Beach site on the plea of “permanent legislation “etc.

Ahead of The Republic Day Celebration on 26th January, The police on Monday 23rd Jan tried to clear the area by removing protesters from Marina Beach.

As the protesters were in no mood to disperse ,the police resorted to mild lathi charge.

The protesters in turn resorted to burning a few of vehicles engulfing the city into a violent chaos.

The vehicular traffic came to a grinding halt ,with people facing hardships in reaching their homes.

The political parties described the clampdown as deporable and uncalled for.

Sea Beach Stroll



But all this Jallikuta stir did not dampen our spirits to enjoy the pleasant cool weather of Chennai .

The months of December and January are best to visit this city and enjoy its hospitality.

As we live closer to the sea beach in Kalpleeshwarar Nagar , we took to Casuarani bay route to the sea beach for a stroll in the setting sunset.

The sunset on the sea shore presented a magnificient   panorama to take a deep breath and enjoy the bliss of Nature.

The water was rising in steep tides and thus splashing on to the shore almost touching our feet.

we stretched our legs but not enough to get the joy of gushing waters reaching to our bare knees.

My wife , more adventurous of walking through the seas, nudging me to follow, went a little deeper into the rising and receding waves of waters.

The other evening visitors joined the frolicking game of water sports— lapping up the water on to your knees and kicking it away to the far end.

We enjoyed playing with water for quite a while.

A gusty windy breeze crooning across our faces and body made us to sit up and enjoy the splendid moment.

One would like to spend hours together in such a state of ecstasy.

As Evening was slipping into Night ,we made a retreat to our home .

Kalpleeshwarar Nagar area is a huge Housing complex with magnificient posh houses stretched over long green areas in close vicinity of the Beach.

Birthday Bash

 We noticed Beach Club Restaurant and resolved to have Birthday bash of our grand daughter Zooni in this very restaurant the following Evening.

The birthday of Zooni was celebrated with gaeity

and glory .

Zooni , looked awesome in the red frilled frock, bedecked with small sliver crown .

The long dark hair combed down her shoulders like a cascade . She was queen of the day.

The guests assembled in the open lawn of the Beach club restaurant facing the swimming pool.

The tables were laid in a row facing the sea .

A gorgeous look ahead the sea where waves were lapping up to the shore in concordance of rhythm of a musical instrument.

Zooni’s friends Vishnu, Anvita,Shivani , Gokul , Aahan Ira,and Suhani were smartly dressed ,fully agog with the party mood.

‘” Hey Zooni , congrats “ hollered Anvita getting down from the red car carrying a nicely packed gift in her right hand.

“Hai Anvita ,” Zooni embraced and attended to other friends waiting for the birthday bash.

“ Iam going to cut the cake ,”Zooni declared with an air of authority.



The Cake was put on the table in the  middle  of the sprawling lawn and all children gathered to sing the song ‘Happy birthday to Zooni — “ while Zooni cut the cake gleefully.

The children made a riot of cake color on their faces and ate the delicious pieces with great ferver.

The mild windy weather was nauseating and much enjoyable to the music of the band that sang songs,Bollywood and local ones to the rhythmic tune.

All guests swayed their bodies to soulful music and gleefully enjoyed the moment of pleasure and tranquility.

Zooni was a little upset to hear that Krish and Zitni , our grand children could not participate .Shyamji ,and daughter chikli explained they did not take risk of travelling from Bangalore due to disturbance in the city.

Zooni spoke on phone consoling both krish and Zitni “when you come next we will have one more party . I promise,” she spoke confidently.

The menu was specially ordered to the choices of the guests and included delicious dishes ,both Veg and Non veg.

The Service and food was excellent , guests enjoyed the dinner to their fill.

The mothers busy keeping a tab on the children to prevent any unpleasant naughty prank that could spoil the upbeat mood.

Luckily all went well.

The evening was splendid one.



Now come my love

O Binorii  O Binorii

No more hide and seek

And Chasing away birds so meak

Chirping behind the velvet Creek..


The twinkling gazing stars

And The bright full Moon

Ask Me  

‘Where is She where is She

O Binorii  O Binorii’


The gurgling brooks

Across the sea sands  

Criss –crossing over the marshy lands

Whispering to me    

Where is She where is She

O Binorii  O Binorii’


The winds gusty roaring  

Whinning whistling

Jerking Jostling

Fiercely Hissing to me

where is She where is She

O Binorii  O Binorii’


Now come my love

O Binorii  O Binorii

Now come my love.

O Binorii   O Binorii



Travelling is normally a passion with me but travelling with family is not only exciting but pleasurable adventure as well.

The impetus for undergoing this joyful journey was my sister–in-law Bitty and her, elegantly dressed husband, Shahji , who visited us for a brief holiday in Pune.

