From you there is nothing to hide 

The world shall show you its every side.

As you grow in age 

You’ll understand life’s every page.

Full of jealousy,full of rage,

There is little to laugh

And more to weep.

Enjoy ,enjoy

My lovely boy

But be wise and strong ,

Otherwise ,the world may teach you things wrong.



16 thoughts on “THE WAYS OFTHE WORLD

  1. Brij kaul ji lovely and practical words in your poem. world is strange only experience in life make one to understand the truth. Realy enjoyed every depth of its meaning. looking forward more write ups.
    Enjoy counting your notes Rs500 and 1000.


  2. LOVELY POEM, ENJOYED EVERY WORD . VERY TRUE AND PRACTICAL. Every stage in life is great experience. Handle it with care and enjoy every moment , this only gives pleasure. Looking forward for your more interesting posts.


  3. I wrote this sometime back…

    When you are feeling sad and low
    And you feel live is going slow
    Think about your beautiful past
    And make the memories last
    Think of all the joys and tears
    And let them oil your life’s gears
    Think of the love you always had
    And remember it was never bad
    Think of all what you have now
    And let it be your life’s plough
    So move ahead in live
    And remember the best way to thrive
    Thank the Lord for all everything
    And thank for all the joys that it can bring


  4. Lovely! poem Sir. Very true , the world will show it’s every side. Nothing is permanent in life, good times as well as bad times. All we must do is enjoy every bit of life that we get, after all the journey is more interesting than the destination.
    Beautifully written too, it echoes in the mind.

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