The current Kashmir imbroglio is a sad saga of weak half-hearted efforts by both State and the Centre administration to reduce anger ,pain ,misery and trepidation of Kashmiris at large.

The youth in Kashmir is being radicalised and fuelled to create unrest to foment war against India at the behest of the Separators and the Neighbour Enemy Country Pakistan.

The situation as of now is of no return to normalcy.

The Separators are successful in pushing Kashmiri youth to fight the forces by attacking them with impunity.

The increased activity on the side of Pakistan LOC is

evident from the sharp rise in number of LOC ceasefire violations.

There are nearly 60 violations till middle of April in current year (2017) against 228 ( 2016) , 152 (2015) 153(2014) 89 (2013) and 93(2012)as reported by Indian Express (April29th2017).

The Indian forces are fighting to their finish to foil the attempts of militants and thus have killed nearly 40 militants till date ,as reported by Indian Express.


Pakistan in close association with Separators has managed to keep the Kashmir conflict ticking thus pushing the majority of peace loving Kashmiris to the state of mute spectators with no courage to raise their voice against the atrocities of the militants.

The Paid Stone Peltors have been put into operation of pitching battles with Indian forces on one pretext or other to perpetuate the unstable conditions.


The State Govt under Mehbooba Mufti should pull her socks to avert the situation before it goes out of its reach.


The Center Govt under the able stewardship of Prime Minister Modi should understand the grim situation and take effective steps to bring normalcy in Kashmir .

The following actions could be thought of

Firstly all political parties should be taken into confidence to deal with impasse as one single unit.

It needs to be stressed that all parties to speak in one language so far Kashmir is concerned.

The disparate voices should not be aired.

Secondly People to People contacts established in the valley.

India’s view point to be conveyed aggressively at all stages. The educated youth to be engaged in framing policy making for progress of the state in close coordination of National Schemes. All such schemes to be extended to the state .

Thirdly weaning away the youth from radicalisation path to mainstream by engaging in offering economic sops like jobs ,business opportunities, higher education etc with sincerity .

This needs to be pursued with deft of purpose and gainful results.

Fourthly  All graduates to be offered with jobs . Should be done with alacrity and on priority .

All efforts should be made to make the people of Kashmir understand that India stands for them and India is the country they belong to.

It is war of winning hearts and minds. A tedious proposition but surely achievable and a permanent one .

Finally the Separators should be isolated completely as they are hellbent on converting Kashmir into a blood bath so that they hamper any solution to Kashmir and Kashmiris.

All financial or nonfinancial assistance if any to be withdrawn with immediate effect if not done so far.


Some of our friends profess for Militarized Methods without understanding its perilous implications.

War brings untold misery and the conflict brutalizes both civilian and the soldier.

Since 1988 thousands of soldiers and civilians have died leaving the families to fend for themselves.

We should admit The state Govts have been pursuing on flawed policies for years on resulting in the alienation of Kashmiris.

Let us look inwards and try to set the things right by clicking on the right buttons to arrest the deterioration permanently looking through the realistic human mirror rather than a blurred biased one.



































  1. Kashmir is the most contentious issue that any government has to face. Past mistakes from the Indian part has dented so much that it’s imprint will go after something spectacular turn of of events


  2. Sir, it is a fact that both State and Centre are making half hearted efforts to normalise the situation in Kashmir. There are so many solutions to the problem but it seems there is no political will to do that

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  3. Kashmir is very sensitive topic… Past and present government has failed to address the real issue and has always dealt it half heartedly. People from present government blame the old government and vice versa…
    The present situation has again brought us back to days of 1989-90… if not dealt properly, Nation will pay a big price…

    By the way, the blog is well written and very informative… keep writing and touching different topics….

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  4. Thank u for inviting me to view this… It motivates me to want to learn more about what is happening in your country… Your fourthly… About jobs for graduates is something that my heart yearns for in the United States as well… I am highly educated… Have loans I owe the government nd yet am granted no job …. Cruelty upon cruelty .. Oppression everywhere I see… Blessings to you and welcome to all who would like to visit my blog bucketsonabarefoot… Welcome to you from Kae from California


      1. please forgive me if this is out of line but i would like to make a request and suggestion… your poetry… your abilities with words are so lovely.. you are truly gifted… and it also appears that you have a heart of compassion for those who are hurting and being treated unfairly…and neglected… what if… you were to combine your abilities as a poet to bring forth poems about those your compassionate heart leans towards… i have written man articles for Ipatriot about injustice but am finding that there is a lot of emotional power to sway others via poetry about such things as well…just a suggestion.. please forgive if i have overstepped the line in saying this… but together with you want to see love triumph in the world… and would love to see your poetic gifts be used towards this as well..


  5. All over the world radicalization of Islam has been an issue.. I would have to say… That if Islam is involved… A tough stance MUST be employed… To not do so is to ignore the dangers happening all over the world in the name of it… California has been touched by it… … We need to see with EYES OPEN… Would love for you to visit my blog…… Under tea party tab are several very strong articles I have written and were published on Ipatriot.. Namaste… Kae


  6. Kashmir has religous problem not politicle problem. Let us be clear about it. Your 2nd,3rd and 4th point shows again appeasement policy which congress govt was doing so for and BJP too continuing.
    By doing this centre is purposly deceiving themselves. Present State Govt led my Mufties is proxy Geelany Govt. Who indirectly impliment policy of terrorist. Whan common kashmiri can understand this why centre govt does not.


  7. Thanks! Sir for heeding to your followers’s demand to share your valuable and insightful thoughts.


  8. Kashmir is niether issue of jobs nor separatist backed by Pakistan
    Kashmir is seeking azadi for 400 odd year when Pakistan and India was not created
    If India promised them plebiscite they did same in jonagadh why not in Kashmir


    1. i respect your views but in current situation we need to look after them as we regard kashmir integral part of india.It is no use keeping them under curfew for months together a solution is sought through dialogue rather than suppression .


      1. I too respect your narrative though disagree
        With same logic England said india is our integral part
        That dose the mean that is fact
        Kashmir was never a part of India or India or china all of them occupied her
        Suppose they did occupied let’s do plebiscite as promised


      2. Let India call it dispute
        Then Pakistan will remove army from pok and India from iok
        For gods sake we have lost 219 pandits , 6 lac Muslim so far


      3. how do you say Pak will remove army. they didnot do it till now. Unless you talk with parties involved you cannot say anything categorrically.Iwish we could resolve issue amicably.

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  9. Hi, Mr. Brijkaul we are thankful you to start discussing about out Indian heart. I glad to know us what matter about Kashmir. This topic is really incomparable and unforgettable, this remember us about how behave Kashmir peoples to Indian army.


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