Afghanistan is bleeding in the throes of long war struggling to survive over for about three decades now.

Afghanistan was peaceful from 1933 to 1976. The Soviets invaded it in December 1979 following coup by pro Soviet Union members in April 1978.

The Soviets withdrew its all forces in 1989 but fighting between Soviet backed Afghan forces and Mujahideens continued unabated .The Mujahideens were supported both militarily and financially by United states ,Saudi Arabia, but being trained by Pakistan largely.


The Taliban a militant group ,supported and inspired by conservative sect of Islam grew from the debris of the civil war to political saver of the country.

They seized the capital and took reigns of administration from September 1996 and controlled almost all Afghanistan .

IN 2001following terrorist attacks in United states ,Washington , suspecting hand of Osama bin laden and Al Qaida , requested Taliban to hand over the people and destroy all training camps inside Afghanistan.

The Taliban refused to comply to US request ,thus setting stage for US invasion of Afghanistan bringing end to the Taliban regime thereby.

Currently 50 billion US dollars is being spent on the reconstruction of Afghanistan following two important partnership agreements between US and Afghanistan in 2005 and 2012 respectively.

Parliamentary elections were fought in 2005 and democratically Karzai was elected the president thus restoring the civil rule .

Afghanistan subsequently signing strategic agreements with Pakistan, India ,UK,Australia ,Germany and many other nations to help in building a stable Afghanistan.

Talibans are still threat to the peace of the nation.

On Saturday 28th January 2018 Taliban Militants detonated an ambulance with explosives in the crowded street of Kabul killing 100 civilians instantly and injuring more than 240 others.

The gruesome attack has put the government in complete disarray as this being the second deadliest attack in one week. The Taliban renewed offensive has put the country’s fragile security in jeopardy.

The Jhumariat hospital in Kabul close to the scene of the blast was on its toes to treat the scores of injured and in identifying the dead ones.

In the last weekend’s attack the militants had entered Intercontinental Hotel , battling security forces for an hour long siege ,killing at least 20 persons ,out of which 14 were foreigners including Americans. Nine were reported to be pilots and flight crew, from Venezuela, Ukraine working for Afghan airline Kam Air.

Anger and despondency write large on the faces of Afghan people. The cries of weeping wailing under the seething pain ranted the air.

“ I saw a flame that blinded my eyes, I went unconscious .”said Nazir ,45 years while suffering a head injury.” “when I opened my eyes I saw bodies lying on the ground.” He continued.

Mr Yammamto ,chief of United Nations in Afghanistan said “ I am particularly disturbed by credible reports that the attackers used a vehicle painted to look like an ambulance including bearing the distinctive medical emblem is in violation of the International humanitarian law.”                                                                         sourcesN.Y.Times


The Taliban  claimed the blasts .  The  spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid said “ The Islamic Emirate has clear message for Trump and his hand kissers that if you go ahead with a policy of aggression and speak from the barrel of gun,don’t expect Afghans to grow flowers in response.”                                                                    Source REUTERS

 Ghastly attacks 2017;

 May    150killed near German embassy in Kabul

August 50 killed in suicide attack at shia mosque in Kabul

August   37 killed in suicide bomb attack near shia mosque in Herat.

October   67 and 88 killed in 02 separate suicide        attacks within hours , one in Kabul and second in Ghor Province

 December 41 killed in bombing at shia cultural centre in Kabul housing Afghan Voice news agency .


 With 16years of on going long war in Afghanistan and still no means to see an end anywhere in the near future US and Afghan partners need to change the gears to rope in more afghan people to work for peace and stability by enlisting them to peace talks.

Taliban Tactics to create more chaos and instability should be fought effectively by better security measures so that the Taliban’s guerrilla warfare is defeated.

President Trump has rightly understood Pakistan, playing double game with the Taliban and frozen the security aid. But it is to be seen whether this helps to bring some sanity in the peace process between Taliban and US.

Trump is not a person to move forward for peace on his own .He would not accept defeat and thus continue to pound Taliban till they accept defeat and come to peace terms.

The AFGHAN PRESIDENT needs to find an alternative option to usher Afghanistan to peace and tranquility.

His stakes are more than his partner and needs strong security measures to trounce Taliban terrorist attacks with impunity.




  1. Mast of the article speaks the Truth about the country.
    After the Soviets withdrawl with was achieved by US by supporting same forces …wich it has to fight NOW.
    But unfortunately the Afghans are ‘bleeding’ NOW
    “Lamhoon nay Khatta ki thi
    Sadiyon nay sazza paayee”
    INDIA should remember the MORAL of this OPINION.
    (TAKE your DECISION don’t
    depends on a ‘Friend’ however BIG ?)

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  2. Very nice presentation of the situation in Afghanistan. In my view, the situation is very grave ever than before. Reasons:

    1. More than one third of the territory is under the siege of Taliban.
    2. The rise of ISIS in Afghan after they receded from Syria and Iraq. They will battle hard to make Afghan as their safe heavens and compete with Taliban. This competition will certainly not gonna be very healthy in terms of the Afghan people’s perspective.
    3. US, under Trump, looks any affairs from transactional motive and not from the Geo strategic significance. According to some estimates, US has already spent more than $ 1 trillion there and that too without any tangible outcome. This is huge money.More than 2300 US soldiers died there. Though Trump, in his new South Asia Policy, has vowed to increase the troops on the ground for open ended date, but may not like to do it for long.
    4. Pakistan’s role is well known and they will use their leverage both against US and India.
    5. Russia is now getting increasingly interested in the region. They may have suffered reverses in 80s in the hand of Mujahiddin, but the situation is 180 phase shifted. Now US is in the firing line. They have rightly said “As you sow, so will you reap”. Seems very true in the context of US.
    and most important
    6. Afghani people are now losing hope in the democratically elected government because they have failed to deliver miserably. The cases of corruption is rampant. Their apathy towards general mass leaving the ordinary citizens at risk and may even shift their allegiance towards the Taliban, where they might have been in severe restriction, but at least they were alive!

    Tough time lies ahead for Afghanistan. India, a close partner of Afghanistan, which gives its largest contribution of foreign aid to this country, needs to be pragmatic and can build a consensus on eradicating terrorism by holding talks with the different nation, US and Russia in particular. If you aspire for world power, you should also prove your worth in dealing with some precarious situations and this provide the greatest of opportunities.

    Oh! I have written hell lot of things, seems like an article. Hope you don’t mind Sir!

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  3. The article is very informative update and ecplsins all aspects very broadly.
    The people of Afghanistan sre suffering the wrath of Militants all the time


  4. The article is comprehensive with regard to political and security aspects in Afganistan. However, the people of Afganistan are sufferes and no immediate solution to this bloodshed. The report is detailed with proper sequence of events . We get the ready knowledge.


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