Kashmir is on the edge again and there is no hope in the horror of anger and violence ,following the stone – pelting incident on the school bus in Shopian ,leaving a child with a fracture on the skull.

The incident drew sharp reactions from parents and the authorities who questioned stone- pelting on school buses.

The chief Minister Mehbooba ,instead of showing grit to address to the problem from fresh angle to halt the menace,dismissed it as “senseless cowardly act”.

The incident has unified the mainstream parties and separators in sampling condemning the act of targeting school buses. But nothing beyond that. They did not explore possibilities of stopping the stone –peltors to target the school buses in future.

The  belligerent Kashmiri has taken resort to age old stone-pelting to combat the mighty State forces and the Indian armed forces ,least caring to get shot back with lethal pellet guns.

The Wednesday morning incident,the horrible attack on the school bus by the stone-peltors ,has provided ammunition to the those opposing the amnesty the State government provided to those against whome case have been registered for stone pelting.(approximately 4,600 individuals covered from 2008 to 2014.)

Militants struck in Shopian on Sunday killing five militants including missing Kashmir University assistant professor Dr Mohammad Rafi Bhat . Professor Rafi Bhat was missing since Friday.

The other militants were identified by the police as Bilal Ahmad Mohand ,Adil Ahmad,and Tausif Ahmad, all from south of Kashmir.

Mohd Rafi Bhat called his father on Sunday morning and said”I am sorry ,I made mistakes.Going to meet Allah” He was trapped with his four top militant Hizbul Mujhadeen commanders in Shopian.

Interestingly  we are supposed to  believed Prof Rafi had joined the militant group only  36 hours before his death in encounter.                      Source Indian Express

It is hard to believe that  Prof Rafi might have joined militancy recently keeping in mind the family background. Earlier his two cousins were militants ,one was killed in 1992 gunfight and other one in 1994 encounter near borderof POK .

Shopian has become the hub of militant operation for pretty longtime and the militants are very actively in enticing youth to join militant ranks .

The encounter has sparked widespread violent protests in Shopian and adjoining towns of Kulgam Pulwama.

Whenever there is an encounter of such a large scale ,some civilians get injured and this time too indeed a number of civilians got injured and five of them succumbed to the their injuries .The other twenty were treated immediately.

The death toll has risen to 17 in last 36 hrs leaving enough anger to keep Kashmir simmering again.

Time to Act

The Center needs finally to put on thinking cap and re address itself to resolving Kashmir impasse with broad -based dialogue.

It is for sure that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has been calling for “political intervention” time and again.

The Centre must stop the daily occurrence of violence with great determination and resort to serious dialogue in Kashmir with all relevant political forces without further delay.

The young people are getting caught in the vortex of violence and it is high time for Centre to arrest the rot, otherwise Kashmir might slip deep down back in time.




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12 thoughts on “KASHMIR ON THE EDGE

  1. Hapless Kashmiris? Are you serious? Stone pelters becomes hapless. These type of liberal narration has made the Kashmir menace perennial.
    Professor joined militants and got killed within 36 hours of joining … Can anyone with little bit of sense will accept it? In 36 hours ones ideology has taken a firm shape to the extent that he is ready to sacrifice his life for that cause. I am wondering that if a terrorist continued his job as a professor for way to long…


    1. YES you are right A militant cannot be for 36 hrs only but the reference to this professor has been shown in media as such ,though he could have been in the string for long.


  2. We need to stop calling them miltants…its too mild a name. They are terrorists and if the roots had been cut in 90s this menace would not have grown to become a tree.


    1. Yes may be by calling them terrorist or militant ,the aim is to take violent intimidation and action to impose violence to achieve a cause.in either case the action demands counter action so that the peace is restored. We have a habit of going into past ,currently the Govt needs to take constrctive action to retain kashmiras part of India.Thanks for your valuable comments


  3. The situation in Kashmir has turned ugly now since two years. The number of local millitants has increased and the local support also. It is an alaraming position . Govt. does not seem to be serious in understanding the basic problems. By using force without positive direction seems to be a futile exercise.
    Sir your article is very much relevant for necessary steps to be taken by the Govt for early resolution and trust building measures .


  4. I think in Kashmir, the religion is ruling more than patriotism.The person is trapped in the tragedy, he can not understand whether the country is big or the religion. Whenever the country is weak, the name of religion is erased, people still are unaware and Everyday are embracing death.


  5. A timely article on deteriorating conditions of Kashmir.
    The Centrre has to Ct and bring confidence of ofpeople back in the indian administrative machinery designed for their welfare


  6. Kashmir has been a problem since India’s independence.
    Earlier it is realized , better it is.Both contending PARTIES are showing signs of one upmanship ….to the detriment of PEOPLE of the state ….natives or DISPLACED.
    …WE can’t build our PATRIOTISM at the cost of people of the state ..
    The WRITER being deeply AWARE about UNPLEASANT fact wants a SOLUTION to the PROBLEM desperately….
    …being a KASHMIRI.
    ..Heartily welcome such objective write-up….!!!


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