Dal  lake  in  Morning Sun rays      THE CITY OF THE SUN                                                    

 I love my city immensely

The city of the Sun.


In the morning Sunshine

Crimson cool but sublime

Sprakling the snow capped cliffs

of the faraway mountains

The river

Refracts the sunrays falling

on to the shimmering placid


The quietness is broken by the leap splash

Of the roaming frisking birds

A growling leopard

The village folks singing songs


rowing rickety boats

With their daily wares.

To sell..

I love my city so adorable

The city of the Sun.

adorned by the Natural beauty


Turquoise waterfalls ,lakes with

Green pastures carpeted

all over with glorious

Fruit, flora and fauna

I love my city so immensely

The city of the Sun

Waking up

To the agog of its early risers

Leaping up on to their regular


Peddling off their bike


to the Tongas’ honking horns

Cars fleeting with a screech

And the scores of peddlers humming

Melodies of  the taste


melted into the city crowds.

for the love of their


I love my city immensely

The city of the Sun.

8 thoughts on “THE CITY OF THE SUN.

  1. Again a very beautiful poem. Dal lake is itself a beauty and definitely the author has great love for it. The poem has been written from the core of heart and recalling the memories of past.


  2. The Poem is still as if the writer has experienced it yesterday. The force of Nostalgia is speaking through the Words & that is the Power of the poem! ….. The Poem is envisioned as a’ Reverie ‘ .sweet and beautiful !
    …….. The Dal lake in a Sun city is ‘ Something ‘ to WATCH !!!
    ALAS the city has become…. a place of ‘ gore & bang ‘ ….. Don’t KNOW when will this VIOLENCE … STOP ???


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