The Year 2017 slipped away not exactly quietly but yes with much ado about nothing and welcoming 2018 as the harbinger of tranquility ,peace and prosperity for the Nation.

Despite two decades of far good economic growth we are still in throes of inequalities in have and have- nots.

Hindutva Genre

The BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister MrModi  is brazenly exhibiting the Hindutva genre – lynching of Muslims by cow vigilants ,hacking and burning them to death ,thus creating a great divide abhorrence and alienation among different sections of society all across the country.

The fear and the atmosphere of intolerance is lurking in the minds and thoughts of people at large.

The Media both print as well as electronic has crumbled and eager to toe the line of the establishment thus doing a great disservice to the nation by not highlighting the facts


Annus Horribilis

 On economic front it was annus horribilis.

The Govt has failed to create jobs for the youth ,the private sector main vehicle for creating new jobs is in complete disarray, the farming sector moaning ,and the much thriving Service sector not in happy situation either following Trump policy of restricting outsourcing and retaining jobs for local US citizens .

The Demonitisation ,GST were other factors ,though voiceferously denied by the Govt, that thwarted the blooming growth by nearly 2%.

For instance Agriculture prices nosedived in April –june 2017 , despite bumper crops after draught of 2015 ,resulting in largescale protests by farmers in Madhyapradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan in September.

Later the anger vented by farmers in the Gujrat Assembly elections that saw BJP struggling to limp to bare majority .

The reason was inadequate prices and the low incomes derived thereby despite high production yields .

Modiji’s Swatch Bharat mission is doing a great success. There is wide response to clean sanitation and urgent measures have been taken in constructing toilets across India to discourage open defecation. No mean achievement and Govt deserves kudos.

The triumph of winning all state elections including the UP is unabated though Gujrat was challenged fiercely by The Congress under spirited leadership of Rahul Gandhi.The remarkable change has been witnessed and admired in Rahul Gandhi’s performance.

BJP will have to work undauntedly with Modiji weaving his magic through 2018 till general elections in 2019 to ensure a second term .Rahul Gandhi Tsunami is high on currents, an emerging force to reckon with .

The International events that garnered headlines in 2017 are likely to resurface   in 2018 as well.

The militant group –Islamic state ( ISIS) though defeated by winning back all the territories from the self proclaimed caliphate , the hopes it may not re-group in near future cannot be ruled out .

Alastair Burt U.K’s Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa said on Thursday while speaking at counter terrorism conference held by RUSI – U.K based Royal United Services Institute ,

“ Even as we see Daesh ((ISIS) push back on the physical battlefield we know that they will continue to pose a threat in the region. Daesh is still capable of inspiring people to carryout attacks in its name as such remains a serious   global threat .” he said.

In Asia North Korea continues to remain a lump in Donald Trump’s throat . KIM JONG UN warned united states that he can unleash great harm if North Korea is threatened ,

This was in response to Trump’s statement made in August , he told reporters that if Pyongyang made any threats to strike the US it would “be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Meanwhile Kim in his televised New Year Day speech offered a hand of friendship to South Korea “as a responsible peace loving Nuclear power”. And called for improved relations and less military tensions over Korean peninsula.

we welcome 2018 with more peace transparency and of course prosperity for the Nation and the world and good bye to the bizarre dangerous pronouncements of 2017.

















12 thoughts on “THE YEAR THAT WAS

  1. Very apt analysis of the year gone by. An indepth study of events domestic as well as international that garneshed headlines .


  2. Major events of the YEAR have been spelled out ; with exquisite craftsmanship.
    The NEGLECT of Environment by the NATIONS…… with President Trump withdrawing from the “PARIS Accord ” is a big FAILURE of the YEAR.
    Defeat of the ISIS is a partial VICTORY.
    Great incomes DIVIDE in the Country is sad.
    Overall a commendable write-up.


    1. very true the Paris Accord was great failure of the year .The write up was more concentrated on the topicality leads to make it comprehensible. Thanks for your wonderful comment.


  3. The main events as happened during last year have been highlighted with indepth study. Both domestic and international happenings of great importance have been clearily spelt out. Sir your deep knowledge of world events is appreciable.


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