The first round of first Provincial and Parliamentary elections concluded peacefully in Nepal on Sunday.

Despite scepticism of some voters , the voters largely  are hopeful of the much needed political stability of the Himalayan Nation.

The on going election is first under the new Constitution ,which came into effect on 20th September 2015.replacing the interim constitution of 2007.

Until 2006 the Nepal government waged a decade long war with Moist rebels that killed around 16000 people.

The new constitution  defines Nepal as multi religious ,multi-ethenic, multilingual with common aspiration of people at large.

Nepal is a soverign Himalayan state ,bordering China in the North and India in the south ,east and west.

Nepal is divided into 7 states , with 4 Metropolises, and 13 sub-Metropolises.

Interestingly Nepal does not have border with either Bangladesh or Bhutan.

It is a country of vast plains, beautiful Forested hills, and is home to eight of the world’s Ten mountains including highest Mount Everest .(8,848m) (29,029ft).

The Nepali Congress ,the largest party ,heading the current coalition government is clear about following a balanced policy towards Its neighbours including India and China.

But the communist party of Nepal unified Marxist Leninist and the Communist party of Nepal the party of Maoist Rebels (CPN-UML) are fighting the current election as an alliance and adopted anti India and pro China stance during the campaign.

Rabindra Adhikari a leader of UML party tweeted “ let there be polarization of left and democratic parties . This is global democratic exercise to form a majority government.” Source   Aljazeera Reported.

 Strained Relationship

 Despite India’s active diplomatic efforts in brokering peace between the Maoists and the Nepal Government , relations got sored between the two neighbouring countries in recent years.

The blockade decision by the Government of India in 2015 severely affected imports of items like fuel ,food and other essentials from India making life difficult for Nepali citizens.

However UML leader Mr adhikari said “UML hopes that presence of Maoists leaders will improve their relationship with India “ .

But K.P.OLI made it clear that by signing treaty with China during India’s blockade of transit routes ,Nepal would not have to suffer hardships any longer.

UML Alliance is expected to maintain Anti India stand till completion of second phase of election on 7th December.

One thing is clear India needs hard to placate with Nepal to restore a good neighbourly relations as in the past.

Much depends on Maoist as they are obliged to India for forging them in to political arena after being underground for years together.

In June The Nepal government signed a $2.5 billion deal with Chinese state company China Gezhouba Group to build the Budhi Gandaki plant in Nepal, the biggest dam in the country. 

Last week, the Nepalese government – under an interim administration led by the pro-India Congress Party ahead of elections indicated it would abandon the deal.

In the first phase 3.19 million voted peacefully to elect lawmakers for 32 districts,mainly mountain regions. Some of the regions saw voting turnout as good as 80%.

The elections are being held to elect 175 members of Parliament and 350 members of Provincial Assemblies.

Nepal knows well it cannot afford to be at loggerheads with India  for long and both need strive hard to maintain brotherly relations as in the past.








10 thoughts on “NEPAL GOES TO POLLS.

  1. The take for Hindutva forces in INDIA is that NEPAL in its earliear Awtar rejected the option of a Hindu Republic.— which it WAS for centuries.
    India NEEDS to improve its relationship as proposed by the Author !!!

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  2. Nepal has been our ally for centuries and we as big nation should keep relationships in tact. We should not allow china to make in roads into our neighbour.


  3. Thepost on Nepal is detailed analysis and good discourse on its local politics .An honest effort to grasp Nepal political affairs


  4. It is a fact that generally we do not know much about the political developments in Nepal.
    Sir your post is full of information and there is clarity of events and various political developments in Nepal.


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