Last week in his widely blistering speech in  Parliament on February 7th2018 , Prime Minister Narender Modi set the tone for Nehru vs Patel rhetoric, denying Nehru his due by singling out him and the Congress Party responsible for the Partition of the Country.{desh ke tukde kiya}.

His pet aversion for Nehru led him to brazenly argue that Patel was denied to become the Congress Chief , eventually the first Prime Minister of India, claiming would have been definitely a better choice than Mr Nehru .Mahatma Gandhi knew well Pt Nehru was highly educated, young dynamic tallest political leader of India at the time and he preferred him to Sardar Patel in all probabilities.

The speech as per veteran Congress leader MP Dr Shashi Tharoor  was   “a farrago of distortions”.

Pt Jawaharlal Nehru proved his credentials by winning the Parliamentary elections in 1952,1957,1962 in straight sets with two thirds majority each time proving Mahatma Gandhi’s trust in his leadership and statesmanship for good.

With these three elections Mr Nehru was able to demonstrate to the world the institutionalisation of strong democracy in India at a time when democracies essentially collapsed in developing world like house of cards.

The greatness and popularity of Pt Jawahar lal Nehru was insurmountable in India and across the world., hence could not be gauged by any gadget and it is beyond the comprehension of the present generation to fathom the veracity ,magnanimity of his greatness, compassion and love for the nation.



Mr Nehru and S a r d a r Patel were colleagues, co-workers and worked together in uniting India and had tremendous coordination patriotism and welfare of the people uppermost in their hearts and minds.

Soon after Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination the two leaders resolved to work in unison for fighting the disruptive elements for the good of the country .

A glance over the correspondence between S a r d a r Patel and Mr Nehru reveals how deeply they respected and trusted each other to carry on the task at hand in building new India.

Nehru to Patel


New Delhi



My dear Vallabbbhai.

 When B a p u was alive we had hoped to meet him and discuss various matters that had troubled us somewhat.

You will remember our correspondence. In my last letter I had expressed the hope that, inspite of certain differences of opinion and temperament ,we should continue to pull together as we had done for so long. This was ,I was glad to find, Bapu’s final opinion also.

Now, with Bapu’s death ,everything is changed and we had to face a different and more difficult world. The old controversies have ceased to have much significance and it seems to me that the urgent need of the bout is for all of us to function as closely and cooperatively as possible. Indeed there is no other way.

I have been greatly distressed by the persistence of whispers and rumours about you and me magnifying out of all proportion any differences we have.

This has spread to foreign ambassadors and foreign correspondents; mischief makers take advantage of this and add to it. Even the services are affected and this is bad. we must put end to this mischief.

It is over a quarter of century since we have been closely associated with one another and we have faced many storms and perils together. I can say with full honesty that during this period my affection and regard for you have grown and I do not think anything can happen to lessen this.

Even our differences have brought out the far greater points of agreement between respect and us we bear to each other.

We have even learnt to agree to differ and yet carry on together.

Anyway, in this crisis that we have to [ face] now after Bapu’s death I think it is my duty and if I may venture to say ,yours also for us to face it together as friends and colleagues.

Not superficially but in full loyalty to one another and with confidence in each other. I can assure you that you will have that from me .If I any have doubt or difficulty I shall put it frankly to you and I hope you will do the same to me.

I had hoped to have a long talk with you, but we are terribly pressed for time that we can hardly see each other in private for long. Some time or other , soon I hope ,we shall have this talk and remove any misunderstandings or misapprehensions that may have arisen. Such talks are necessary from time to time. Meanwhile I do not wait for this talk and hence this letter which carries with it my affection and friendship for you.


Yours affectionately



 Patel to Nehru

 New Delhi

February 5 1948

My dear Jawaharlal.

 I am deeply touched, indeed overwhelmed by the affection and warmth of your letter of 3 February. I fully and heartily reciprocate the sentiments you have feelingly expressed.

 We both have been life long comrades in a common cause. The paramount interests of our country and our mutual love and regard ,transcending such differences of outlook and temperament as existed, have led us together.

Both of us have stuck passionately to our respective points of view or methods of work; still we have always sustained unity of heart which has stood many a stress and strain and which has enabled us to function jointly both in the Congress and in the Government.

Recent events had made me very unhappy and I had written to Bapu when I was going to Bombay appealing to him to relieve me but his death changes everything and the crisis that has overtaken us must overtaken us a fresh realization of how much we have achieved together and the need for further joint efforts on our grief-stricken country’s interests.

 I had the good fortune to have a last talk with him for over an hour just before his death and he communicated to me what had passed between you and him as well as his talk with H.E [Mountbatten] .He had also fixed an appointment to meet both of us the next day. His opinion also binds us both and I can assure you I am fully resolved to approach my responsibilities and obligations in this spirit.

I agree with you that we must find more time for mutual consultations so that we can keep each other informed of and in touch with you , what is happening and we can thus resolve any points of difference that may arise.

We should also find an early opportunity to have a long talk and clear our minds of any doubts and difficulties that may be there.

Continued harping our differences in the public or private is bad for us, bad for the services and bad for the country. The sooner we set this at rest once for all and clear the murky atmosphere the better.



Vallabbbhai Patel.                     

