The recent five Assembly state elections have brought big discernible gains to the Congress Party , winning three main Hindi speaking states , thus breaking up BJP’s aura of invincibility significantly.

The Congress is back with a bang under its leader Rahul Gandhi ,hitherto an object of derision and mockery, has demonstrated his leadership acumen and established his political claim as a serious credible alternative face in Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Starting with Gujrat by fighting fierce election battle visa vis Mr Narender Modi and Amit shah on their home turf ,Rahul Gandhi strategized skillfully to regain power in Karnataka.

And now won with pride the three Hindi heartland states, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.


Contrary to BJP Rahul Gandhi has struck a right chord by maintaining an appreciable balance between old Congress stalwarts and the new emerging leaders giving thereby adequate roles to one and all to forge ahead in strengthening the Party from the grass roots.

He has been digging new popular leaders from the lower strata of the party to be groomed for bigger roles in the near future. These leaders are chosen from every state ,an important step in the direction of making Congress Party self reliant one.

The reasons for the BJP losing election in all the five state assemblies could be to some extent attributed to the pursuit of its divisive agenda ,but also largely to not providing jobs to the restless educated youths of the country.

The youths have been important vehicle for motivating voters in 2014 elections for supporting Narender Modi who had promised abundance of   jobs and “Ache Din” for the Nation .

The other reason could be constant acrimonious personalized attacks on Rahul Gandhi and Nehru Gandhi family by no other leader than Prime Minister Narender Modi himself.

These invectives made Rahul combative one but did not speak the language of hatred ,instead addressed himself  to the problems of farmers, unemployed and the other underdogs of economic disparity,  thus winning hearts and votes both.

The hateful chastisement unleashed on Rahul has in realty invoked sympathy for him in the public eye.And more so ever the public in general cannot dismiss , forget the great sacrifices and positive contributions made to the growth of the Nation by the great leaders like Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

Prime Minister Modi has not ,perhaps, understood the real psyche of the Indian voter who primarily supported him and aligned with BJP for its development commitment but were dismayed to find nothing concrete happening even after being in office for four and half years .

The large number of voters have no affinity for the Hindutva politics of Modiji. They have definitely shifted their support as their hopes of economical revival have been belied .and not adhered to .

Also promises made at the time of 2014 elections for bringing major positive transformation in the country administration have not been fulfilled.

For a large section of people the issues of good livelihood ,good governance ,affordable housing, good roads form the electoral decisions rather than religion or culture.

Democracy provides options to change and thus people choose the best from the alternatives to suit to the demands of the time and society.



To base the current results as any indication for 2019 elections may be overrated but it does open up new vistas for the Congress and opposition to pride upon to work for better results in  the coming Lok Sabha elections .

For BJP it is  dire need to save the 2014 support base rather than resting on Mr Modi’s popularity which in any case has been dented largely.

What it needs to do is to shun the war of attrition and rework on its Hindutva plank .

BJP needs to make leadership of Modiji as dominant issue and forge alliance with diverse political interests.






  1. The assembly ELECTION in 5 State of the country just before NATIONAL elections were not only premonitions , good or bad for FUTURE of the COUNTRY but also for Political parties .
    BJP & it’s bigger than life sized LEADER must not be AMUSED … as he was contemplating to RULE for 50 years ….as per his PARTY President. & THEY ENVISAGED a CONGRESS ‘MUKHT’ Bharat .which didn’t Happen. The Writer in his piece , has brought forward this EXPOSITION of ELECTION results.
    The Event of ELECTION & it’s results has strengthened the FAITH of PEOPLE in DEMOCRACY ,CONSTITUTION & IDEA of INDIA…..for all faiths , CASTES ,classes & Denominations …!!!

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  2. Bullseye… Perfect analysis of Assembly elections. Rahul has really fought well, inspite of all the personal attacks. This shows that he has it in his blood. A true politician as his parents and grandparents.
    However, he needs to analyse the results with little more care. There is still good number of voters who are still supporting BJP and looking at the anti incumbency in 3 states INC should have got more votes.
    With general election round the corner INC and Rahul needs to continue the hardwork with equal zeal or more to make serious dent in BJP vote share.

    As always,I neither support INC or BJP, but all in all the results of assembly election are good for democracy.

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  3. It is sad to hear that Mr. Modi has not been successful in battling poverty. It is a shame that delegates to the UN climate conference from my own country would not admit that US actions are more harmful to the environment than those of the poorer nations. This article highlights India and I thought of you, my friend Brij. I totally support the idea of “climate finance,” for the US and others to pay poor countries for damaging their climate. You will find this to be some good reading.

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