India’s battered image , has taken a further dip following the infamous rape incidents of Kathua and Unnao .These Rape cases have hit the headlines of all National and International Papers (N.Y.Times,Gaurdian, Washington Times)

.We have ceased to be a Nation with a heart overflowing with the milk   of human kindness

We ,as nation ,gleefully indulge in unthinkable crimes against women irrespective of age and have a cheek to deny these on one pretext or other.

The perpetrators of the crimes of rape are aware that the criminal Justice system has become ineffective because of either  delayed action or  political indulgence of vested interested politicians .

In Kathua , jammu &Kashmir ,the victim reported to be 8-year old girl from Bakerwal Gujjar community was allegedly held captive in a temple and drugged, gang raped and later killed to hush up the matter. The main accused was reported to be the caretaker of the temple ,who connived with other two police officers allegedly taking hefty amount to destroy the crucial evidence.

This ghastly incident took place in January 2018.

The State Police acted promptly and the main accused surrendered in March 2018.

The Hindu Ekta Manch(led by a BJP leader) led rallies joined by two BJP ministers,to transfer the case to CBI for enquiry. The two BJP ministers were ordered to resign in April 2018.

The New York Times carried the news promptly ;

“In India, the rape and killing of an 8-year-old Muslim girl has led to protests across the country. But in the Hindu village where she was killed, people have lined up behind the accused men.

Our correspondent writes, “India remains so deeply divided along religious, ethnic and political lines that even a crime this awful instantly gets politicized, sucked into the vortex of a never-ending communal war.” Hindus demanding the investigation shift to a federal agency widely seen as a tool of the country’s governing party, which is deeply rooted in Hindu nationalism.

Scholars say it’s hard not to see the girl’s killing as part of an ominous pattern. According to a recent analysis, hate crimes have risen sharply against Muslims and lower-caste Hindus.” [New York Times]


In Unnao ,UttarPradesh , the victim was 17 -year old gang raped by a person( BJP MLA) and his accomplices way back in June 2017.

The girl and her father wrote to the Chief Minister for lodging an FIR against the MLA and his brother. After dilly- dallying over the matter for months together, the father was harassed and allegedly threatened to withdraw the case, refusing to do so he was allegedly beaten and picked up by police and sent to judicial custody on April 5 2018. Tired by the sorry state of affairs, the victim and her family made immolation attempt outside the Chief Minister’s residence .The case thus came to public limelight.

The father of the victim died in the hospital.

Under the public pressure the brother of MLA was finally arrested and the case handed over to the CBI for thorough investigation.


Today India stands as chastised,bruised country.

We are a broken nation on religious, ethnic and political lines . Disgusted and shaken we stand stupefied even to understand the gravity of the state of affairs .

The Govt at the Centre is a mute spectator and allows the muddy water to flow with no intention to arrest the rot .

The beloved Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has failed to take a moral stand and is most likely captive in the hands of his detractors.

He hardly rises to the occasion on such sensitive situations and has often failed to demonstrate his leadership acumen to challenge such incidents with firm hands.He has   not shown any grit to stand up to quell the trouble  in the present situation as well.

The Govt either has not shown firm will to bring the culprits to book ,instead allowed the situation to no return point.

The Prime Minister Mr Modi’s silence is costly for him as well as for the unity and integrity of the nation.

His vacillation and indifference to these sensitive issues clearly demonstrates his lack of leadership qualities to arrest or mend the damage done.

The Prime Minister must understand he needs take a stand even at this late stage by reprimanding the rapists with severe punishments to restore confidence in the people and Nation too.

Let me make it clear Mr Modi’s failure to gear up to situations requiring moral and ethical stand, speaks volumes of his leadership deficit.


















16 thoughts on “INDIA’S BATTERED IMAGE

      1. Sir! Do write some solutions to this menace…Rape report statistics shows some different pictures. We have less number of rape incidence than that of US and Europe..

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      2. That does not justify us to rape minors. the situation is alarming for that matter we have become insensitive to such inhuman acts. It is not question of religion politics but where has gone our humanity. we are great nation with 80percent Hindus and Hinduism means compassion towards one we have drenched ourselves in bigotry.the solution is awakening our souls to love humanity.

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      3. Where did I justify raping? Minor or adult, rape is a rape, a henious crime, which probably no religion will sanction!
        But the way you and section of media is trying to portray, sorry to say, is deplorable.
        A crimnal is a criminal, why you want to add the term Hindus to it? If some Terrorist attacks our nation do we like to address them as someone from some religion..No.
        Then why in this case?


      4. Iam trying. to tell what actually has happened. I say my religion Hinduism is supreme to detest and fight such criminals. these crimes. but some people Hindu Manch for instance are defending the accused. why. Unless we bring facts to light ,solution cannot be sought.Anyway Rape is a crime and need to be curbed.

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  1. Very timely article on the atrocities being perpetrated on the innocent daughters of India across the nation mostly minors.The people gave become insensitive to such crimes.The Gov’t needs to take stern action


  2. These ugly incidents occurred much befor BJP rule. How can one forget the sad case of Nirbhaya? There was no Mr Modi as PM then. Or when Geeta Chopra was raped and killed..again no BJP government As kids I remember my mother was scared to let me go out alone and did not hire male servants. Now atleast the government has approved highest penalty for rapists. Our country’s legal system causes delay in justice. ..once rapist is hanged with no delay in will shake up the lurking potential rapist.

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    1. Thanks for your comments. we hold Modi’s divide policy on basis of religion responsible for the increase in crimes against women especially minors. MODI is silent and has become prisoner of decisions and he is prime minister of all indians and not of Hindus only. But I respect your view point.

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  3. The more a person raises his voice the more you feel he is weak or guilty and trying to hide behind his words. Let us wait and watch what the silence by our PM means. Silence is golden!


  4. A very good article and very much relevant to prevailing situations in India. You have rightly mentioned regarding the bad reputation of our country and it needs strict implementation of law and order and also will of the government. Crime is crime irrespective of any religion.
    Your article is worth reading and specific to heinious crimes of raps taking place so frequently.


  5. I am glad PM Modi met with President Xi. I hope they will broker a better peace along the border. Our leaders greatest concern should be our safety from violent acts and injury.


      1. some leaders want to impress upon their people with belligerent attitude towards neighbours to show their might.
        China’s leaders are not trustworthy at least India has poor opinion about the leadership.

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