Trump Donald Woos Putin

 Both Russia and Washington are genuinely inclined to bond together to fight violent extremists and usher into a peace and tranquility for good.

In fact Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov told his country lawmakers in emphatic manner

“we need to work in a business like “.

Among other issues he referred to the urgency for US and European Union ending of the sanctions imposed on Russia after capturing and annexing of Crimea in 2014.

The president Donald Trump has already expressed his willingness to lift the sanctions on Russia in his interview to Wall street quite recently.

But the Eurpean Union is in awe of President Putin‘s meddling in Ukraine ,military encroachment into Baltics and Artic.

Lavrov however assured the European Union that “Russia is a peaceful country but we have to be ready and prepared to provide the security and safety of our citizens,” he said.

Also in response The US has moved enough troops to Europe ever since the end of cold war.

Looking to Trump’s recent executive orders in relation to banning travel of seven Muslim majority countries and for

construction of 2000kms wall on Mexicon border ,The President means business.

Despite huge protests and sharp reactions from the Civil rights groups and Democrats he stands firmly on his decisions right or wrong.

Meanwhile the world leaders have reacted strongly to the Trump’s banning order.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted to the banning order as reported by The Guardian” she is convinced that decisive battle against terrorism doesnot justify a general suspicion against people of certain origin or religion”

The Turkish Prime Minister ,Binali Yildrim said “he did not think any white house order could curb terrorism .you can build a wall but it is not a solution “ He added that Turkey has spent $ 26 billion onsheltering refugees from Syria.and other places.

The Canadian PM has he would welcome refugees and OTTAWA has started offering visas to Engineers Techies for asylum in Canada.

He would not budge from his well intended decision to improve US relations with Russia provided Putin responds equally enthusiastically.

In case the two forge an alliance of unity this should begin a new era in the history of two super powers of the world

It could lead to an era of peace for generations to come.

French Corruption Affair.

Corruption charges donot seem to be the forte of India only .

The reported corruption charges against French Conservative Presidential candidate Francoise Fillon may derail his election propects .The prosecutors have launched investigation against his British wife for receiving money illegally.

Fillon ,being the front runner in the Presidential Election race, has hit back by promising to quashing the charges against his wife Penelope after presenting the facts to the investigating authorities soon.

In case he fails it would spell disaster to his prospects of becoming next President of France.

Iran Fires A Salvo

 Just to test the audacity of US President Trump on the Iran- Us treaty 2015 ,Iran launched a missile on Monday that travelled 600kms but the re-entry vehicle exploded just before completing the flight.as reported by New york Times.

Trump upheld that he would abide by the deal with Iran during his campaign, but the launch would give opportunity to Israel to push for new sanctions specifically related to Missiles.

An interesting moment to watch and wait for Trump to Act.

8 thoughts on “A LOOK AT WORLD EVENTS

  1. Yes I do agree with your esteemed opinion of possible alliance of two big powers for the cause of eradication of terrorism.


  2. your words give an overall glimpse of whats happening in the world.I like the way you present your opinioin subtle and to the point


  3. I appreciate your positive perspective. Unfortunately so far, Mr. Trump has proven incapable of mobilizing a people used to democracy with his authoritarian leadership. We Americans do not support him in the majority, and never did. Terrorism will be stopped by drones and covert OPS, not alliances between dictators with big toys. I hope you can enjoy my blog as well. https://judelieber.wordpress.com/2017/04/04/trump-and-bannon-turn-back-the-clock-on-foreign-policy/


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