Kashmir continues to be a simmering pot ,having no respite whatsoever in combating militancy since the killing of Hizbul Mujahahedeen militant Burhan wani .

The winter thaw achieved after fierce protests and grim curfews has been broken on Sunday13th February.

In the intense fierce 12 hour encounter four Militants and two Army men were killed in Kulgam district in south Kashmir early Sunday(13 feb2017) .Two civilians were also killed one in the encounter and second in the protests that followed.

According to Bragadier R.chakarvarty as reported by Indian Express. the operation was delayed because one civilian was reported to be present inside the house.

The police had learned that the militants were in Nagbal frisal Village , and cordoned it off late Saturday. They were conducting searches when they were fired upon by militants; security forces retaliated .

The number of bomb blasts in Jammu and Kashmir has increased sharply in 2016 than in 2015.

According to NBDC (National Bomb Data Centre) there was 121% increase in Improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosions than previous year. —from 14 in 2015 to 31 in 2016.

Five people died in these explosions and around 36 persons were injured.(2016 figures) .


Interestingly there were 69 explosions in Kashmir in 2016 , possibly the highest in the last five years.

The biggest target was security forces (55%) .


Pakistan’s Game plan

Pakistan is at its best game plan of waging a war through local -grown militancy to prove his point that Pakistan is not involved.

The Center Govt should have to build a counter response a definite policy in close coordination with state chief Minister Mrs Mehbooba to wean back the disenchanted youngesters from violence into mainstream administration by providing jobs and other growth sops to channelize state youth into productive schemes beneficial to their careers.

It is high time to catch the flock otherwise it could be situation of no return.

Kashmir needs attention .

A definite plan—plans to enrich the youth of Kashmir towards the progress of the state as well as the country.

There should be a consistent dialogue with the people at different levels to ensure what actually India thinks and expects from them .

The alienation of the youth and the general public is very suicidal for the Union Govt.

Concerted efforts to be put forth to improve the administration of the state.

There should be a sincere committed attempt to isolate separators from the people and wean back the main population into intense programmes leading to progress of the state ovcerall.

State Govt to Act

The state Govt needs to pull up its machinery and thus abandon its listless approach to launch schemes beneficial to people.

In the PDP-BJPalliance BJP is playing second fiddle to PDP. In the circumtances the State Govt has none to blame in case of its failure to resolve issues effectively.

Mrs MuftiMehbooba needs to prove her mettle.She is in the throes of political affairs for many decades and now in capacity of CM should get down to task dauntlessly to fulfill aspirations of people at large.

The Prime Minister Modiji needs to be stern and alert the central Home Ministry to offer all assistance to the state machinery to bring much needed normalacy.

Kashmir is not a normal state to administer, a very sensitive one and needs an innovative strategy to pull through the current maelstrom.

Recently Mrs Mufti Mehbooba has been reported to the suggestion of opening a new trade route that could weld the diverse communities and thus bring some semblance to the regional conflict.

India as a large democratic country could increase its influence in the region and offer relief to the people suffering isolation and bitterness under simmering India – Pakistan conflict.

But the million dollar question is will Pakistan shun its belligerent hostile attitude to allow India to be trade partner in Central Asia. Both Leaders need to rise above their parochial interests to usher prosperity in the region.










  1. Bitter but truth of kashmir.hope one day kashmir will no longer be a political matter(which is next to impossible).
    nice article.


  2. Kashmir is a sensitive state and as observed needs to be handled tactfuly. Central Govt. policies in an innovative ways may keep the state in peace.


  3. Censorship is needed in India politics.But blindly believing in politics of any party or leader is also dangerous for our country.

    Kashmiri youths in the valley has to get better jobs and exposure maybe a good way to change …. atleast the school should Not get shut down.


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