While world is battling with Corona Virus ,China is limping back to near normalcy though shaky staggering one.

Yes a different normal but definitely to a normalcy.

After nearly ten weeks lockdown being confined to their apartments ,Wuhan ,the city of 11 million is back on its wheels into broad day light.

The trains both subway and intercity are back on the run. The shopping malls, and other trading centers are slowly coming into its own.

The city is agog with hustle and bustle but with difference, the masks being made mandatory to be worn every time without fail.

The business companies and their manufacturing units are back into top gear leaving nothing to any chance whatsoever in order to re-start the economy.

The Wuhan airport is buzzing with passengers moving in and out of the city on business and other purposes.

The city was on lock down since 23rd january2020to wage battle and control the spread of Corona virus at an alarming speed. The corona virus originated from this city itself. So the Chinese authorities isolated the city from rest of he country by ceiling all borders in coming to the city and out going as well, to arrest spreading of the contagious disease to other cities with alar c r i t y.

The Chinese political leaders claim to have won the war of Corona Virus and thus back on the job of resurrection of economic growth.

The task cut out to be no doubt a tough one but definitely conquerable.

Although The Hubei Vice Governor Cao Guangjin said while alerting ”we are acutely aware that we must not relax as we have not claimed final victory.” “we need to remain calm, and be just as cautious at the end as the beginning”, he further added.

courtesy. Reuters

In combating the Corona Virus in Wuhan ,the strict measures were taken immediately by way of lock-down, social distances, and other restrictions have finally paid off and probably the world is learning ,though hard way ,to annihilate the pandemic through their own modified curbs.

The USA has become the latest pandemic epicenter with New York bearing the major brunt of this epicenter at the moment.


Normal with Difference

The normal in china is different now. Workers used to work in china by sitting in close comity literary shoulder to shoulder in Beijing and other E-Commerce centers .

But now after Corona Virus the workers work in staggered shifts , maintaining social distances, wearing masks permanently for the present till a Vaccine is developed to conquer this Virus finally.

Every worker is supposed to fill in the health questionnaire every day compulsorily.

The combination of safety measures and the bouncing back of people from lock-downs of cities getting adjusted to the new norms enunciated by the Authorities.

For instance the people in quarantine must show green – coloured phone scans to confirm they have obtained certificate to the effect of Corona Virus free.

When the Corona Virus pandemic was raging in Wuhan , according to Mother Jones Magazine ,Chinese authorities did an exemplary job in containing and taming the onslaught of the Corona Virus by deploying thousands of staff in tracing the origin of Virus in Wuhan apart from manufacturing about one million kits a day, and building hospitals in days to isolate the virus afflicting patients from the normal ones.

Despite having a near victory over the Corona Virus there is still need to keep hawk eyed alert all the time.

Recently China reported nearly 108 new cases driven by rise of infected travellers arriving from different countries ,a new challenge to be faced by Beijing in containing second possible wave of COVID -19.


Unless the Vaccine is found not  only China but  the world could witness lock-downs for month together.

It is first time nearly 200 countries are fighting the Corona Virus .

97% of the US population is under lock down or shelter in place as the death toll of Corona Virus surges past 21000—the highest in the world.

India is fighting its own relentless battle against The deadly Virus.

The 21 –day lock -down is likely to end on14th April 2020, the Modi Govt is set to extend the Shelter In Homes for at least for a fortnight more.

With positive cases reaching past 9,220 ,the death toll at 332, the need to curb the on going surge of Virus India’s galloping race is being put to halt by all means by the Center and State Govts  .

However the Center is contemplating to reopen some of the businesses partially to put some daily wage earners to work.

But all are awaiting the much needed announcement any time from now onwards.

China is facing criticism that the Chinese Authorities did not let the world know about the Virulency of the deadly Corona Virus in time so that timely measures taken would have saved thousands of lives the world across. This covertly act on part of Chinese has been condemned by the comity of Nations in harsh words.

 China ,however, has unfastened its belts to surge ahead on its path to its reinvention after mitigating the problem of Corona Virus to a great extent.
























  1. Very illustrative article on the present day situation of the world . It is a fact that the only solution to the problem is to find out the vaccine which seems to take a long time yet. As concluded the lock down has its pros and cons but seems to be the only solution to save human lives all over the world.
    Really a very nice article


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