Rahul Becomes President

Rahul Gandhi is named President of Indian National Congress finally setting up a challenge to Prime Minister Modiji in 2019 polls.

Rahul ‘s task is very demanding at a stage when the Congress party is at its low ebb, and his performance will be judged from the exalted standards displayed by earlier Presidents , jawahar lal Nehru ,Indira Gandhi among many others who had unfaltered commitment to the values of the party.

He is reported to be a hard task master and his first test will be how he would balance the political aspirations of new and old congress guards.

The big question comes to mind; Who is afraid of Rahul?

The critics of Rahul Gandhi abound all around, inside party ,and much more vocal outside from the ruling camps who see him as the contender to lead forces opposed to Modi .

Rahul’s sudden assertion in Gujrat elections has sent the top brass of BJP into jitters.

Modiji and his team have literally camped in Gujrat to counter Rahul’s onslaught in the massive congress campaign to dislodge BJP in the state elections.

He is seen as a new messiah by a vast section to bring hope to millions reeling under the negative impact of GST among traders small and big ,the trevails caused by Demonetisation ,the rising prices ,the patidar agitation,the atrocities on Dalits .

However as always it is difficult to predict the outcome of elections,but one thing is very evident Rahul has made a considerable dent in the BJP bastion.

The sight of Rahul Gandhi drinking tea ,interacting with people on the road shows, the oratory excellence of his speeches, speak volumes of his leadership acumen.

Having said so The Prime Minister shri Narender Modi , a selfless politician ,a sauve firm administrator and above all the son of the soil entrenched in local politics may not give in easily.

The people of Gujrat and the country have great love and affection for him. And probably he has earned it over a period of time.

The People have their own yardstick to measure the leader’s worksheet and act accordingly at the moment of crucial decision.

A moment to reflect and wait for final results.

The strategy of lampooning of Rahul by BJP over the years have fizzled out and pushed the leaders to face the impending challenge thrown by the rising Rahul in Modi’s den.

The era of belittling him as “shezada” and “Pappu” seem to end and the rival party has realized the impending threat of losing the state election in Gujrat.

Pak ‘hand ‘ in polls

Speaking in the town of Banaskantha ,located on the border Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi said in an election rally on Sunday “ Pakistani former army director general Rafiq Arshad said that in Gujrat Ahmed Patel (the political secretary to congress president Sonia Gandhi)should be made the chief minister .why is senior retired army officer exercising his brain in the Gujrat elections.Apakistani delegation meets at Mani shanker’s house and next day he disrespects Gujrat’s society.its pachat(backward) society its poor and Modi.Don’t all these things raise questions and concern? The Congress has to  answer”. Sources The Indian Express

Rahul Gandhi addressed the rally at Kalol on Sunday evening stating he would not use foul language against PM Narender Modi irrespective whatever he had to say but would defeat him with love .

However the question still remains ;Who is afraid of Rahul Gandhi ?

A t the outset Rahul Gandhi has to weild a stick to bring chaotic Grand old Party to discipline to adhere to its ideology and rejuvenate it accordingly to the level of instilling hope in the people of India ,a country thrumming with multicultural, multilingual, multicaste energy.

BJP ,especially the top brass ,is curiously eyeing   Rahul as chutzpah to lead the congress effectively and keep the grand old party in the combative stage for good.

Rahul has been talking of new ideas to refurbish Congress and now in the saddle to weild

power , he could implement some of his vibrant ideas without any hindrance from the old guards.

For instance intra –party democracy and bringing new youth into its fold may take final shape.

The work of INC PROFESSIONAL under the chairmanship of Dr shashi Tharoor has already begun.

In a vibrant democracy like India opposition should be strong to save the country from slipping into a dictator’s hands.




  1. Sir it seems that as Rahul Gandhi gets positive response from Gujrat, the BJP is afraid of losing elections there. The massive propaganda of bjp shows their weakness some how but this may now help bjp to win in Gujarat.

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  2. Very balanced article, it seems you didn’t want to be critical of ruling party.
    Anyways, Win or lose in Gujarat, Congress has definitely started to look up since their forgettable defeat in last National election.
    It’s long road for Congress ahead, but I think they have stared walking in right direction.
    Win or lose a strong opposition will keep the ruling party in check and will definitely help the common man.
    Shri Narendra Modi is a mass leader and really loved by people all over, but he being in the centre of State election shows that there is no depth in leadership beyond Shri Modi ji

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  3. Objective write up on Rahul Gandhi ….the New President of Old Party , his prospective career as a political leader & a contender in the political space in the Country.
    The current scenario is timely, on Gujrat Election.!!!

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    1. Your comments are very much appreciative as you understand the current political scenario better. I have authentic reports from Gujrat friends that Rahul will win this election most likely as he has timely stormed into action in Gujrat elections.


  4. RahulGandhi has carved a place for himself in Modi and Amit shah bastion,thus creating a visible dent.Te question of winning or losing doesn’t matter much.

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  5. Yaa but rahul gandhi is having horns.. he is not as strong as we want opposition should be in our country.. His personality itself is immature and he should improve if really country needs a strong opposition


    1. the argument regarding his immaturity is seen just as another political trick. His presence and involvement in the last few months simply pushes aside such arguments.. At the same, time to counter Modiji, Congress has to look for multiple leaders rather than developing Rahul alone


  6. you may be right to some extent but he has shown exemplary dedication and leadership qualities while fighting against BJP in Gujrat. He will stand up to be a strong leader to challenge Modiji


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