Life is a blizzard


love and laughter

the  peals  of laughter

could be heard and echoed

all along.

Life is a bubbling youth

sensuous serene like hyacinth

emitting scintillating


Do not look behind

the fog and smoke may

engulf  you a captive

of  past repugnant


Even donot look  sideways

you may

be  caught in the melee of past

 Cravings Crimes

Keep moving forward  with the

Present  pleasant times

Life  not a static one  instead moving

on a rapid pace

just to conquer and succeed

the race

to the  desired place..

                                                     Donot look behind

the dark clouds may

push you deep down

into the labyrinth  of


Soar on to the blues of the


along with the wind and birds

flying high

delving deep into the

  fathom of the universe

17 thoughts on “LIFE A BLIZZARD

  1. Thanks for reading my poem and liking it .
    Life is a mirror and one sees one’s reflection so be smiling always


  2. We must always live the present life with grace and dignity, without any impressions of the past memories.
    A very nice poem with the theme of living a positive life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Life is a blizzard ” the poem talks out itself as a hurricane which generally disturbs the atmosphere of tranquillity & poise … it Comes in the life of everybody…..the life itself adjusts to such happenings with equinamity and poise ….but leaves behind memories of angst & tribulations…..making life a challenge to be faced ….. it adds Grace to one’s moments of FEAR, deprivation & failures …… The Poet suggests this impliedly in graceful diction & style ….
    ……… BHUSHAN….


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