Amarnath Yatra.

Seven Amarnath Yatris were killed and 18 others injured on their journey of faith by militants on 10th july in Botengo village near ANANTNAG in South of Kashmir. The yatris were travelling in a bus carrying 56 passengers when Militants brazenly attacked it with bullets but the nerve and grit of the driver saved the other 50 passengers in a miraculous manner .He did not stop the bus but drove on with determination to the place of safety.

Condemnation of attack across the political social spectrum on pilgrims to Amarnath shrine is welcome .

Students ,traders and civil society groups took to streets in Srinagar to show solidarity with the victims. This is positive development in the aftermath of Burhan wani’s death and should be heartening for all to learn that everything is not lost in the valley riven with militancy nearly, for over three decades.

A ray of hope and significant message for PDP-BJP government to take stock of situation and bring normalacy to the otherwise devastated vandalized valley for years now.

Historical Background

 The most revered Hindu shrine Amarnath was first discovered in 1850 by a muslim shephered Buta Malik.Malik Family is the custodian along with Hindu priests of Mattan and Dasmani Akhara.

The shephered told the villagers and the shrine became famous and pilgrims started visiting it.

Earlier it opened for 15 days only .but later on shri Amarnathji shrine Board was formed in 2000 and now Yatra is for two months .

The shrine is the shining example of plurality communal harmony kashmiriyat ethos.

Kashmiriyat Ethos

Although it is good to raise the Kashmiriyat ethos at this hour ,though in practice it received a severe blow since the weeding out of Kashmiri Pandits way back in 1990.

The 1990s saw a great religious divide in the valley and the syncretic culture nurtured over hundred of years was given the go for ever in one stroke.The militancy overshot the fundamental tenets of secularism and brought misery to the teeming millions at hand.

Keeping this background in view the attack on Amarnath Yatra should not be a surprise .

Earlier on Ist August 2000 , 17 yatris were killed when Militants attacked base camp in Phalgham.

I earnestly pray the condemnation of attack across by one and all including ‘ separators’

Showing abhorrence for such acts, could bring in Peace and unity of thought for the welfare of people in Kashmir.

PDP-BJP Government

 Currently the PDP- BJP government is in a state of comma , and the separators mere pawns in the hands of Pro- Pak elements ,reciting the tune of hatred and thus doing a great disservice to the people of Kashmir.

The chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti while expressing deep sorrow anguish over the killings, should rise above petty considerations and bring the culprits to book .

With her political acumen she should rope in all leaders ,irrespective of their affliations, to rise against militancy to usher the valley into a state of prosperity and tranquility .

This moment of political consensus could be utilized for normalizing stability and resilience of the state on to the path of peace and promise for better tomorrow.









12 thoughts on “JOURNEY OF FAITH

  1. Sir condemnation of attack on Amarnath Yatris by all parties and prople of Kashmir is no guarantee of any peace in Kashmir as the millitants have no Kashmiriyat or ethics.
    Sir very nicely consolidated article.


  2. This year 107 terrorists has been neutralised by the security forces. Its good for the security establishment bu the poignant point is that, unlike earlier instances majority of them were from the valley. This is ominous sign.
    We should kill terrorism, terrorists will automatically be eliminated.
    Good analysis, nonetheless.


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