I am strolling rather prowling around my own apartment alone observing the ‘ STAY –AT- HOME’ order strictly though reluctantly .

Zitni my young grand daughter had a nasty fall in her apartment in Bangalore on 7th March,2020 and was put in hospital instantly.

My wife S h a r i k a was anxious to go and render help to our daughter B h a v n a and she flew down 0n 10th March, leaving me to fend for myself.

She was bound to return by 25th March 2020 . The sudden but inevitable lockdown announced by our PM Modiji on 23rd March to fight the Corona virus left every one more so myself high and dry.

Modiji addressed the Nation as usual at 8PM and announced lockdown from 12oclock the same night, leaving just four hours for people to catch up with any travel mode to reach one’s homes and be in the arms of their near and dear ones .

S h a r i k a ji thus got stranded at Bangalore and I realized that I have to row the boat of life alone to my destination safely.

Hush fell on the city rather the whole Country as a matter of sudden announcement .

The world was already reeling under lockdown for many weeks now, Wuhan in china, Italy ,Spain , London , New York ,California were blistering under the fatal spell of Corona virus Tsunami, killing thousands of people with no pittance or restrain.

I am now alone for last 39 days managing my lockdown a self quarantine on my own .I am an early riser from the age of early adolescence.

So likewise I wake up very early say 4.30 am to complete my morning ablutions and am well up dressed and done for the day by 7am.

First day in a bizarre situation like this one that too in absence of my dear wife was doggedly difficult.

More so e v e r the Society rightfully ordered domestic maids out of Society arena during the lock down period.


So I gathered my corporate wits to whittle down the survival plan to bare minimum at least initially to start up cooking operations.

So here I was .


I turned the gas stove on to make my breakfast.

I baked sandwich toasts with two boiled eggs and half kettle tea to start with ,put on the music on low tune to ward off the loneliness around.

I seemed to hear voices as though a small crowd gathered on the main road muttering loudly something but being warned off by the passing police jeeps to stay away from roads and soon the road was desolate and I returned to my table to finish my hot sandwiches.

I gobbled down my boiled eggs and nibbled at the remaining toasts ,sipping tea at leisure . Frankly telling you the toasts were over baked but never mind first day at making breakfast. I smiled to myself for a moderately success story.


Being a corporate man all my life ,having served for 47 years in industry in various capacities, I liked to have a fairly good Lunch comprising both veg and non-veg Culinary.

But currently a predicament I was in demanded a sound Lunch akin to bare minimum survival plan to pass away the torrid times.

I decided on a bowl of rice with lentils – dal and green vegetable , chutney or salad. Yes curd is very essential. A  Kashmiri  Pandit cannot survive without curds.

Dinner was on identical menu but occasionally egg curry is being added to garnish the tongue .

Simplification and Standisation

I use this tool of management for washing of Utensils and Cleaning , housekeeping operations.

For instance ,A big 6.50 litre cooker is used for cooking both lentils and vegetables and rice to minimise the use of utensils ,so on and so forth.

Similarly the principle is extended for house keeping operations.

Time Management

 All the facets of above operations are being completed from 8am to 12.30 pm., just four hours time bound programme.

Later on I devote my time to reading writing and some entertainment blues on TV.

These days the sun is up early say by 6.20am and the sky is remade shining ,the beams trickle down from the balcony windows and awash my mind and body .The night fears and loneliness gone far away .and I could hardly remember them.


I am on the wrong side of seventy two but with God’s grace healthy enough to carry the day peacefully progressively without vociferous cries of outrage and anger.

with experience at hand I have now become a good chef to tide over the adversities.

I Pray to Almighty to end the dark days world over and be kind to one and all.




  1. Oh Sir! After very long I read you and it was not what I wanted or expected to read. This lock down provides unique opportunity to all of us for self reflection. Everyone has story to tell. I will pray to Lord for your well being. Try writing frequently. We all love your writing!


  2. Very nice man’s adaptability to any situation wins the major portion of struggle.Lot of people will be facing the same scenario like yours. But I know you don’t crib over things but you find solutions to the challenges. Thats why you are evergreen hero of my life.


  3. It is not only the corporate and management qualities but the individual and independent capabilities of a person to remain well organised during adverse circumstances.
    We appreciate your patience and perfection during these dark days and being absolutely lonely.


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