The Moon looks pale and gloom

Forewarning of some awful doom

You sulk shudder so deep

The waves gurgle and leap

 Into an enormous tide

So angry and wide


The earth beneath quakes

 Engulfing the embankments

 with sea storm.

Women men children in deep slumber

Are torn apart in a desert

   Of corpses .


Just in a flicker of moment

The town reduced to a shambles.

The weeping wailing rent the air

The pale moon hiding behind the clouds

Whispering “I felt the doom and gloom

Of  Tsunami Tsunami.”


16 thoughts on “THE GLOOMY MOON

  1. Appreciable poetic composition of Nature and its Power.
    Sir, we wait for your Esteemed blogs with all curiosity.


  2. Nature and time can’t be overpowered by any power known in human world.I like the title The Gloomy Moon.The tragedy and the pain with powerlessness to do anything against it,so beautifully narrated in every prose.


  3. Exceptionally well articulated. Very catchy description of the dull and gloomy moon warning about the Tsunami. ‘I felt the doom and gloom of Tsunami Tsunami’ creates an everlasting effect in the mind!


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