It is desirable to be in love always


      I did gladly ascend and hop

  to the Table top

placing arms around you

we would linger on


kept fawning adoration all


the shimmering dawn

It is desirable to be in love


with you a classy girl

coquettishly flashing a smile


that stunning girlish poise

engrossing me with your perky

teenager noise.

strutting staggering swaggering


stumble down the crooked

hilly descent struggling


you close to my chest

as if to win a racing



I admire your glory glitter


from a distance of one meter.

alas I cannot roll you round

to the rhythmic Bollywood


Cannot walk holding your hand

in the park or compound

somewhere something really


Just damn the present

throwing caution to the winds

let us mingle in the intense

sensuous moments

reverently pressing your

soft contours


delve deep in the flight of

love fantasy.

THE LONG WAIT by Brij Kaul


Comes the end of long wait

ambling around the corridor

in anguish and despair

looking at the stars galore

in search of my dear

soul mate.

The morning dawns

in the midst of

chirpings of birds .

Cuckoo sings mellifluous


to upbeat my sullen mood.

what did the cuckoo sing ?

come on my dude

A silvery sude

the gift of God.

Be ebullient exeburant

she will come oh my Lord.


Comes the end of long wait.

torn apart with my soul mate


months of separation

suffering with burning hope

like the legendary

Odysseus and Penelope.

yearning for re-union


longish time slope.


Await the end of long wait

praying prancing for re-union.

with my soul mate

LOVE AGAIN by Brij Kaul

Love   again love again

Again Again

Fight with full


To drive away Corona Pain.

Everyone seething smouldering

in its agonising fury.

The preponderance of Corona

persisting relentlessly

marauding millions


enormous whimper whine.

The deserted roads, shut bazaars

men women children


behind the window panes

to be free again.

fun and frolicking in the parks

and street lanes.

Only the Potion of love

be its antidote ,

like Prince Paris eloping

with Helen of Troy,

Love again love again

Again Again

Fight with full


To drive away the Corona Pain.

The nefarious Pandemic.

moving at a lightening speed

making more and more its prey

in its engulfing sway.

Only Potion of Love be its


Love again love again

Again Again

Fight with full


To drive away

the Corona Pain.





Rishi Kapoor , 67, a charming handsome matinee idol passed away on Thursday 30th April 2020 after relentlessly fighting Cancer over a period of two years.

The news came as a bolt from the blue, received as a big shock not only to Bollywood but to millions of his fans and admirers irrespective of age .

The young and old were simply transfixed by his mesmerized perennial smile that illuminated his chubby countenance and the stunning earthy roles he performed in his films.

The shock was doubly  felt by Bollywood as it lost another versatile actor Irrfan khan just on 29th April a day earlier.

Rishi kapoor starred in dozens of films (126) in 1970’s and 80’s to the very hilt of romanticism. Later he transitioned to character roles from 2000 on wards and successfully carried the day by doing exemplary roles in films like AGNIPATH , MULIK, KAPOOR AND SONS ,102 NOT OUT and many more .

A bubbling youth with legendary Kapoor Clan acting genes stood good stead in his acting career.

He literally carried the family torch to the end and created his own niche in Bollywood.

He was no more a shadow of his illustrated legendary father Raj Kapoor “showman of Indian cinema”.

My Chance meeting with Rishi Kapoor.

I was transferred to Rishikesh glass plant from Pune main plant in mid 1974 as chief quality controller . Our glass plant was mainly to produce injection vials to be supplied to IDPL( INDIANDRUGS PHARMECEUTICALS LTD) a Govt of India undertaking and be as good as its Ancilliary Unit at least in the initial years.

This was time Rishikesh had no hotels but Ashrams only.

The General Manager of IDPL Mr Chawla was kind enough to offer three suites of their Guest house to our plant to accommodate myself and other two heads of Plant operation to have uninterrupted supply of glass vials to the tune of 300,000 nos everyday to IDPL.

To cut the long story short I was residing in the Guest house of IDPL for nearly two years plodding on quietly,   discreetly, modestly till a strange pleasure sequence of an event which I am going to relate, took place .

It was most probably late 1975 almost close to dead of night when a knock on my door of Guest house woke me up. I hurriedly opened the door ,   pleasantly surprised to see Dr Anand “ kaul sahib Come to my place, Rishi kapoor and Nitu Singh have come for dinner” .

I was perplexed but followed him without questioning  to his suite just on the opposite side of my suite in the Guest house itself. At second thought I just started retracing my steps, Dr Anand hollered back a little angrily “What happened not interested”. “oh no I will change my clothes” I blurted out.

“ Kaul Sahib you are fantastically handsome ,come on man” he said assertively holding me by his hand and pulling me hurriedly along side.

Dr Anand, a delightful handsome tall man was senior Doctor in the IDPL Hospital, a very agile affable person but also an important and influential one in the IDPL arena of higher echelons.

There were a few more familiar Couples ,Mr and mrs Goswamy, Mr and mrs Vijay Phadke, and one more couple not familiar to me. already in the living room.

