Today  I think of yester years

when I was in late teens.


in  white shirt  blue jeans

ambling around boulevard road

Flower girl hollering behind

‘Buy  flowers  B a b u j i ‘

‘ buy one  buy two  my B a b u j i.’

looking gorgeous  splendid sparkling

wearing her hair in looms

fluttering over her shoulders in


flower girl still following me

‘B a  b u j i  b a b u j i  buy one or two

  bountiful beautiful flowers’

I strode on and on the road

 broad beautiful one  


 trees  forming a canopy.

Dark clouds scudding  skies

Sounding of  bountiful rain

I  stop  buy some flowers

Joyous flower girl gets to swoon

in the Gaiety galore of

dreary noon.

Happily hopping down catching

new customer pretty so soon.

5 thoughts on “FLOWER GIRL

  1. Very nice poem. Recalling sweet memories and appreciating beauty of Nature in all forms.
    Enjoyed reading this poem.


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