                                                                                               source    { Patel /JN  Papers}


 Mr Ram Guha ,the historian writes

“ whenever Modi says something to diminish Nehru ,or to oppose Nehru or Patel,the Twitterverse is abuzz with appeals to historical truths which PM distorts . For Nehru and Patel were colleagues .not rivals, co workers not adversaries . working individually and together ,they united India and gave it a democratic template.”     {Source Indian Express 9February18}


Praising the Congress stalwart Jawaharlal Nehru while addressing participants at a youth conclave in Lucknow , BJP MP Varun Gandhi said, “People think that Nehru became the first Prime Minister and lived a lavish life like a king, full of comfort and luxury. What they don’t know is Nehru spent 15 and half years languishing in jail to become the country’s first PM. If today someone puts me in jail and say that after 15 years, we will make you the PM, I will say, bhaiya maaf karo. aadmi ki jaan hi nikal jaaye (Brother, I regret! In 15 years, one may die).”

As youth, said Gandhi, it is our respsonsibility to understand that he (Nehru) sacrificed his life, family and borne wounds on his body to get country free and this freedom should not be wasted.                                                 { source T.O.India}


Modi’s Dilemma


Prime Minister Mr Modi’s dilemma is how best to distract the voters from his own government’s abysmal failures and engage them in sifting chaff from the Nehru Patel grain to cover up his incompetency.

Knowing well the General elections are just one year away , Mr Modi understands that by chastising the Congress , Rahul Gandhi in Particular , may reap fruits for his Party at the hust i n g s .

Hours after his scathing speech deriding the Congress and Pt Nehru,  Rahul Gandhi slammed back saying that PM was talking of past as he “ does not know how to take India forward.” “ visionless election speech to divert the Nation’s attention from unemployment ,agrarian distress and tension at the borders” Rahul continued angrily.


We trust and pray finally wisdom dawns on BJP leaders and the Central Govt to come out of its rhetoric politics and work towards the tranquility and prosperity of the people .


22 thoughts on “NEHRU VS PATEL

      1. Thanks . Nehru was heading national Govt till 52 .meanwhile he set election process ,and democratic institutions in order. it was not a small job. Gandhi had full confidence in him and he delivered the results by bringing the country to a great pass. But to err is quite human nobody can be perfect.That one has to understand .

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  1. Facts can not be distorted. It is an established fact that Nehru is the architect of modern India. He worked under adverse situations and put India on democratic and development tracts. The persons who criticise him do understand that they do it only to confuse the public for the purpose of their own political benefit.
    We must be thankful to Nehru for his due contribution in all aspects.
    The blog is comprehensive and informative and based on facts.


  2. It has been aptly said that the NATIONS who FORGET their History are destined to wallow in self deprecation .
    The blog is timely reminder to ALL concerned people who LOVE their country to escape the Goebellian trash & untruth.
    which has become the “marketing” strategy of the present day GOVERNMENT & it’s apparatus.


    1. Excellent .The Goebellian propaganda should be fought tooth and nail to defeat the efforts of pseudo nationalists to bring disrepute to the persons who stood to fight for freedom.Thanks.


  3. The article is very well erittrn and facts stand to be verified through the interesting correspondence between Nehru and Patel and the smearing propaganda is put to rest

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  4. 1. Ram Guha says he is a lapsed marxist. Can we expect a balanced view from a person who proclaims himself as tied to certain ideology?
    2. Gandhi ji and Nehru, considered as someone who propagated Democratic ideals in India. I recall 1939 Congress presidential election, when a democratically elected Congress president Subhas Bose was forced to resign after some days as his idea was different. (of course history books will say he himself resigned, we know who wrote history, Don’t we? )
    3. Gandhi ji suggested dissolving of Congress to have a level playing field for other leaders, but why it didn’t materialised? Did someone had vested interest
    4. Fate of perennial Kashmir problem is due to the position taken by Nehru and his idea to go to UN.
    5. While we admire Nehru, yet many of his myopic decisions which is hurting us till today has been less highlighted.

    Someday I would like to write an article from other side.

    I enjoyed reading!


    1. I thank you for your ideas about Nehruji’s and patel.
      as i know certainly backed by facts and other options kashmir is part of india only due to efforts of Nehru. Patel wanted to negotiate kashmir for junagadh and Hyderabad. AS PER CENSUS OF 1944 kashmir had 95% muslims and we pandits were just 5%. and by his statesmanship he managed to annex kashmir with India. Anyway Idonot want to harp on kashmir. if Nehru made mistakes why other leaders are not correcting it .Because they want to keep the matter boiling.

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      1. Whatever I said is also based on facts Sir! Please point out if any one is fictitious!!
        As far as the Kashmir issue is concerned, according to Mountbatten plan, it was the legitimate right of the ruler of the princely state to be independent or to be merged with either of the nation!
        Hari Singh decided to remain independent but was invaded by Pakistanis. Hari Singh approached us for help with some preconditions. But it’s irony that the one who needs help keeps condition! In such situations, we had the sufficient force to defeat Pakistan, but Nehru’s decision to go to UN costs us even today!


  5. Very well researched Blog… No one can deny that Shri Jawaharlal Nehru was the architect of modern India. The fact that current government even after being in office for 4 years, talk about history rather incorrect history, shows that they have no vision and no plan in place. Instead of talking about future, they are rigging past and trying to create a divide among followers, and use same formula of British divide and rule.

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