“He is Kaul sahib ,still a bachelor and a fantastic gentleman” Dr Anand introduced me to both Rishi kapoor and Neetu singh and I said “hello” to both extending my hand for warm greetings.

Rishi kapoor held my hand warmly in his both hands and Neetu singh smiled back with just quite an audible ‘hello”.

I had seen Neetu singh as a child artist in her double role in film “ DO KALIYAN” and now a grown up Neetu singh ji was very attractive and exhibiting exuberance of beauty and radiance.

Mrs Anand a graceful gentle lady was all smiling and greeting every guest with great fervour and Dr Anand making sure the main guests Rishi and Neetu enjoyed the carefully cooked niceties to their fill.

Dr Anand insisted me for having something to nibble on and I obliged instantly without much ado.

“so you both are here in the midst of the Himalayan range with a dip in the Ganges for some film shooting.” I asked Rishikapoor to break the silence.

“ yes precisely “ Rishi kapoorji replied briefly.

“you were exemplary in Bobby, especially in the song sequence of ‘hum Tum ek kamre main band ho” I continued.

“It was in Pahalgham Kashmir, I suppose” I said confidentially.

“ yes true’ he replied “ but how do you know it.” he asked nonchalantly.

“He is a Kashmiri”   Mr Phadke said sitting close by.

“Oh I see” Rishikapoor said a bit surprised.

The pleasant surprised get- together came  finally to an end and both of these young actors left for Delhi by about 2 am and we waved our hands kindly.

We thanked Dr Anand and Mrs Anand profusely for such an unforgettable eventful gathering.

Back in my room my young mind journeyed around Bollywood corridors of Mumbai for a while but finally I dozed off to a deep slumber in the warm lap of Holy Ganges. 




I am strolling rather prowling around my own apartment alone observing the ‘ STAY –AT- HOME’ order strictly though reluctantly .

Zitni my young grand daughter had a nasty fall in her apartment in Bangalore on 7th March,2020 and was put in hospital instantly.

My wife S h a r i k a was anxious to go and render help to our daughter B h a v n a and she flew down 0n 10th March, leaving me to fend for myself.

She was bound to return by 25th March 2020 . The sudden but inevitable lockdown announced by our PM Modiji on 23rd March to fight the Corona virus left every one more so myself high and dry.

Modiji addressed the Nation as usual at 8PM and announced lockdown from 12oclock the same night, leaving just four hours for people to catch up with any travel mode to reach one’s homes and be in the arms of their near and dear ones .

S h a r i k a ji thus got stranded at Bangalore and I realized that I have to row the boat of life alone to my destination safely.

Hush fell on the city rather the whole Country as a matter of sudden announcement .

The world was already reeling under lockdown for many weeks now, Wuhan in china, Italy ,Spain , London , New York ,California were blistering under the fatal spell of Corona virus Tsunami, killing thousands of people with no pittance or restrain.

I am now alone for last 39 days managing my lockdown a self quarantine on my own .I am an early riser from the age of early adolescence.

So likewise I wake up very early say 4.30 am to complete my morning ablutions and am well up dressed and done for the day by 7am.

First day in a bizarre situation like this one that too in absence of my dear wife was doggedly difficult.

More so e v e r the Society rightfully ordered domestic maids out of Society arena during the lock down period.


So I gathered my corporate wits to whittle down the survival plan to bare minimum at least initially to start up cooking operations.

So here I was .


I turned the gas stove on to make my breakfast.

I baked sandwich toasts with two boiled eggs and half kettle tea to start with ,put on the music on low tune to ward off the loneliness around.

I seemed to hear voices as though a small crowd gathered on the main road muttering loudly something but being warned off by the passing police jeeps to stay away from roads and soon the road was desolate and I returned to my table to finish my hot sandwiches.

I gobbled down my boiled eggs and nibbled at the remaining toasts ,sipping tea at leisure . Frankly telling you the toasts were over baked but never mind first day at making breakfast. I smiled to myself for a moderately success story.


Being a corporate man all my life ,having served for 47 years in industry in various capacities, I liked to have a fairly good Lunch comprising both veg and non-veg Culinary.

But currently a predicament I was in demanded a sound Lunch akin to bare minimum survival plan to pass away the torrid times.

I decided on a bowl of rice with lentils – dal and green vegetable , chutney or salad. Yes curd is very essential. A  Kashmiri  Pandit cannot survive without curds.

Dinner was on identical menu but occasionally egg curry is being added to garnish the tongue .

Simplification and Standisation

I use this tool of management for washing of Utensils and Cleaning , housekeeping operations.

For instance ,A big 6.50 litre cooker is used for cooking both lentils and vegetables and rice to minimise the use of utensils ,so on and so forth.

Similarly the principle is extended for house keeping operations.

Time Management

 All the facets of above operations are being completed from 8am to 12.30 pm., just four hours time bound programme.

Later on I devote my time to reading writing and some entertainment blues on TV.

These days the sun is up early say by 6.20am and the sky is remade shining ,the beams trickle down from the balcony windows and awash my mind and body .The night fears and loneliness gone far away .and I could hardly remember them.