Retired newly from Bank’s thirty five odd years’ job dredgery Bitty was more exciting for a visit to Mahableshwar and implied upon her choice with finality.

The other ones who joined the group were my Brother –in – law Roopji ,his flamboyant wife Girija ,glamorous young Bunty, my sister’s daughter , his handsome husband Sunilji and his revered father, Ratanlal Daftariji.. The group swelled to a large one with  my darling wife Sharika,charismatic daughter Neha and smarty Shiva.Last but not the least Tomboyish Ankit dotting over his grandpa as a special caretaker.

Sunilji and dear Bunty were chosen trip leaders to propel the journey with full gusto. The couple is ardent road traveller who fully understand the nuances very well.

On the D-day we started at 8am hoping we could traverse the distance in about 2/3 hrs maximum .We started off in two cars with Shah ji and Sunilji at the driving seats fully charged to move ahead.

Morning breeze was chilly but later in the day the sun made a merciless laugh as we drove on towards the alluring Sahdhyari Ghats .The grandeur of these mountaneous region is spell bound .The sight of massive traffic dampened our soaring spirits to some extent .“oh my God what is this” said Shahji ,struggling to keep the car moving at the low speed.“I never knew the road is so curvy, bumpy and having such a steep ascend.” He said “I would have not opted to drive”He continued. “Never mind sirji all will be ok” I replied jokingly knowing for sure the going was tough.

I could see an odd number of over hundred cars halting on to the sides cooling off the engines ,hoping against hope we could pull through without much ado.

A sea of cars were going on the curvy zig zag road of the Ghat at a snails pace .It appeared whole of Pune and Bombay had descended on these roads to make a beeline for the coveted hill station –Mahableshwar.

A spectacle of human heads , with big individual bunch of beauties , sauntering on the Ghat roads to have a glimpse of traffic woes while waiting for their vehicles to cool off , was now a constant sight.We realized it could take much more hours before we could reach the chosen destination.

As Shahji was struggling to drive on , jamming ,banging the gears ,I could see a pall of smoke emitting from the bonnet side and advised to keep the car on to the side of the road He parked safely and we jumped out to see some untenable did not happen.

Sunil Sir ,our expert captain after checking the car , confirmed that all was fine ”just to wait to cool off the engine”he reaffirmed .

Just to break the stillness of the tense moment I jocularly pointed out “ Hi Bitty your glowing cheeks and gorgeous complexion do not suggest you  are more than thirty years” “how come you have been retired. Check your credentials .”I continued. She guffawed . I shifted my attention to the young christmatic couple Neha and her smarty Shivas .”Hey Neha looking very upbeat with your Chubby.” “ enjoying the moment “ she replied nonchalantly nimbling at some cookies .

The  wistful saga finally ended we just started off with new resolve to beat the race.

We did reach Maple Garden for a much deserved break , but did not stop but decided to have lunch at Venna Lake ,a more beautiful spot to relax.

We finally could reach out for a covered place ,a look like ‘Baladari’ at Venna Lake and had finally our homely cooked sumptuous lunch .

A time to relax and enjoy the picturesque lake surrounded by thick forests with velvet green mountainous background.



Venna Lake is popular holiday honey moon resort . A spot for boating sport .

A lot of boats are anchored and tourists take rounds of the lake after hiring boats as per passenger capacity.

Venna Lake’s shimmering water is crytal clean and falls at the ht of 600ft from Lingmalla Falls.





Mahableshwar nearly 120kms from pune , a city of 12,762 population is conglomerate of three villages—Malcolm peth ,Old Khestra, and Shindola village.

Mahableshwar is source of Krishna river that flows across Maharashtra,Telengana and Andhra.

Most of tourists come here to see lord Shivas Temple

Called Krishna Bhai Temple, where river Krishna is worshipped.

The Temple has Shiva Lingam and beautiful statue of Krishna -a small stream flowing from the mouth of cow (goumukh) .

There are other attractions for tourists as well.

Wilson point is 1.5 kms away from the Mahableshwar city . Named after Lesia Wilson who was Governor of Bombay Province from1923 to 1926,

This Point is at the ht of 1439 meters. Here one can see both sunrise and sunset a spectacle of myriad scenes.of sensual ecstasy.

We tried  to see the Shiva temple but the traffic jam could not take us there . It was dusk already and we decide to take return journey as there was no choice or chance to stay overnight. A brief  stopover at Maple Garden for sandwich session was refreshing.

The Return journey  was smooth and  more relaxing.We passed through the great Satara Tunnel and moved at a faster speed to overcome the fatigue.

With tired looks finally reached respective homes for more relaxing weekend leaving behind  memorable adventurous outing to recount for .