Democracy with difference.

Singapore is slated to elect its new President on Sept. 23 2017.

last year as per the constitutional amendment made by Singapore Parliament the presidency is reserved for one of Singapore’s three largest ethnic groups – Indian, Chinese and Malay.

Accordingly this time around, the next president of Singapore must be an ethnic Malay.

And in case only one candidate is nominated unanimously then that candidate will automatically become president without a popular vote.

Singapore’s success story.

Singapore is multi ethnic Country and its late founder father Lee Kuan Yew’s principle “illiberal politics in exchange for good government and high living standards.”still holds good for all practical purposes.

Lee Kuan Yew’s gospel has proved right mantra for propelling Singapore from third to first world status .

Low taxes with minimal regulation have made Singapore a dream for foreign investors, contributing to one of the world’s highest standards of living. The government has made it mandatory to provide equal opportunity for every ethnic group in sectors like housing and political representation. A unique feature in the parameters of economic growth in the region and the world as well.

The racial harmony is maintained strictly by adhering to strict quotas.

The government excercises constraints on free speech. Speaking against the government’s racial policies can land a person in jail with heavy fines.

Apart from the developing nations western rich world

too tries to emulate some of successful policies of Singapore model.

“let us copy Singapore health care miracle,” echoed an opinion piece on the website of Fox News ,American broadcaster to replace Obamacare effectively.

It broadly argued on its two features “empowering consumers and fostering competition.”—-  Source Economist.

American conservatives believe that Singapore’s health system yielded results because of Singaporeans’ sharing personal responsibilities of to pay around 2%of their health care from their pockets. The government spends total 5% of GDP on healthcare thus enjoying highest life expectancy with lower infant mortality.

America spends nearly 17%of GDP on health care with people much less healthy.

Also some of the Brexiteers enthusiasts would like Britain to be “Singapore-on-Thames”.

A low regulated tax heaven for business eager to trade with Europe.

But Britain being already light taxed as per European standards and thus cannot shrink further to reshape its national health services. Also Singapore system envisages coercion in making people to pay from their pockets .

Hence both Americans and Britishers would not accept any such thing. The voters would thrash any party attempting to do anything of the sort.

Presidential election

Coming back to the presidential election Malays are totally dissatisfied with prospective presidential candidates.

Abdullah Tarmugi, Halimah Yacob and Yaacob Ibrahim will be eligible for the elected presidency.

The candidates are not very popular with the Community and are reported to be very partisan as well.

Former member of Parliament Tan Cheng Bock is still a favourite for many to run for the Presidency.

He is highly critical of PAP ( the people’s Action Party)

which has ruled Singapore from its founding.

All Singaporeans eagerly wait for the right man to be their beloved President.


United Nations confirms that Iran is complying with the provisions of the deal it inked with the US and the world body . The results obtained as per United Nation report undermines the Trump’s claims that Iran does not comply with the provisions of the pact.

Under the pact Iran is allowed to produce 130 metric tons of heavy water used in reactors producing plutonium and to maintain 208 kilograms of non enriched uranium. Iran is said to comply with above provisions without fail .

Trump however stressed that IAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency) to ensure as well that Iran complies with the tenets of the pact to be doubly sure.


Strategy Cry.

Poland stirs its hot issue of demanding reparations to stir up nationalist mood as and when required.

Poland has demanded reparations from Germany to the tune of billions and trillions of dollars for the mass killing of its people during world war 11 – warsaw’s strategy cry whenever its relation gets soared with Germany and Europe.   Associated Press reports.

This time Warsaw brings up bill following strong criticism by Germany at the ruling Law and Justice Party over its new laws

giving enormous powers over the judicial system.

However Germany dismissed the financial claims as compensated long ago ,hence Poland having no claims whatsoever.

For Warsaw it is hot issue to stir nationalist mood to appease their people.









  1. Sir the article is so informative and your wide interest and vast knowledge is really appreciable. Actually these type of informations are not available on tv etc. In common. Thanks for updating .

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  2. I agree. Quite detailed and global! Hmm…interesting thoughts. Although not all agreed, we can have our own opinions to share. And you’ve done so in this post. Cheers to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very informative post, though you didn’t touch on any African country! Are those the country’s you liked most? What motivated your selection?
    I must say this to be good reporting! Are you a journalist?


    1. Thanks . i will definitely write about African country. i visited south Africa the year before and know much about it A lot of friends overseas like you. Ipublished my book STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART in MAY 2017. Available on Amazon .com iUSA/UK/also on shpoclues.com.read it on kindle edition if possible .


  4. The tense harmony between ethnic groups in Singapore brings to light an important issue. As an American, I look westward with much apprehension. Right now, I am looking at the conflict in Myanmar and wondering how the USA contributed to the slaughter of the Rohingya. Influential Americans who lash out against Muslims, such as President Trump, need to realize that they are spreading hate across the globe. Islam is not our enemy. Our enemy is the persistent threat of oligarchy, corrupt government, and autocratic rule. Most of these people are not at fault for the bad actions of Bengali terrorists. People of the USA must use their position of wealth and influence to oppose injustice, not Muslims.


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