I am on the wrong side of seventy two but with God’s grace healthy enough to carry the day peacefully progressively without vociferous cries of outrage and anger.

with experience at hand I have now become a good chef to tide over the adversities.

I Pray to Almighty to end the dark days world over and be kind to one and all.





Is   away from me

Caught up in the storm

of pandemic virus

with no means to travel

Waging a war of attrition


Come in close vicinity

In fact into the rhythm

of my balmy lap

I am drifting alone

in titanic deluge

of my love

bemoaning bewailing the


‘to stay- in- Home.’

rattling my mind by browsing

through pages of tome

watching waiting in vain

tingling the nerves of my brain

  in a state of intense strife

          Standing lonely on the square of

daedal paths jostling for life


is away from me

strutting in the room

huffing puffing like a

fluttering bird across

vast limitless blue sky


of what when where why

         separation anxiety whittling

down b’cause of

worldwide Corona Cry.

afflicting the people to die.


is away from me

waging a war of attrition

praying just praying


to be with me.






While world is battling with Corona Virus ,China is limping back to near normalcy though shaky staggering one.

Yes a different normal but definitely to a normalcy.

After nearly ten weeks lockdown being confined to their apartments ,Wuhan ,the city of 11 million is back on its wheels into broad day light.

The trains both subway and intercity are back on the run. The shopping malls, and other trading centers are slowly coming into its own.

The city is agog with hustle and bustle but with difference, the masks being made mandatory to be worn every time without fail.

The business companies and their manufacturing units are back into top gear leaving nothing to any chance whatsoever in order to re-start the economy.

The Wuhan airport is buzzing with passengers moving in and out of the city on business and other purposes.

The city was on lock down since 23rd january2020to wage battle and control the spread of Corona virus at an alarming speed. The corona virus originated from this city itself. So the Chinese authorities isolated the city from rest of he country by ceiling all borders in coming to the city and out going as well, to arrest spreading of the contagious disease to other cities with alar c r i t y.

The Chinese political leaders claim to have won the war of Corona Virus and thus back on the job of resurrection of economic growth.

The task cut out to be no doubt a tough one but definitely conquerable.

Although The Hubei Vice Governor Cao Guangjin said while alerting ”we are acutely aware that we must not relax as we have not claimed final victory.” “we need to remain calm, and be just as cautious at the end as the beginning”, he further added.

courtesy. Reuters

In combating the Corona Virus in Wuhan ,the strict measures were taken immediately by way of lock-down, social distances, and other restrictions have finally paid off and probably the world is learning ,though hard way ,to annihilate the pandemic through their own modified curbs.

The USA has become the latest pandemic epicenter with New York bearing the major brunt of this epicenter at the moment.


Normal with Difference

The normal in china is different now. Workers used to work in china by sitting in close comity literary shoulder to shoulder in Beijing and other E-Commerce centers .

But now after Corona Virus the workers work in staggered shifts , maintaining social distances, wearing masks permanently for the present till a Vaccine is developed to conquer this Virus finally.

Every worker is supposed to fill in the health questionnaire every day compulsorily.

The combination of safety measures and the bouncing back of people from lock-downs of cities getting adjusted to the new norms enunciated by the Authorities.

For instance the people in quarantine must show green – coloured phone scans to confirm they have obtained certificate to the effect of Corona Virus free.

When the Corona Virus pandemic was raging in Wuhan , according to Mother Jones Magazine ,Chinese authorities did an exemplary job in containing and taming the onslaught of the Corona Virus by deploying thousands of staff in tracing the origin of Virus in Wuhan apart from manufacturing about one million kits a day, and building hospitals in days to isolate the virus afflicting patients from the normal ones.

Despite having a near victory over the Corona Virus there is still need to keep hawk eyed alert all the time.

Recently China reported nearly 108 new cases driven by rise of infected travellers arriving from different countries ,a new challenge to be faced by Beijing in containing second possible wave of COVID -19.


Unless the Vaccine is found not  only China but  the world could witness lock-downs for month together.

It is first time nearly 200 countries are fighting the Corona Virus .

97% of the US population is under lock down or shelter in place as the death toll of Corona Virus surges past 21000—the highest in the world.

India is fighting its own relentless battle against The deadly Virus.

The 21 –day lock -down is likely to end on14th April 2020, the Modi Govt is set to extend the Shelter In Homes for at least for a fortnight more.

With positive cases reaching past 9,220 ,the death toll at 332, the need to curb the on going surge of Virus India’s galloping race is being put to halt by all means by the Center and State Govts  .

However the Center is contemplating to reopen some of the businesses partially to put some daily wage earners to work.

But all are awaiting the much needed announcement any time from now onwards.

China is facing criticism that the Chinese Authorities did not let the world know about the Virulency of the deadly Corona Virus in time so that timely measures taken would have saved thousands of lives the world across. This covertly act on part of Chinese has been condemned by the comity of Nations in harsh words.

 China ,however, has unfastened its belts to surge ahead on its path to its reinvention after mitigating the problem of Corona Virus to a great extent.