Las Vegas Massacre


                          Shooting  site in Las Vegas

 The Americans are in mourning. And surely the people across world join them in their tragedy of the time.

On Sunday night Ist October2017 , the barrage of bullets rained down on a crowd of 22000 people gathered listening to Jason Aldean singing county tunes , at Route 91, Harvest country Las Vegas music festival, killing 59 people instantly and injuring nearly over 500 hundred concertgoers .

These music lovers had come from different areas of USA and possibly from other parts of the world and fell victim to the rampage caused by a lone gunman identified as 64 years old Stephen Paddock .

 Stephen Paddock opened fire from his hotel suite at 32nd floor Mandalay Bay Resort, he had occupied a few days before the event.

When police went in to his room they found him dead from a self inflicted gunshot . They seized 17 guns from his suite .

What led Stephen Paddock to commit such a carnage could remain a mystery for years to come , but the wounds he inflicted on the families of the victims would never be healed up.

“ what we know is that Stephen Paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life ,much of which will never be fully understood” said Cark County Sheriff Joseph Lambardo at news briefing .—-REUTERS.

The shooting sent ripples of dread across America and the world of course.

The people are grappling with challenge of fear anger, empathy and moreover the vulnerability to the bullets of

hatred ,vendetta from an irate individual or a group of terrorists.

It is difficult to find a word to describe such heinous crime executed in a moment of minutes.

The President Donald Trump was quick to respond to the ghastly shooting that shook America “ we are joined together today in sadness ,shock, and grief” Trump lamented “ cannot fathom the feelings of 59 families who lost a child , parent ,brother sister “ He termed the episode as “senseless” act.

Politicians ,Celebraties and people from all walks of life across the globe shared condolences for the victims ,their families and all those impacted by the massacre.

The victims

 Out of 59 victims killed 36 are women and 23 men. The oldest 67 and the youngest 20 .

Some profiles of the victims identified so far as.

Heather Alvardo 35 yrs. Was killed and her husband described her as “a happiest woman,, would do anything for her three children.”

Jack Beaten 54

“ when bullets started coming down from nowhere Jack leaned his body over me and wrapped with his arms” His wife told the press . The couple had travelled from Bakers Field to Las Vegas to celebrate

23rd wedding Anniversary. Beaten was a construction worker and leaves behind 20 years son and 18 years daughter.

Candice Bowers 40

A single mother of three hardworking restaurant waitress was forced by friends to go to musical festival. Patrice Zacker Bowers her grandmother sobbed “she was a generous girl and some friends took her to musical festival just to die only”.

. Denise Barditus     32

   His husband Tony recounted tearfully “ Denise died in my arms .” Denise was mother of two.

Chritiana Durte 21.

A graduate from university of Arizona with Marketing degree ,was working for los Angeles hockey Team gunned down at 91 Route musical festival, probably the youngest victim . courtesy Time Magazine 04/10/17

Law makers at Capitol Hill

 After Sunday’s mass shooting at Las Vegas the America’s lawmakers at Capitol Hill have finally put on their thinking caps and are coalescing around to at least legislate against the “Bump Device” ,available easily on line ,can be attached in a jiffy to convert semiautomatic Rifles to automatic Rifles capable of firing bullets at 400-600 rounds in a minute.

Stephen Paddock had fitted at least 12 Rifles with    “Bump device” to accomplish his ghastly act.

Republicans who opposed gun control all along in the past have finally started conveyancing support for a ban on the bump devices .

Several leading Republican senators ,Lindsey Graham of South Carolina ,Orrin G.Hatch of Utah and Marlo Rubio of Forida said they would be open to considering legislation against bump devices.

Mr Rubio said “we certainly want to learn more details what occurred in Las Vagas and if there are vulnerabilities in federal law we should be addressing to prevent such attacks in the future.”

Another Republican senator John Cornyn of Texas ,the no 2 Senator Republican in the senate said “ if it seems like an obvious are we ought to explore and see if it is something Congress needs to act on”

Democrats have already introduced legislation to ban the gun modifications and Republicans are increasingly considering to take action.

NRA (National Rifle Association U.S.A ) has been a potent political force behind backing the Republicans and thus opposing vehemently any legislation restrictions at gun regulations.

But Now NRA endorsement of restrictions on devices converting semi-automatic to automatic rifles clears way for Congress bringing legislation to regulate the gun policy of America. The Association endorsement reads “ N.R.A. believes that the devices designed to allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to further additional regulations.”

The President Donald Trump needs to rise above political considerations and uphold the legislation to bring sanity in the gun policy of America to prevent Mass massacres of Sunday type in future.








22 thoughts on “AMERICANS IN MOURNING By Brijkaul

  1. A very good post with detailed report of such a heinious crime of killings of innocent people. The post is informative and the way of presentation is effective.

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  2. it’s especially heartbreaking when we hear who these victims were. someone’s mother, brother or best friend 😦 it’s so easy in this day and age to be desensitised to violence and casualties of war and terror but this is a timely reminder we must never stop caring enough to find a resolution to violence whatever that may be. thank you for your post.

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  3. Well researched blog…
    The senseless act has once again opened a long pending debate of control on Arm license. The episode leaves you in shock and deep sadness.

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