The acrimonious somersault of Jyotiraditya Scindia from the Congress party smelt of his betrayal to both, the Party that chiselled him to be an astute politician and to the peoples’ trust of Guna his home constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

A politician nurtured for 18 years with coveted union Ministry for many years, should choose to ditch the party to be in the opponent lap for an immediate political gains at a time when Congress Party needed him the most.

Mr Scindia’s actions have therefore established the fact that these so called ‘young political crop’ treat politics as a career and not essentially as ‘service to people ‘.

His short cryptic resignation letter amply signifies the above fact in the lines mentioned ” I move on “ in   the most casual manner despite the Party holding him in high esteem always.

The attitude of Mr Scindia is deplorable, too ambitious and also atrocious hence not good for him or the country as such in the long run.

He cannot inflict any harm on the Himalayan Congress Party.

No doubt The Kamal Nath government is in tizzy and scurrying for survival but the veteran leader like him would not lay down arms without a fight true to his temperament.

Grave Situation.

The Congress party is no doubt in grave situation as BJP is in process of destabilizing its elected governments through defections. It should worry the right thinking people of this country that such back door entrance could have far reaching implications on the Politics of India.

The situation has come to such a pass due to dithering of decisions to select/elect a new president in place of Rahul Gandhi, who resigned some eight months ago. the Congress is drifting in and unable to drag itself from its  vacillating whirlpool.

Rahul Gandhi has made it clear that the Party should elect President out of the bond of Gandhi family to reinforce sense of belonging for one and all and thereby ensuring a fair chance for the right person to demonstrate his or her ability to rejuvenate the party.

But unfortunately most of the talented leaders have little or no connection with grass roots. Being in power for long such leaders have lost their mass appeal and hence not either confident or not willing to take responsibility as prominent one of the President of the Congress .

Sonia Gandhi is still most authoritative leader with great appeal to steer the party to its rightful place.

Again Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia exit should be an alarm to rope in leaders available and new ones from diverse background who are wedded to the core ideology and willing to rise to the political call from time to time to uphold and afloat the congress party as the party of peoples’ aspirations.

Moreover Congress should sincerely address to the crises of organization ,leadership, ideology and decentralize some of its vital decision making bodies so that a strong feeling of belonging is infused in each and every cadre of the organization to propel it as a strong opposition in the present scenario.


 It is not going to be easy for Mr Scindia   to get into ideological foot prints of BJP as being its virulent opponent till recently both in Parliament and outside and needs to slog on for a considerable time to earn saffron kudos.

Secondly being a sub regional leader in his home state he will be not accepted in his new role easily to sail him off to his rightful destination.

The Congress needs to keep its flock together at a time when its ideological polarization is at loggerheads.



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