THE LONG WAIT by Brij Kaul


Comes the end of long wait

ambling around the corridor

in anguish and despair

looking at the stars galore

in search of my dear

soul mate.

The morning dawns

in the midst of

chirpings of birds .

Cuckoo sings mellifluous


to upbeat my sullen mood.

what did the cuckoo sing ?

come on my dude

A silvery sude

the gift of God.

Be ebullient exeburant

she will come oh my Lord.


Comes the end of long wait.

torn apart with my soul mate


months of separation

suffering with burning hope

like the legendary

Odysseus and Penelope.

yearning for re-union


longish time slope.


Await the end of long wait

praying prancing for re-union.

with my soul mate

6 thoughts on “THE LONG WAIT by Brij Kaul

    1. thanks. yes sometimes certain opportunities turn into inspirations and poets writers give their best . Glad you liked it . my poems are always at a n elevated level.


  1. It is a poetry of great excellence .
    Enjoyable and meaningful. We really appreciate your way of holding the lonely times with all grace.


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