The Gujrat State Assembly election has entered crucial stage, just short of a war between Congress and BJP.

Rahul Gandhi is approaching this election on alliances and understandings thus deviating from the subtle formulae of previous elections.

With induction of Alpesh Thakor ,the leaders of other castes communities like Dalits ,tribals and Patels have entered into deals with Congress Party , a firm personal understanding with Rahul Gandhi to target the might of BJP.

Rahul Gandhi has a definite strategy for challenging BJP in its den.

With Alpesh in Congress ,the OBC belt of North Gujrat is taken care of . For SC vote ,Jignesh Mevani is being consistently campaigning among SC belt to vote for the Congress.

And the Patidars led by Hardik Patel ,having in principle accepted PAAS demands, the Congress hopes to see Patidars vote for it this time particularly in Saurashtra.

Just to ameliorate PAAS the Congress revised its list of candidates to accommodate Hardik patidar quota leaders.

The Congress leader spokesperson Manish Doshi said that the changes were resorted to win the elections.

Last but not the least BTP ( JDU faction of Sharad Yadav) led by Chhotubhai Vasva a tallest tribal leader of South Gujrat and now backing the Congress .

Though the Congress is upbeat this time but BJPis leaving no stone unturned to retain the state .

In most of the urban areas election discourse is all about Modi.

For instance Anand the home of milk and butter ,once stronghold of the Congress, has now been a BJP favourite.

This is the area where patels speak against PAAS and they support Modi as their leader. The change was due to communal polarization .

But however some MLAs claim that there is fierce opposition to BJP now and due to absence of communal polarization in the current elections the wind is strictly in favour of the Congress.

A time to wait and watch the electoral contest of the year .



 With rapid decline from a rich boisterous country of South America to the world’s troubled economies, Venezuela stands on the brink of a storm perhaps never to revive .

The economy of Venezuela is dependent on the oil business and since 2006 the nation’s debt increased tenfold and inflation is likely to rise to 2,300 percent in the year to come.

Venezuela’s downfall was exacerbated by the Nations Autocratic political ones.

Both Hugo Chavez and his mentor ,successor ,the current President Nicolas Maduro scuttled democracy by fixing elections and silenced the democratic institutions that could stand in its way to re-write the constitution for consolidating power without any opposition.

Both Eu and United states embargoed Maduro through economic pressure.

But Russian Foreign Ministry offered olive branch by stating that the $3.5 billion debt could be paid over ten years with minimal repayments in first six years.

However the dire economic crisis has caused cutting on the imports of food items , medicinal supplies, resulting in nearly 54% of malnourished children causing deadly diseases.


The united states has decided to end the programme granting asylum to nearly 60,000 Haitians ,allowing them to stay and live in US following devastating earthquake in 2010.

Those covered under the programme supposed to leave united states by july 2019.   Reports NY TIMES.

 The catastrophic earth quake 7.0 on the Righter scale causing destruction to 3 million people ,killing nearly 300,000.

The US Department of Home confirms that the conditions in Haiti are congenial to take Haitians back.

However some lawmakers were lobbying with Trump administration that Haiti is not still prepared to take the Haitians in one go and pleaded for extension of their stay.






  1. Sir , your observations on Gujrat elections and Venezulla are very much right . The BJP seems to be disturbed and over-active in Gujrat and there will be a tough competition.

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  2. Nice article Sir, in depth, a special feature of yours.
    Don’t forget the Nepal, there also the election is in offing. India will be keenly watching the outcome of the election. KPS Oli of Communist Party of Nepali Communist Party-UML and Maoist Prachand is in pre-poll alliance. Oli is known for its rhetoric against India and has reluctant to recognize the right of Madhesis. Indian blocked has’t been appreciated well in Nepal which has already been facing the onslaught of devastating earthquake. India’s “Neighbourhood First” policy will be severely tested.

    On domestic front, I have never seen Congress so upbeat, Rahul Gandhi is also seems to be changed as a person, more assertive. BJP facing anti-incumbency of 22 years, Patidar issues is simmering since year or two, if Grand Old Party will not turn the tide in their favour, it will be disastrous for them.

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    1. yes you are very right . Thanks for your kind support. yes i am working on Nepal .and may be would write. your article on qualities of leader is very interesting. Ido appreciate Modiji’s diplomaticthrust has won us a great laurel in united nations .

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  3. The article is in depth and Rahul Gandhi is on a warpath to wrest power from BJP. How much he succeeds is to be seen.
    But one thing is that he manages to give sleepless nights to BJP

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  4. Very detailed much researched article on Gujrat elections.
    Congress dtands chance
    Piyiable to know thst the sutocrstic leadership in Venezuela is tsking toll of people by resorting to creating econmic distress to perpetuate the power

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