Zimbabwe ruled by a ruthless President Robert Mugabe was forcibly evicted from office on Nov 21 2017 nearly after 40 years in power.

The new president Emmerson Mnangagwa in collision with military ,war veterans and white businessmen ,mostly farmers managed to take over from the 93 year old Mugabe in a bloodless coup.

In the later half of his brutal rule Mugabe resorted to forcibly and violently seizure of white owned farms under the pretext of post colonial land reform resulting in sharp collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy.

The new President Emmerson Mnangagwa is keen to restore the famished economy through various measures , like restoring land to the farmers and to all citizens who had a claim to land by birth.

“we want them to feel that they belong to and build a new country because economy is shattered.” Presidential advisor Chris Mutsvangwa told news reporters.        Reuters      

 The authorities ,for instance, are allowing a white farmer Rob Smart, 71 years old to return to his farm in Lesbury.

In June this year the riot police armed with AK-47 assault Rifles,riot gear ,teargas kicked off Rob Smart and his family including two small grand children with scores of other workers from their farm at Lesbury.

“ it was not us alone but all workers as well the whole compound.” Smart said. “The eviction affected the livelihood of over 5000 people” he continued.

War veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa, and now a special adviser to President Mnangagwa, confirmed Smart’s treatment made clear that new administration was serious about restoring the rule of law and sanctity of property rights.

Now under new regime Zimbabweans would cherish dreams of having good times ahead and their flora and fauna would flourish as well.

The lions and elephants would move around happily , currently starving for want of food.


 Taliban Ghastly Attack

 Pakistan lately have failed to rein in religious hardliners and contain the terrorists , primarly nurtured and patronized by its authorities to foment trouble in jammu and Kashmir state of India, from resorting to violent attacks on its own citizens and institutions.

On Friday ist of dec 2017 , three Taliban jehadists wearing burqas barged into the government provincial Agricultural college near Peshawar,killing instantly 12 people including teenager students .

Among the wounded of 35 it included two soldiers,7 policemen and a reporter .

The police and paramilitary forces killed all the three terrorists in the firefight that ensued for an hour or so.

Tehrik – e- Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the gruesome violent attack.

The police chief Salauddhin Mehsud explained the three attackers attired in burqas alighted from Rickshaw and instantly resorted to firing to make way for the student hostel.

Mehsud further clarified being Friday holiday there were less number of students typically crowded otherwise on normal days ,thus resulting in less casualties.

The gruesome attack was condemned by one and all including chief Minister Pervez Khattak of Khyber Pakktunkhwa province .

“ these terrorists have no religion as they attacked on a day which is very sacred and Nation celebrating it”saidMr Khattak.

The attack was probably third one on the educational institutes in west provinces .

In 2014 the militants carried a ghastly attack on army run school in Peshawar itself killing 150 students instantly and in 2016 in the townof charsadda militants killed 12 students in a lethal attack on Badsha khan university .         source Associated press /sky news

Paying Price

 As is evident from the recent past protest , Pakistan is paying heavy price for its follies and spinning out of control by Government’s capitulation to hardline Muslim Islamists and freeing of Hafiz Saeed ,denounced terrorist by both UN and US ,accused in masterminding of deadly attack on Mumbai .

These hardline Muslim groups are growing in power and could be a force to reckon with in next vote .


  1. A thoughtful and informative article giving details of happenings around the world.
    The single man rule is always dangerous and that is why democracy should be adhered to.

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  2. Sir a very comprehensive article on latest developments in Zimbwave andPakistan. All aspects have been analysed in a clear way. The article is really informative.
    We get lot of information from your writings.

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    1. yes i am well in know of dictatorship of Hernandez and Trump support to him . He won a controversial election by 1.6%.This infuriated the people and protests all along. we all should work towards restoring Democracy all along the globe.Thanks

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