Campaigning in Uttarpradesh

 In Parliamentary democracy an election is not fought with the aim of decimating opponent but winning the majority to rule the country for about five years within the constitutional frame work. But the election campaigning in Uttar pradesh has taken ugly turns as the political leaders use abusive language against one another and thus reducing the basic civility of public discourse to its lowest levels of indifference and intolerance.

For instance  Chief Minister Akhlesh’s jibe of “donkey “ or President of BJP Amit Shah likening of opponents to the only Terrorist “ Ajmal kasab” caught alive after Mumbai attack in 2008 ,were not in low taste only but an unsubtle bid to demonise the opponents.

In a democracy especially in a country like India with Multi caste Multilinguisitic composition there cannot be permanent majorities.

We have acquired style of Hero worshipping of a political leader and projecting him larger than life is very detrimental to the sustenance and success of Democracy .

It is apt to recall words of Jawahar Lal Nehru “the organization is bigger than individual and the country is bigger than the organization.”

So it is incorrect for any democracy to equate an individual with the country.

Prime Minister Modiji should understand that only winning elections is not sufficient but the real success lies in governing the country rightly to the best advantage of its people.


Trump in Action

 On Friday President Trump took the stage to storm at the CPAC(Conservative Political Action Conference)by bashing the media

“ The era of empty talk is over “ he said “ Basically Ihave done is to keep my promises .”he continued.

Talking about the press he said “it doesnot represent the people and we are going to do something about it .”

Trump tweeted berating members of his own FBI as “leakers”

Tweetering further “FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesnot tell the truth”

The white House has tightened its noose on the leakers and vowed to punish culprits.

Trump clarified that the “Fake News .Enemy of people” referred to the “dishonest’ reporters and editors.

President Trump was not taken seriously before he got elected . His actions over the last month belied the wisdom of those who believed President Trump would forget all the promises made during the campaign and resort to the usual American politician’s behaviour once entrenched in White House.

Trump has put his stamp on the American Foreign policy much to the chagrin of his critics.

Among other actions the notable ones like for his hobnobbing with Putin ,questioning the utilty of NATO ,ban on travellers from seven Muslim countries , raising of wall on its Mexicon border to thwart the unsavoury immigrants , all this has caused ripples across the world and put Trump as an Villian of action rather than a President of status quo stamp.



 Monks of Dhammaka Temple

 Although tourists throng the idyllic Thailand to enjoy its Sun fun and beauty of beaches but everything is not well in this Asian kingdom .

Last week around 4000 soldiers and police surrounded the Bhuddist Monks at the Dhammakaya Temple on the north side of Bangkok.

The current Military junta consider that the Monks have links with the “Red Shirt” populist movement of Thaksin Shinawatra ,the former Prime Minister overthrown in 2006 coup . The dispute between “Red Shirt” and “Yellow Shirt” representing the current Military Junta has erupted again resulting in the witch hunting of the Temple Monks.

The Temple ,ten times the size of Vetican , is largest in Thailand . It is headquarters of massive organization of 3 million followers in the world.

The critics say thathe fund raising activities Flout the teachings of Bhudda .

The Monks deny the allegations and say “Buddha never said to live in hardship”as reported by the Sunday Morning Herald. Whether the allegations are false or true,the current Military Junta leaves no stone unturned to maintain political stability in the idyllic Thailand.


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