After twenty Indian soldiers were killed in deadly clashes between Chinese and Indian troops on the night of 15th June 2020, the tensions ran high between two countries on the Indo-China border especially in the G a l wan valley, Hot springs ,Pa n g on g T s o and Gogra in L a d a k h and in N a k u La in Sikkim.

China has moved in large number of forces on its side. India is equally matching the massive build up on its side.

In the recent past months , however , Indian and Chinese were engaged in brawls leaving dozens injured along the 2,200 mile Line of Action.


The Go v t  does not expect immediate resolution to the two month old stand off on the LAC because of the deadlock in Talks.

In Fact on Friday 26thJune 2020 the Indian Ambassador to China M r V i k r a m M i s r i said in an hard hitting interview to PTI (Press Trust of India)

“ The only way to resolve the current military stand off along LAC in Eastern Ladakh was for Beijing to realize that trying to change status quo by resorting to force or coercion ,is not the right way forward”


The Indian Ambassador explained that the action taken by the Chinese forces on the ground have damaged “considerable trust” between the two Countries. M r  M i s r i explained further and said “ The resolution of this issue is quite straightforward from our perspective .The Chinese side needs to stop creating obstruction and hindrances in the normal patrolling patterns of the Indian troops .”


Rubbishing the China’s claim of sovereignty over Galwan Valley in Ladakh as “completely untenable” and vehemently emphasized that such claims would not help the situation as such.

The Indian ambassador to China M r V i k ram Misri made it amply clear that India is “very aware and very clear about the alignment of the LAC in the Galwan Valley”. He said in continuation to his statement “ our troops have been patrolling up to these areas without any difficulty for a very v e r y long period of time”.

M r M i s r i’s comments and statements came a day after in light of the External Ministry statement that China has been a large contingent of troops and armaments along the LAC in eastern Ladakh since May 2020.


Meanwhile a spate of multiple talks making rounds at the both levels of military and diplomatic ones, the diplomatic talks at Beijing and Military talks in  Ladakh.

A meeting at Corps level on June 6 and June 22 were also held respectively.

The Indian delegation during these crucial meetings has rightly stuck to the core stand of restoration of status quo ante as of April 2020.

Betrayal Mood.

China is in a bitter betrayal mood again after stinging India severely by exploding into a full

fledged war in 1962, thus betraying the trust built up with dedication and sincerity by J a w a h a r La l Nehru , throwing to the winds the Sino- Indian Agreement of 1954 emboldened on the Five principles of peaceful Co-existence ,embodied in the preamble, proclaiming Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai (Indians and Chinese are brothers).

China launched a massive attack on October 19 1962, against Indian forces in the Northeast and Ladakh.

T.N. Kaul,,Foreign secretary to G o v t of India in the times of action, , A diplomat of excellence, in his book ‘ A DIPLOMAT’S DIARY’ writes

“ w e were ill- prepared to fight a war in Northeast. we did not expect the Chinese to go back on their acceptance of McMahon Line as the de facto border.

We did not have adequate troops there and those hastily sent were ill-equipped poorly clad for the winter in that difficult and inhospitable terrain.

we  had concentrated our forces mainly in Ladakh , where the Chinese had been nibbling at our territory since 1956. our troops in Ladakh who were better equipped and acclimatized, were able to withstand the Chinese assault.  

The Chinese withdrew to North of M c Mohan Line , but kept Line of Actual Line (LAC) in Ladakh.”

Actually Chinese   wanted to humiliate India for the warm welcome and asylum accorded to the Dalai Lama.

Nehru ‘s dream of Indo-China friendship was shattered but he did not relinquish the Independent Policy of Non Alignment.

In fact  he  p e r s u e d it with more zeal and v i g o u r .

Being a democrat true to his words he kept the Indian Parliament and the People of India in the know of facts and did not bow to the dragon’s hegemony at any cost.

Now China again is showing its dirty teeth and is in belligerent and bellicose mood to inflict both military and economic damages on India.

But India is militarily much stronger now than in 1962 and war between two countries will be fought on equal footing this time and hence  China  would not venture for a full fledged war.

 China  knows well  will get a befitting reply from our brave forces.

Hence it is  inconceivable to believe either China or India would venture to aggravate the dispute into a war.

 Our Prime Minister M r N a r e n d er M o d i , a leader of substance , has rightly taken the steps to reduce India’s reliance on China imports. Although it won’t be easy and tenable in the current situation .

The economic relations between India and China are lopsided.

China being largest source of imports for India at the moment and to replace the same India needs to strategize to find   adequate alternatives systematically without inflicting losses on the Indian companies to avoid collapse of trade and investments.Such decisions need to be taken in cool composite manner and not in the heat of emotions and passions.

Meanwhile the situation at the disputed border looks grim as the stand off seems longer one because China is engaged in build up and India is also reinforcing its buildup accordingly, leaving little room for meaningful talks to discuss disengagement at Military levels at the moment.


The Prime M r M o d i had rightly befriended the counterpart M r XI to augment better relations between the two great n e i g h b o u rs  over the years,   but China had always different agendas mostly with sinister and ugly intentions and  belied our trust once again.

President Xi J i n p i n g enjoyed the on and off picturesque picnic summits both in G u j r a t,s w in g i n g a J h o o l a , or in M a h a b a l I p u r a m in Chennai , but kept troubling India with more incursions whether it was Dokhlama  or Gawalan valley now.

M r Mo d i  being an unchallenging leader must stand above these hollow friendly gimmicks and face the Dragon with alacrity Militarily and also with Diplomatic ingenuity.

The Prime Minister ,unlike China, has an obligation to be transparent and thus must keep the Nation fully informed in this trying hour.

The nation stands united like a rock behind the Government and the Armed forces.

Long live India.













  1. It is an important topic of the day and article is very informative and to the point. Every Indian is seriously concerned and united on this issue.


  2. We have a completely clueless government leading us to disaster. What we have here is a deadly mix of arrogance, naivete, stupidity, bigotry, moral bankruptcy, dishonesty, vitriol, hate and a million other things that go into the creation of an oppressive state hurtling towards self-destruction.


  3. We should have been economically stronger nation as per the promises of our prime minister but we became more dependent on china for our economy.
    I hope we people of india could see beyond the gimmicks of media to know what’s right and wrong .
    It was informative and well articulated read.

    Liked by 1 person

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