In his Independence Day address on 15th August from the famous ramparts of Red Fort , Prime Minister Narender Modi talked about New India free of casteism,nepotism ,terrorism and corruption by 2022. Thus selling his vision to his countrymen beyond his term in his office.

Rather dwelling upon his achievements in his now three and plus years, PM Modi was largely focussed on vision of India for the future. .

However PM Modi convincingly spoke about his Govt’s achievements like Demonetisation, GST, Swatch Bharat , Digital economy as major reforms leading towards corruption- free, transparent India.

While speaking at length regarding these achievements he quoted exact figures under each headings.

The figures given are being taken correct at their face value by the people leaving experts to confirm  for its veracity.

Interestingly Mr Modi pitched for love and unity message as the only possible solution to militants’ problem in Kashmir and sectarian violence elsewhere in the country.

He went to the extent of offering terrorists to join the mainstream .

He dwelt at length that the evil effects of violence in name of faith as unacceptable.

This positive emphatic statement by PM was largely admired but some critics greeted it with a pinch of salt in contrast to the earlier hardline drawn against the militancy in Kashmir.

The change is being attributed for drawing a flak for an incident for tying a young man to the front of an Army Geep as a human shield and Mr Modi’s wish—washy condemnation of the lynchings and other violence inflicted by Hindu fanatics in name of cow protection.

Mr Modi spoke about the world support in its fight against terrorism .He skillfully did not made any reference to either Pakistan or China in wake of Doklam stand off either .

The speech largely veered around the development and technology driven solutions to transform the country in the near future.

In fact Mr Modi is clearly looking for a second term

And quite possible he would win the second term.

Development on Backseat

 By now we know the Govt under Prime Minister Narender Modi is known to break the tradition.

For instance it has done away with Railways Budget, winding down of planning commission,re-naming it as NITI AaYOG and many other things .

Mr Modi and his dynamic associate Amit shah are more interesting in winning elections ,State Assembly ,Panchayat, Municipal and finally the General elections in 2019 and are whole heartedly in this pursuit.

And obviously in this rat race, the development plank has taken a back seat.


 Though large section of people have still unflinching faith in his leadership but equally true , a good number of Indian population are disgruntled and the downfall cannot be a foregone conclusion in a vibrant democracy like India.

The economic growth plummeting by 1.2% ,industrial production in negative (June 2017 data IIP negative) growth the first in four years. The contraction of index is widespread in manufacturing sector .

On the job front the picture is not rosy either.

It is reported that nearly 1.2 crore Indians enter workforce for jobs every year.

As per the report Fifth Annual Employment –unemployment survey 2016 points out “ at the all India level ,46.6 percent of the workers were found to be self employed.—followed by 32.8 percent as casual labour.Only 17 percent of the employed persons were wage/salary earners and rest 3.7 percent were contract workers”.

The Modi Govt needs to pull up its socks, clean Augustin stables by sheddingoff arrogance ,providing jobs, addressing earnestly to the welfare of the people at large.

The sincere implementation of schemes pronounced already Could give him possibly a clear majority for second term as well.








23 thoughts on “PM MODI AND NEW INDIA

  1. Sir it is a fact that there seems to be no development visible for the last three years. Regarding cleanliness and corruption, things seem to be same as before . Let us hope for the ‘ good days, to come.
    Sir your conclusions are the fact.

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  2. Hi, Brij. When India elected Mr. Modi, I feared for the religious liberty of Indian Muslims. He seemed very intolerant like our Evangelical Christians in America who support Mr. Trump. However, I have not been following Mr. Modi since. If I read your article correctly, it seems like he is mostly talk, and the Indian economy isn’t really improving. We have a global economy, and Mr. Modi seems to shy from foreign involvement. This could be a huge mistake. Thank you for this update. What do you think?


    1. you are true He wags his big tongue and thumps his big chest ,thus proving empty vessels make more noise .Also he is surrounded by Hindu protagonists and unable to do much. India is a vibrant democracy pluralistic society and needs cautious approach to stimulate unity and progress.

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  3. You are right. He wags his big tongue thumps his bigchest and empty vessels make more noise. Also he is surrounded by Hinduvata pratagonists and thus unable to do much. India is vibrant democracy and big pluralist society needs cautious directions that stimulate unity and progress.


    1. Thanks for your comment ,i have tried to give a balanced view comprising his attack on plurality thus deviating from development plank.and more concentrating on winning election by hook or crook.


  4. I have lot of respect for Namo… In last three plus years we have seen him taking some really audacious decisions for the country. Somehow I feel more than five years will be required for the decisions to have positive impact. More power to him, I have never been proud of Congress.


    1. politicians have drifted from the path of service to Nation concept .The problem with Namo is he does not understand the pluralistic character of India ,otherwise nothing to worry. Glad to see your comments.


  5. Even after all of this being apparent, there really isn’t any reason to not elect him to a second term. Think about it, we really do not have any options. Congress is in the drain right now and local parties aren’t strong enough. Even if we elect a coalition of smaller parties, again there will be a fight over different portfolios and a big chance of the government collapsing before the end of its five year term. Every single time the national elections cost us so much money, hence, at least we should elect a stable government that will take care of things until 2024. In this regard, I would like to remain optimistic with Mr. Modi, his foreign tours have fostered great relationships with world leaders and his policies are progressive. I admit, the implementation definitely could have been better and demonetisation was largely not needed, but, his other policies such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and Make in India are great on paper, I just hope as time passes on, the implementation gets better in practicality too.

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  6. modiji at first must stop futile pomp , show and start implementing worthy policies… his silence in many important cases are really disappointing.. he must be the prime minister of the country and not of his party..

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