Latin America

 Pink Tide Movement

 Pink Tide is in jeopardy. In 1990 ‘s and 2000’s Socialists rose to power in Latin America and brought economic bliss to the region .The Socialist movement called ‘PINKTIDE” became sign of economic Growth and thus a rage of the era.

Now the situation looks uncertain as most of these countries   namely   Chile ,Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Handuras, Paraguay, Venezuela, Gautemala, Panama , Uruguay  are holding elections in next two years.

The mainstream political parties are generally out of tune with the wants and desires of voters in context with the weak and varying economic Growth .The key question uppermost in the minds of voters will be to what extent the country’s Institutions stand to the populist whims ,instincts, political fads of leaders .It should be matter of brave crescendo for the political leaders, Court Judges , Activists ,journalists to resist and withstand the idiosyncrantic leaders who would dismantle such democratic institutions to empower themselves in the executive.

The United States stands glaring example of Containing President Donald Trump’s whimsical manoeuverings,the congress , bureaucracy and the courts successfully withstood his instincts.

There will be around roughly 30 Presidential candidates in the fray ,majority running as Independents ,and nobody would venture to make any predictions at this time.

However it is most likely only Hinduras President Jaun Oralando Hernandez and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro ,have strong chances to get re-elected.


 Chilly welcome ;

 After a night’s stay in Afghanistan Secretary of State Mr Tillerson arrived in Iraq to more or less a chilly welcome last Monday.

His primary purpose was to seek Baghdad’s cooperation in isolating Iran , an important ally of Iraq.

After meeting PrimeMinister Al Abadi Mr Tllerson called for the unity in the country troubled by sectarian and tribal conflict.

Last week Iraqi Military forces seized KirKuk ,wresting the city from Kurdish forces ,which controls the Northern third of total country.

“ we are concerned and saddened by the recent differences that have emerged between the Kurdistan regional government and Iraqi central government “ Mr Tillerson said to reporters after he met Mr Abadi .

Mr Tillerson continued “we have friends in Baghdad and Kurdish region’s Capital Erbil ,we encourage both to enter into dialogue and discussion.”

In a news conference with Foreign Minister of Saudi Arab Adel al Jubair Mr Tillerson said “Iranian Millitias that are in Iraq , now that the fight against Daesh and ISIS is coming to a close, those militias need to go home. Any foreign fighters in Iraq need to go home and allow Iraqi people to regain control of areas that had been overtaken by ISIS.”     Source   N.Y.TIMES

 With the fight ending against Islamic State , both US and Russia are scrambling for a place of influence and power.


 Xi Jinping, in addition to serving as President , has been   entrusted with other major titles at the top of the country’s power structure including general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee,chairman of the party’s Central Military Commission .

Xi Jinping is referrd too as “chairman of everything.”

On Wednesday, at their 19th annual Congress, Xi was elvated still further, enshrining his name and political vision in the country’s constitution.

At the Congress, Xi promised to build on Mao’s legacy of stability and Deng’s foundation of prosperity. He reiterated his mission of making China Stronger .

“Living in such a great era, we are all the more confident and proud, and also feel the heavy weight of responsibility upon us,” he said,     —source Associated press

 “ Xi Jinping has become king of China” PresidentDonald Trump told fox Business.

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  1. It is a kaleidoscopic view of WORLD affairs superbly done , it could be an academic treat for young minds who are interested.
    To everyone it emphasises that large swathes of LAND in world are inhabited by People.


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