LIKE HUMAN BEINGS  Animals and Birds have many natural means of communication with one another of their species .

FOR ORGANISMS such as Amoeba and Paramecium as well as birds ,bees , Monkeys ,communication is essential for their survival.


Animals use signals to transmit information.

Males and Females signal each other for Mating, to threaten Enmies, or to warn Friends of approaching danger.


monkeyTactile touch signals are common among Animals .

In the Zoo for instance ,the Chimpanzees are often seen grooming each other.It is a Tactile signal, a sign of friendliness. It has nothing to do with searching of fleas as is commonly believed

Animals with well developed eyes use visual signs. Typical are the strange postures that many animals adopt during courtship or when they are threatened by enemies..

Monkeys ,when threatening others ,squat with its legs apart and make head nodding gestures.

BOWERBIRDS of Australia give one of the best known examples of this kind of signaling.The male constructs a bower and decorates it with flowers ,shells and white stones .when the female is attracted to his bower,their courtship takes place in it.

PENGUINS are the sea birds found on the southern shores of south Africa, Australia ,South America.

Penguins are found together in huge flocks around 10,000 in a rookery.The two species Adelie   and Emperor Penguins are most active in breeding .The Aldie penguins lay their eggs in summer when temperatures are above freezing whereas Emperor Penguin lay eggs in winter when temperature is about minus 60 C When Female Penguin lays her single egg, the Male Penguin incubates it for two months ,by warming the embryo inside by covering it with his skin of lower abdomen. A strange phenomenon. When the egg is hatched both parents feed it till summer and the Chick is strong mature enough to go to waters on its own.

Penguins can toboggan along the flat ground at surprising speed.,about 15 mph. Vow ;



love-birdsBirds ,frogs and insects communicate by sound. The sound signals have definite rhythms. The rhythms make signals clear and convey precise information to other animals.

When a male bird sings he discloses his identity to the female and invites her for mating.

The Honeybee system of communication is by performing Dances.


When a bee finds nectar close say within radius of about 20 ft of the hive ,it performs the round dance. The other bees follow its movements and immediately learn that the food is nearby. From the performance of the dancer,

The bees learn whether source is rich or poor.

Sickle Dance  

The bees performs sickle dance to indicate the source is rich and within the radius of 30 to 60 feet from the hive. The movements indicate the direction in the relation of the sun .

Tail Waggle Dance

If the food supply is at greater distance from the hive say more than 60 ft, the bee does the Tail –Waggle dance. The bee makes short straight run, waggling its body as it goes. Then it moves to one side and returns in a semi-circle to its earlier position.

After the next straight run it comes back in a semi-circle on the other side. This indicates not only the quality of food but also the direction and distance at which place the nectar is situated.









  1. Few days back, I went on a trek, from the mountain cliff, we saw the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest bird on earth. We saw it flying 6000ft above the ground and suddenly it dived vertifically like a rocket! We learned that it does so to attract the female by its flying skills. The female if impressed also joins the diving. It was a beautiful site.Nature has the most stunning ways of communicating!
    Great reading sir, very interesting to know the bees dance.


      1. So you too are an animal lover! That’s great! It will be really exciting to read more on the animals and the nature from you.


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