UDDHAV THACKERAY’S elevation to the office of Chief minister in extraordinary circumtances  and after a few weeks of political skulduggery in Maharashtra has  come to end .

Uddhav Thackeray finally took oath as chief minister yesterday evening amidst great attempts to subvert the unity of of NCP SHIVSENA CONGRESS alliance.

Thackeray will lead the Maha Vikas Aghadi – NCP Sena Congress post poll alliance ,having being sworn in front of huge crowd at Shivaji Park.

Shiv Sena was formed in 1966 by Bal Thackeray, the founder ,who passed away in 2012.

After nearly 53 years  Mr Uddhav Thackeray for the first time has finally ventured to throw the shackles of remote control away (shivsena controlled the levers of administration from 1995-1999 and 2014 -2019 from outside) and thus taking  himself a plunge to hold the reigns of administration directly in alliance with NCP and Congress , once long standing bitter foes but now friends to carry the political ship across the. angry seas to the safe shore.

Sharad Pawar , the architect of Sena-NCP-Congress alliance will have to play a pivotal role in cementing the alliance and Sena on its part will have to recalibrate its political ambitions by accommodating the interests of allies in order to complete the full term amicably for the progress of the people of state.

It is a matter of paradox that Sena infamous for making arm twisting unconstitutional statements ,has been espousing for the Constitution and its lofty principles. A complete transformation ,may be good for the Indian politics in the long run.

BJP Blinks

 BJP failed to gauge the changing mood and moves of its three decade ally Sena . Shiv Sena under Uddav Thackeray has lately undergone metamorphasis , embracing secularism and pluralism ,thereby, doing away with the cloak of Hindutva for good.

BJP again gambled upon aligning with Ajit Pawar,a knave shrewd politician, doing somersaults not once but twice thus forcing the power lusty Chief Minister Devender Fadnavis to resign ,amid tumultuous month long political drama, even before facing assembly floor test.

Meanwhile Anti corruption Bureau dropped all cases against Ajit Pawar during 80 hour acrimonious nocturnal act ,going down in Maharashtra political history as a black blot.

Ajit Pawar has since returned to the Sharad Pawar -led party,leaving bruised BJP to fend for itself thereby damaging the much earned credibility of good administration of Devender Fadnavis as chief Minister of the state.


The CMP of   Shiv Sena –NCP-Congress alliance partners uphold commitment to the secular values enshrined in the Constitution ,a great feat of achievement to promote the development of Maharashtra state .


The CMP (Commom Minimum Promme) announced by Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress   Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) offers glimmer of hope to ASHA ( Accredited Social Health Activist) and Anganwadi workers ,who run all the health Programmes on the ground, in promisingto augument their honourium and the service facilities.

Currently there are 70,000 ASHA workers . They propagate as many as 73 health programmes on the ground earning   around Rs 1,500 on the programme, twith an additional 1,500 for record maintenance.

CMPoffers to increase the wages by minimum Rs 2000 .

In addition CMP has offered health Insurance cover every citizen along with One Rupee health Clinics at Taluka level.


 To provide immediate Financial assistance to the Farmers suffering as a matter of untimely recent rains and floods., Loan waiver, crop insurance , remunerative prices and adequate permanent water system to the draught affected areas.


 Uddhav Thackeray Govt promises to fill in all vacant posts with immediate effect, Fellowship to unemployed youth and other measuresincluding enacting a law ensuring 80% reservation of jobs for local domicile people.

To provide educational loans to youth especially of weaker sections at zero percent interests .

Coordination committee

There will be two coordination committees, one for coordination within the State Cabinet and the other for coordination among the alliance partnersto foter smooth running of the state Govt machinery.


The CMP preamble ensures commitment to the secular values and work assiduously to provide development to the state in an earnest manner.

The CMP provides no room for its allies to whither away in different directions but to work strictly within its drawn framework and thus work for all sections of society.Both the Sena and its chief will be under sever scrutiny for how they use the alliance to propel the Govt amicably for full term keeping in view the ultimate welfare of people. of the state. A difficult job but not impossible to move on with grand glory.










4 thoughts on “MAHARASHTRA CONUNDRUM by BrijKaul

  1. The present government in Maharashtra is a combination of parties with different ideology. Its existence will depend on how they sincerely regard their common minimum programme. Time will decide.
    Nicely concluded article.


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