Who wins who loses

Amid the Indian Demonetisation, American presidential election, terrorism in Europe, Brexit ,the Syrian Civil War, and other big events that garnered headlines this year,the economists ,experts on world affairs seemed to be engaged in serious discussions on the world wide slowdown of growth and economic development.

The Indian PM Narender Modi in a bid to weed out the black money ,corruption resorted to Demonetisation of high denomination notes of INR500and 1000 on 8th November2016.

Due to poor planning and execution The people had to stand in long queues to take their legitimate money from their bank accounts resulting in great hardships .

On November 8, 2016   Demonetisation rendered nearly 15.4trillion high denomination notes worthless .

The banks are being reported that they received back 14.97 trillions by 30th Dec2016 ,the deadline for exchange of old INR 500 and 1000 notes.

It is yet to ascertain the long affects of this bold move by the Indian Government but a definite beginning being made to fight the corruption menace .

President elect Donald Trump has threatened a trade war with China for allegedly undercutting American workers.

Trump is having a re-look on the Trade Policy with China .

“ China steals US Navy research drone in International waters—rips it out of water and takes it to China in unprecedent act” President -elect Trump wrote in his tweet.

Immediately The Chines defence ministry responded that they would return the drone taken by Chinese Naval vessel but alerted to refrain from “hyphing up” the issue.

China on its own is facing slowest expansion in 25 years as reported by Reuters recently.

The annual economic Growth is predicted to slide down to 6.5 percent in the year 2017 against almost 6.75 percent in 2016.

Generous credit to its state owned companies has zoomed China’s debt to almost 250 percent of gross domestic product.

With anemic worldwide economic growth, any default in payments coupled with flagging of demand could further dampen the prospects of good economy.


Britains Brexit plans are on the rocks following the resignation of   Ivan Rogers ,UK’S ambassador to EU.

The move left the Prime Minister Theresa Meyer in dire straits for processing the Article 50 to sort out the future relations between Britain and the EU ,before it leaves the bloc by the end of March 2017.

The Syrian Civil Conflict

 The years from April 2011 to the December 2016 saw bloody war in Syria leaving a staggering figure of over 4.8 million refugees seeking asylum across the European and The Middle East countries.

There are 2.8 million refugees registered in Turkey,

Over a million in Lebanon, and more than 656000 in Jordan.

Around 884461 Syrian refugees have applied for asylum in European countries from April 2011 to October 2016.

According to international Amnesty at the Rukban border crossing there were 90 shelters present in July 2014 which increased to 6,563   by the end of July 2016 and by September it increased to 8,253.

 The United Nations confirmed on Tuesday December 13 2016 that Syrian Soldiers and allied Iraqi fighters under the new deal reached to complete the evacuation of Syria’s east Aleppo .

Around 8,000people,including 3000fighters,and300 women have been evacuated to safer areas.

Russian president Vladir Putin is working with Turkish President to start fresh Syrian peace talks for lasting ceasefire.

It is hoped wisdom should dawn on the respective leaders to bring peace and tranquility to the suffering millions.



 Carpooling , according to new MIT research a network algorithms of a different sort may become the newest fad.

Under this new system fewer cabs could service commuters quickly efficiently and economically than usual taxis currently in vogue.

Presently for instance , about 14,000 yellow cabs are operating in New York City. As per MIT new developed research algorithm only about 3,000 four-seater cars could meet 98 percent of commuter demand – with only waiting 2.3 minutes on average for a cab.

The algorithm combines user requests to optimize carpooling. It works in real-time to change routes based on requests, meaning that high-demand areas are serviced more quickly.

In addition first improving pollution norms by decreasing traffic congestion, and secondly cab drivers could see employment benefits making same amount of money by  working less hours say in 8 hrs than 12 hrs currently because the need of transportation and money flow would remain same .


 Scientists in Spain have developed a mind controlled robotic hand that would enable people with spinal problems to perform everyday tasks such as holding a cup, sipping tea and using fork etc.

This low cost device would help people with quadriplegia . By wearing a cap that manages electric brain activity and eye movement ,the user would send signal to tablet computer which in turn controls the glove like device attached to hand

The participants could perform daily activities better  with Robotic hand  than without .


7 thoughts on “THE WORLD AFFAIRS

  1. I feel this generation has witnessed some mind boggling and exciting socho economic and political changes in the world, this blog has summed it up so well! Thanks Sir for sharing such an informative write.


    1. Glad to see you Rishab after a long time.. Iam doing a bit of my efforts to keep you my well-wishers well informed of world affairs.
      wait today for my second blog world window . regards


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