BJP –PDP Alliance in Jeopardy

 With imposition of Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir for the eight time in last forty years Peace has finally eluded Kashmir once again.

BJP –PDP alliance limped around for three years and finally doomed when the Union Government pulled the rug off on 19th june 2018, leaving the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti with no alternative but to resign and fend for herself in the prevailing situation.

Thus came the end of an alliance with divergent political ideologies , forged essentially to bring peace and tranquility to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

BJP squarely placed the blame of failure on PDP and the general secretary Ram Madhav told reporters “ continuance in the government had become untenable –responsibility for this kind of scenario lies on the other side.” “ keeping in mind the larger interest of India’s integrity and security , keeping in mind the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of India, in order to bring control over the situation prevailing in the state, we have decided that it is time the reins of power in the state be hand over to the Governor.” Mr Ram Madhav continued.

BJP cited growing radicalism ,terrorism and violence as the reasons of pulling out of the alliance without assigning reasons for the increase thereby.

Mehbooba Mufti after resigning as chief minister blamed BJP’s for the break up of alliance and said while addressing the media “ we are convinced that a muscular policy will never work and the only way forward is our healing touch poicy –Kashmir is not an enemy territory.” “We did everything that we could manage to do to address the situation on the ground.” She said “ we did not stitch this alliance for power. We did it for the object of offer of dialogue ,unilateral ceasefire ,and for the peace of the valley.”

Mehbooba while defending her good intentions she said on Tuesday soon after her resignation as Chief Minister   “we negotiated an agenda of alliance where we ensured that BJP scaled down . for example we persuaded them to maintain status quo on Article 370 and Article 35-A .That was part of our agenda alliance. We defended (article 370) inside the court too. We ensured our Govt government defends Article 35A in the court”

‘’ we pushed for a policy of reconciliation and convinced (Centre) to grant amnesty to 11000 youth booked for stone pelting .”

It was contended by people of jammu that they voted overwhelmingly for BJP in assembly elections so that the BJPcould fulfill the promise of abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A .

Article 370 grants special status to J&K ,article 35-A denotes special powers to its legislature to define its permanent residents and make laws/provisions for giving them special rights and concessions.

The BJP had been vigorously advocating for abrogation of these two articles and during election campaigns promised to have a public discussion on the same.But once in power with an alliance with PDP it chose to maintain stoic silence and do nothing about it.

The Jammu people got annoyed and saw BJP ‘s helplessness before its partner PDP ,after Mehbooba Mufti warned and said that anyone interfering with these two articles ,”there wont be anyone to even shoulder the National tricolor in the state.”

With the law and order situation worsening in Kashmir day in and day out ,BJP found it difficult to justify ,manage to the agreed to concessions ,like recent ceasefire, amnesty to 11000 stone pelters ,as agreed in agenda of alliance.

This might have been one of the many reasons for BJP to come out of the alliance .

My Conclusions

 It is painful for BJP to have lost an opportunity for good to bring positive change in the J&K state , it will be no exaggeration to admit that the gamble failed miserably because of the clash of ideologies, leaving the state in a worse state, communally more polarized than ever before.

With no concrete policy on Kashmir , BJP’s vacillating approach cost the severance of the alliance formed with good intentions of bringing lasting peace to the state of   J&K.

 After governing the state in alliance with PDP ,BJP must have understood that Kashmir is a different cup of tea and needs threadbare approach to resolve the knotty  tangle and  hence resorted to Governor’s rule a euphemism for direct rule by the Central Government.

 Now a weary long path to tread upon in order to wean away the youth from radicalism ,and to woo the alienated citizens to attune for the national cause.

 But having said so nothing is difficult if intentions for the peace and wellbeing of people is genuinely pursued by the  Govt of India.

The GOI (government of India) needs to think out of box.

 By enforcing policy of reconciliation ,(talks with all stakeholders including separators ) through the acceptable independent interlocutors from civil society to re-engage for talks   could be a stepping stone to the process   of peace in the valley .

The interlocutors should not be representatives of the govt in the current situation ,lacking the credibility.

 No doubt the Military operations should be enforced to root out militancy ,but simultaneously the Military border Helpline should be initiated to resolve the problems of civilians at hand and thus present the forces as friends not foes only.

The forces should be amply educated that they are operating to quell terrorism in their own territory not enemy territory and be extra alert not to persecute the innocent citizens.

This compassionate gesture should go a long way in building up confidence to help the alienated citizens to lay trust in the forces and rise to the occasion  in case of any eventuality. That is what we should aim at, the engagement of people in the development and growth of J&K State.Nothing of such sort has been attempted by the govt ,both State as well as the Centre .

The rhetorics  Insaniyat , Kashmiriyat  and  Jhamhuriat  should be given the go once for all.These do not  hold any water now.








10 thoughts on “PEACE ELUDES KASHMIR

  1. Frankly, the alliance of BJP and PDP was a big mistake. The alliance and now the breakup shows BJP’S opportunistic politics. To parties with totally opposite agendas had come together just to be in power. In last 3 to 3.5 years of alliance rule in state there was hardly any positive development that we can lay our fingers on.. on the contrary the situation in the state has worsen. Now keeping any eye on the national elections BJP decided to pull the plug.

    It’s another opportunity that was there for BJP which they have failed to capatilize…

    Anyways, as far as your blog it’s as always balanced and good read. Keep it up…


  2. Your blog is apt .But i feel it should have also thrown light on Ram Madhavs observation that during the last two years there is radicalization of kashmiri youth without explaining cause of it. Therefore needs ur comments/ observation / .


  3. Two parties having different idealogi should have not allowed to emerge as one party to rule the state. It was expected.


  4. The BJP -PDP ALLIANCE WAS untenable from very beginning.But BJP was keen to form govt and it did fail to bring any change therein .On the contrary the conditions in the state worsened .
    BJP should realise that they have tousethe stick of compassion in order to restore confidence of people of the state.


  5. It is true that the ideology of these two parties of BJP and PDP are very divergent and can not form any tenable alliance. The results of such alliance have damaged a lot to Kashmir and the situation seems to be very serious now.
    some drastic positive steps as concluded in the article need to be taken to bring peace in Kashmir but it will take a long time for restoring normacy .


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