South Africa

 South Africa’s ruling party ANC (African National Congress) Chairman Gweda Mantashe supported the Party’s controversial plans to re-possess land from white farmers who possess land more than 30,000 acres individually , the excess land to be redistributed among the black citizens.

Speaking to south Africa’s News 24 ,Gweda further explained that the step is being taken as a conciliatory gesture in recognition of the Colonial oppression of black citizens under apartheid.

According to UK’s Express News , Mantashe said  a constitutional amendment will be required before enforcing the act of re-possessing excess land from the white farmers.

Currently black people of South Africa possess only 4% of the private land while 72% is owned by the whites , and 24% by other ethnic groups.

While some hail it as correcting historical wrongs , imbalances heaped on black Africans ,others fear that similar Programme in Zimbabwe destroyed its economy.

The issue of land distribution is very emotive over a period of two decades in South Africa after apartheid.

However AfriForum’s leader Ian Cameron warned the plans to seize land from farmers would spark “anarchy”.

AfriForum is an organization in SouthAfrica founded in 2006 to work for solidarity of trade union.

AfriForum leader Ian Cameron reacted angrily saying, “ we are heading for   state of anarchy if something does not change drastically .There are places where the police simply refuse to act. They do not know the law well enough or refuse to apply it to logical reasoning when it comes to defending people’s property.”

The South African President   Mr Cyril Ramaphosa however refuted the fears by saying “there is no need to panic and start beating the war drums “.


Chile is lately surging with the influx of immigrants — 4,60,000 in 2015 to nearly 2 million last year as per voice of America.

The figure is more than double what Germany had in 2015 when refugees poured in .

In Chile the immigrants form 7% of the population.

It may sound intriguing a bit , but Chile, Continent’s wealthiest per capita country is home to the largest Palestinian community outside the Middle East.

As US President  Mr Trump blew the bugle to curb immigration ,the other Latin American richest country opened its arms to welcome the region’s poorest migrants with full gusto.

The Chile’s ageing population and the age old cultural of readily accepting newcomers ,thereby assimilating them  in the mainstream, are some of the factors that made Chile to welcome the migrants without rancor or remorse.

The Palestinians by dint of their hardwork have risen to be extremely prosperous and influential ones both in politics as well as industry.

Chile has been the fast growing economies in Latin America in the recent decades. Reduced poverty from 26 %% to 7.9 between 2000 to 2015.

Due to decline in copper prices the GDP fell from 6.7% in 2015 to 1.6% in 2016.

But as copper prices increase again GDP is expected to be on its proper rail soon.

In order to reduce its dependency on the copper exports Chile is diversifying its immigration policy to be technological driven in order to be technical hub in south America

Hence Chile new visa system for technocrats and enterpreneurs make the country more attractive.

Thus just to hedge its bets by diversifying its economy the START UP Chile began slowly in 2010 and now has gained more traction for 2017. As a result more than 1300 STARTUPS already in operation in different fields in eight years.

The President of Chile, Mr Sebastian Pinare is determined to invite the US giants Apple ,Google ,Amazon to make investments and help  build up Chile an economic giant of South America.


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    1. Thanks. That is what I am ,a man of different tastes but with large heart . My blog is replica of myself and always insightful with various topics ranging from poetry to politics, essays of general topics and above all I write for all to enjoy.Thanks for following me.


  1. The article contains important informations of various countries which one must know. Your studies and knowledge gives us readymade and to the point information. We enjoy your all articles.

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    1. A great tribute to me from a revered one like you. I do a lot of reading on various world issues and later try to reproduce some events in my own style.Thanks for following me.


  2. Koul sahib, ur article enriches me of knowing the world and its people. Simply too good and insightful but I wonder when it comes to us (as Indians ) we react differently e.g Rohingyas WHY

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    1. we are a breed with narrow perception of life. like a cat we want to keep everything to ourselves .3% KPS want to rule 97% in kashmir. and if not blame Nehruji.
      Nehru created enmity with China for giving asylum to Dalai Lama but recently Dalai lama was blaming Nehru for partition of India and praising Jinnah instead. After barrage of opposition by all( including myself) through twitters Dalai Lama apologised .


  3. Cyril Ramaphosa needs to catch a wake up. Yes, distribute land, freely, equably but within the law without disharmony, bloodshed or out right theft. Paying a pittance for land is not on, be fair I say. As for people who just take land, camp on it and make it theirs, that is illegal and needs to be addressed.

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