I can behold the murky

Melancholy evening

Dark clouds looming dooming

Over Jammu horizons

 She lay there on the bed

turning scratching

her head

Panting gasping

for breath

like a wounded bird

Breathing in and out

Without a whimper

or a word

 Fingers wriggling

Limbs flailing

eyes vacant

Tears frozen

I stand in anger

and remorse

  The lightening struck

The soul wafted from her body

And she lay

still serene


eternal peace

 I kissed her forehead


my tears moisten

and rolled down.

 The curtain fell

And I watched

the flames leaping

wrapping her fragile

body .

she vanished into blissful


Leaving me to gather

her remnants to be

immersed in the waters

Of Holy Ganges.

22 thoughts on “MURKY EVENING

  1. Sir the poem is really very emotional and full of soul. Actual happening and feelings have been nicely put in a poetic form. It is a true shape of life


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