S a c h in Pilot the blue -eyed boy of the Congress Party, sprang a surprise by attempted coup to topple his own elected government but failed to break in the impregnable wall of both Congress party as well as Ashok Gehlot’s Rajasthan fortress.

Thus  failed to ride the roller coaster of Chief Minister without r e a l i s i n g even for a second, that the battalion of mere 18 disgruntled MLAs were not sufficient to tilt the boat of mighty Congress Party.

It is obvious Sachin Pilot  would have been hobnobbing with BJP to give credence to his ambitions. 

S a c h in Pilot  however failed to gauge the strength of his superior Chief Minister Ashok G e h lot and allowed his ambitions ride his better sense and has now fallen in an abyss where from impossible to stand up on a dignified platform.

After losing both the job of Deputy Chief Minister as well as the chief of Pradesh Congress Party, S a c h in has landed himself in a situation of no return.

It should be first of its kind that a Chief of the Pradesh Congress Party and that too holding post of deputy chief Minister should stoop so low to achieve his personal ends.

Such Politicians , if found responsible for trying to topple the elected government in an undemocratic manner , are definitely without sense of duty towards the country and the voters who voted them to power.

They deserve to be punished by the people by not voting them to power.

The rebellion has allegedly the strong backing of BJP,  as he kept his flock of MLAs in the hotel of G u r g o an under the security check of State Police.

Also the Lawyers he has chosen for fighting the case in the court are the ones who normally fight the BJP cases in highest courts.

BJP has now assumed enormous greed for the power that it can go any extent to grab political power without battling an eyelid.

It has become the most important pastime to topple the Congress governments first in M.P and now in Rajasthan thus throwing to the winds the high moral ground sermons once the Political stalwarts recited as some religious revered sayings.

The S a c h in Pilot betrayal , second in a row has brought the debate of young leaders verses old dedicated loyal leadership to the fore in the Congress Party.

The Congress leadership has used his wizened opinion to strike a balance between the old and young to navigate the Party to blissful destination.

The c r it ic s have always blamed the dynastic impulse responsible for the poor show of Congress Party at the h u s t i n g s.

It is argued that Congress is Peddled by the Nehru Gandhi dynasty and lacks so called internal democracy and what not.

It is to be understood that Congress has an ideology that is inconclusive one and demands coherent approach to withstand the politics of divide. Hence   Strong leadership ,loyal ,honest and endowed with strong sense of service to the people is required to lead the party.

The Nehru Gandhi family has been driving force to take the Nation to great heights of progress and prosperity under the auspices of its stalwart leaders ,Jawahar lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sardar Patel ,Lal Bahadur shastri and Man Mohan singh. The band of other leaders from time to time has been the cementing factor for keeping the Party united and strong.

The current band of young leaders normally lack the commitment of the older generations and cannot keep pace with the changing situations as such.

In the present situation of Rajasthan the Congress Party’s leadership has given free hand to the chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to deal with the menace created by Sachin Pilot.

After keeping doors open for Pilot to come to terms, Sachin is driven more by his personal interests rather than the prospects of the Party as a matter of fact.

Both S a c h in Pilot as well as J y o t i r a d it y a S c in d i a has been nurtured by the Congress Party but both belied the hopes  of the Party by walking over to the other fence ,thus showing their apathy for real dedicated service to the nation.

Needless to say both had been coveted with plush posts all along their careers. There was little room for any ambiguity but they chose to desert the Party anyway.

Hence the ranting of media and other so called Political Analysts that Congress is doing little for the young promising leaders holds no good waters.



S a c h in Pilot has lost the plot and is simply clinging to the Court proceedings as a clutch for the drowning man. He instead should shed off his ego and come back to the party and be a ‘ GOOD POLITICIAN’.

Future is always safe with tested waters.

It is amply clear that for  leaders  like S a c h in P il o t  ,J y o t i r a d it y a S c i n d i a, the impatience , greed hunger for more power  made them to break ranks with Party.

However having said so The Congress should be more alive to the factionalism without allowing state level factions going overboard and arrest the rot at the earliest.

The Rajasthan  like situations need to be addressed in other states as well in the nick of time. before exploding into a big one.

The Prime Minister should intervene and tell his overzealous   politicians to stop hopping around in the n e i g h b ours’ pastures and stop doing anything unpleasant to dent his image further.

It is important at this time to remain united to combat   the more pressing problems , firstly Covid- 19, second China incursions in Ladakh, and finally to fight the Economic slump so that we progress on and on.

But should M r M o di heed to the urgent priorities of the country   over rather grabbing power by fair or foul means.



















6 thoughts on “PILOT’S ATTEMPTED COUP BY Brijkaul

  1. It’s a farce. Over the past six years BJP has done all it could to undermine democracy. Unashamedly they call this Chanakya niti. Sadly, politicians who specialise in undermining institutions, murdering democracy and spewing venom are being eulogized as modern-day Chanakyas.

    As for Congress, it has an existential crisis on its hands, and it has nobody but itself to blame for this. With its uninspiring leadership, ideological bankruptcy, fossilized thought process and abhorrent factionalism it is no surprise that the party is staring down the barrel of a gun about to fire.




  2. Personal greed to be more powerful leads to betrayal and is against the mandate of the electoral. Such acts can not be justified in a democracy and surely do not make any public image of the leader in the long run.
    Nicely concluded article

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