After playing a month long sea –saw game, wisdom finally dawned on S a c h i n Pilot who called for truce soon after meeting Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and AICC general secretary P r i y a n k y a V a d r a on Monday 10th August 2020.

S a c h in ‘s come back is seen as ‘Return of the Native’ thus setting in motion the exercise to resolve the crisis for all times to come.

In the famous novel of Thomas Hardy , ‘Return of the Native’ C l y me Y e o bright returns to his home town , E g don Heath, after relinquishing uncertain diamond business in Paris to make forays in the the Native green pastures to eke- out his living in the vicinity of dear and near ones. C l y me marries beautiful E u s t a c i a and reconciles to the humdrum life.

Likewise the sanity of thought reason permeated the Pilot ‘s better sense that drove him back into the welcome corridors of the Congress Party.

The old Grand Party has tradition of treating their leaders with respect and humility.

In some what different c i r c u m t a n c e s   in 1984 Pranab Mukherjee left Congress, viewed himself as the rightful successor to Indira Gandhi and not Rajiv Gandhi, launched his own party ‘Rashtriya samajwadi Congress ‘ which he merged with the Indian National Congress after making friendly comeback truce with Rajiv Gandhi.

Thereafter he never looked back ,holding important portfolios and the grand old Party nominated him for the August post of President of India in 2012,which he won with thumping majority after defeating P.A.S a n g ma ,winning by 70 percent electoral collage votes.

I am trying to make a point that Pilot will have a very promising future in Congress as there is no scope for any kind of vendetta against him.

Crisis Management.

The   Congress high command under the auspices of Rahul Gandhi in coordination with team work of S u r j it S u r j i w a la ,Ahmad Patel and K.C. V e n u g o p a l weaved the return of S a c h i n Pilot and his  MLAs back into the party fold.

P r i y a n k y a V a d r a had been in touch with Pilot but he was supposed to be “erratic”.

“ would speak one day and vanish the other day.”

P r i y a n k y a V a d r a had been relentlessly following up all through and when fully convinced she made Pilot to meet Rahul Gandhi and the meeting lasted nearly two hours.

S a c hi n gave vent to his grievances and feelings , after being assured to get all issues resolved amicably walked back with his flock of MLAs into the Congress .

While senior leaders Ahmad Patel and his entourage worked behind the scenes Rahul Gandhi managed to hammer out a deal and thus resolve the Rajasthan crisis successfully, as he was not roped in to handle the Madhya Pradesh crisis in March 2020.

Kamal N a t h and D i g v i j y a Singh were given full powers to manage the rebellious

S c i n d i a but that cost the Party heavily. Having learnt the bitter lesson , the high command did not want to take risk this time anymore.

Now the storm has abated ,the chief minister G e h lot has welcomed the return of the Rebels as “ win of citizens” while speaking to a group of journalists in J a i s a l m e r.

“more than 100MLAs living together for a month is a big thing in itself and this has never happened in India’s history” G e h lot continued with a sense of success.

He further said “ whatever misunderstanding

occurred in the party in the last one month

we need to forgive forget ,move on in the interest of nation ,state, citizens and in the interest of democracy which is in danger.”

Congress  reiterated that once the nitty- gritty of the issues raised is absolved including   condoning of all   cases against SACHIN and some of his MLAs, cabinet reshuffle would try to accommodate some of the MLAs of Pilot camp to assuage the bitter feelings.

Ghelot on his part is trying to r e p r i m a n d  himself for his use of unsavory language against Pilot ,should put at rest all anger and bickering between the two for good to plod on in a friendly manner for running the G o v t smoothly.


For now the Rajasthan crisis is  amicably resolved good for the party and good for the Nation.

The Congress central leadership needs to be on the alert and be in constant touch with state leaders , to thwart any  f i s s i p a r o u s tendencies arising out of misunderstandings or as a result of ego clashes between young and older party leaders.

Though there is strong leadership existing in the Party as a whole but the absence of strong self driven agile engaged leaders at state levels has been the reason of drift from the grass roots.

The central leaders both young and older ones should be guiding factor for uniting the leaders at different levels at state levels to serve the people in despair and rise to the occasion of raising issues of concern and get them resolved at Govt forums, thus become strong and useful opposition to fight the misdeeds of the govt.

This will save democracy and prevent the Govt of the day from   doing any wrong doings.

With Sonia Gandhi ‘s interim Party President coming to close ,an alternative President needs to be elected . This will envisage the leaders to put forth coherent strategy on various National issues from time to time.


 S a c h in Pilot and G h e lot have buried the hatchet and vowed to work assiduously for the good of people of the state who voted them to power.

This reunion of the disgruntled MLAs has amply demonstrated that the Rajasthan MLAs stand behind the principles and ideology of the Congress Party and are devoted to the service of the people at large .

All Political Parties need to save hard earned democracy and abide by the Constitution which implies and guaranties equality, freedom, unity irrespective of caste ,creed ,religion among different sections of people.

The Congress has succeeded in conveying strong message down the line not to meddle in its affairs and not to harp on its frailties any longer.

The Party stands strong enough to keep its flock together in any eventuality.


Let India’s Democracy live long. Jai Hind.
























  1. Very nice article on Rajasthan politics. It is true that discipline and strong leadership plays a great role in solving the tedious problems in an organisation.


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