Rishi Kapoor , 67, a charming handsome matinee idol passed away on Thursday 30th April 2020 after relentlessly fighting Cancer over a period of two years.

The news came as a bolt from the blue, received as a big shock not only to Bollywood but to millions of his fans and admirers irrespective of age .

The young and old were simply transfixed by his mesmerized perennial smile that illuminated his chubby countenance and the stunning earthy roles he performed in his films.

The shock was doubly  felt by Bollywood as it lost another versatile actor Irrfan khan just on 29th April a day earlier.

Rishi kapoor starred in dozens of films (126) in 1970’s and 80’s to the very hilt of romanticism. Later he transitioned to character roles from 2000 on wards and successfully carried the day by doing exemplary roles in films like AGNIPATH , MULIK, KAPOOR AND SONS ,102 NOT OUT and many more .

A bubbling youth with legendary Kapoor Clan acting genes stood good stead in his acting career.

He literally carried the family torch to the end and created his own niche in Bollywood.

He was no more a shadow of his illustrated legendary father Raj Kapoor “showman of Indian cinema”.

My Chance meeting with Rishi Kapoor.

I was transferred to Rishikesh glass plant from Pune main plant in mid 1974 as chief quality controller . Our glass plant was mainly to produce injection vials to be supplied to IDPL( INDIANDRUGS PHARMECEUTICALS LTD) a Govt of India undertaking and be as good as its Ancilliary Unit at least in the initial years.

This was time Rishikesh had no hotels but Ashrams only.

The General Manager of IDPL Mr Chawla was kind enough to offer three suites of their Guest house to our plant to accommodate myself and other two heads of Plant operation to have uninterrupted supply of glass vials to the tune of 300,000 nos everyday to IDPL.

To cut the long story short I was residing in the Guest house of IDPL for nearly two years plodding on quietly,   discreetly, modestly till a strange pleasure sequence of an event which I am going to relate, took place .

It was most probably late 1975 almost close to dead of night when a knock on my door of Guest house woke me up. I hurriedly opened the door ,   pleasantly surprised to see Dr Anand “ kaul sahib Come to my place, Rishi kapoor and Nitu Singh have come for dinner” .

I was perplexed but followed him without questioning  to his suite just on the opposite side of my suite in the Guest house itself. At second thought I just started retracing my steps, Dr Anand hollered back a little angrily “What happened not interested”. “oh no I will change my clothes” I blurted out.

“ Kaul Sahib you are fantastically handsome ,come on man” he said assertively holding me by his hand and pulling me hurriedly along side.

Dr Anand, a delightful handsome tall man was senior Doctor in the IDPL Hospital, a very agile affable person but also an important and influential one in the IDPL arena of higher echelons.

There were a few more familiar Couples ,Mr and mrs Goswamy, Mr and mrs Vijay Phadke, and one more couple not familiar to me. already in the living room.

“He is Kaul sahib ,still a bachelor and a fantastic gentleman” Dr Anand introduced me to both Rishi kapoor and Neetu singh and I said “hello” to both extending my hand for warm greetings.

Rishi kapoor held my hand warmly in his both hands and Neetu singh smiled back with just quite an audible ‘hello”.

I had seen Neetu singh as a child artist in her double role in film “ DO KALIYAN” and now a grown up Neetu singh ji was very attractive and exhibiting exuberance of beauty and radiance.

Mrs Anand a graceful gentle lady was all smiling and greeting every guest with great fervour and Dr Anand making sure the main guests Rishi and Neetu enjoyed the carefully cooked niceties to their fill.

Dr Anand insisted me for having something to nibble on and I obliged instantly without much ado.

“so you both are here in the midst of the Himalayan range with a dip in the Ganges for some film shooting.” I asked Rishikapoor to break the silence.

“ yes precisely “ Rishi kapoorji replied briefly.

“you were exemplary in Bobby, especially in the song sequence of ‘hum Tum ek kamre main band ho” I continued.

“It was in Pahalgham Kashmir, I suppose” I said confidentially.

“ yes true’ he replied “ but how do you know it.” he asked nonchalantly.

“He is a Kashmiri”   Mr Phadke said sitting close by.

“Oh I see” Rishikapoor said a bit surprised.

The pleasant surprised get- together came  finally to an end and both of these young actors left for Delhi by about 2 am and we waved our hands kindly.

We thanked Dr Anand and Mrs Anand profusely for such an unforgettable eventful gathering.

Back in my room my young mind journeyed around Bollywood corridors of Mumbai for a while but finally I dozed off to a deep slumber in the warm lap of Holy Ganges. 




  1. Hello Uncle

    A nice description of your brief meet with the great star like RK. I remember I used to sing om shanti om song many times at school functions.

    God bless and keep writing


  2. Rishi kapoor was one of the best actors with huge fan following. He was charming with nice expressions and would fit in every kind of role. His untimely death is really a great shock.
    The article is to the point and also describes the grand memory of author’s meeting with the actor in the past.


    1. When Imet him Rishikapoor was only one film old. Yes he had done child roles in RK his father’s films Awara Hoon and MERA NAAM JOKER ,having crush on his teacher Simi Grewal. A great actor indeed.


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