Britain is set to reap the harvest of seeds sown in 2016.

On Sunday  British Prime Minister Theresa May set the tone for official announcement of her plans to take Britain out of the EU’s single market.

“we will ,outside the European Union, be able to have control of immigration and be able to set out rules for people coming to the UK from member states of the European Union.” May said to the media.

Many Brits did not get pleased with her comments , as they expected,,though leaving the European Union,retain the access to their trading partners in the EU.

Theresa May’s plainspeaking remarks brought backlash from the European leaders .

German Chancellor Angela Merkel categorically stated that they would not let Britain to have the benefits of access to European Union markets without allowing Europeans to work and travel in Britain freely.

Demonstrating Britain had alternative to its relationship with Europe ,Prime Minister May also said she would like to Meet US President -Elect Trump to improve Britain’s trade relations with USA in the near future.

As a boost to her statement ,Trump tweeted “I look very much forward to meeting Prime Minister Theresa May in Washington in the spring, Britain a longtime   US ally , is very special.”

A bold step by PM Theresa May to benefit  Britain trade in the long run. 

Chicago Violence

 Families in Chicago are scared and wary of gun violence .

The year 2016 saw highest shooting incidents ,3550, and around 760 murders . Unfortunately the majority of the city’s victims have been the kids.

The Residents are all out in the streets protesting for restoration of safety and end to the blazing incidents as a matter of fact.



Chicago has witnessed unprecedented spike in the gun violence last year with no possible repercurssions for the people doing the round of crimes leading to believe that no one seems safe in the crime hit city.

The fear of gun violence is not on the affected family only but on the all residents of the city.

The violence is being attributed to the infighting among warring gangs operating since 1990s.

.With Gun violence claiming more younger victims , the police are finding itself in catch -22 situation to take action and reddressal. The community members being reluctant to report the crimes for the fear of inviting wrath of the gangsters .

  The City residents need to take courage in both hands to help the police to bring the culprits to book.

Otherwise there would be no end to this menace.

Philippines Riddle

 The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s loud mouth has put him in quandary many times but he continues to boast about his achievements undauntendly.

Duterte recently compared his war on drugs ,claiming 5,300 lives to Hitler’s execution of the Holocaust.

In his controversial exponents among many, like jokes about Rape,Memoralising of late dictator Ferdinanand Marcos, advocacy of Martial Law, but lastly his admissionOf aiding and abetting murder earned him a backlash from his countrymen in Philippines.

Nothing deters Duterte ‘s venomous rhetorics –in his usual flamboyant style in response to objectionable comment from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain   Duterte said “ we pay your salary. You donot talk to me ,you son of a bitch.Only the Filipinos can call me son of a bitch if I am remiss in my job”

Duterte has great affinity for the USpresident –elect Trump. Both seem to be on even keel.

Duterte appointed businessman Jose Antonio , a Trump business partner as a special Trade Envoy to reported by Los Angeles Times.

Jose Antonio is building 150 million 57 storey Trump Building apartment in Manila.


 Bird Droppings

As you step out fully dressed into the market ,A bird Dropping on your ironed shirt or combed head, makes you to pucker your brows in anger –but never mind a good omen not for you only but for the environment as well.

A Canadian atmospheric Scientist Mr Gregory has reported in Journal Nature Communication “There is a connection between ecology . The environment is very interconnected,”

Bird poop contains ammonia and is being emitted into atmosphere. –33000 tons of it whilebirds do the easing process.

This ammonia gets interacted with sulphuric acid and water,condenses around water particles and results in ammonia low laced clouds.The supercharged clouds after reflecting the incoming sunlight cools off the region thereby yielding ecological benefits.

So love the Bird Poop.








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