IT IS IMPERATIVE and natural to learn the dynamism and interpersonal relationship of having lived a married life for 41 years .

ON19THOctober this year I and my Ardhangini, treaded upon the path gleefully completing a saga of living together for these long years in wedlock.

My candid confession that my wife came as a canopy of bountiful success from the very first day of our marriage.

Marriage is a blissful journey .

As days pass into months and months into years you learn the nuances of living with your partner with great understanding and enjoyment.


THE EARLY STAGE of marriage is of immense pleasure and promise.

WIFE IS A CRADLE OF passion and love ,  sacrifice and compassion, a breeze , hot and cold rousing your sensuality to limitless grandeur.

You wade through the expanse nudity caressing the rippling contours and thus enjoy the mingling of the soulmates to blissful eternity.


With the passage of time the turbulence of passion wears down spreading fragrance of love and bliss permanently.


THE Child ,a bundle of joy, makes the frolicking Marriage into a permanent bond .

The motherhood is a boon as it triggers new boundaries of joys and ecstasy.

Children make marriage a meaningful reason to live together for years and years to come.

No doubt a lot of khitphit –Nagging did take place the arguments in fact most of the time made life easier and it did strengthen the understanding to everlasting stage.


We chugged on gleefully ,on and on embracing all facets with purity of thoughts and an air of certainty.

The result a grand union for a long outstanding years with two graceful girls ,who in turn have become mothers giving a string of grandchildren to play upon.


Time makes you interdependent and Marriage teaches to stand on permanent pillars of bond and friendship.


Having lived a long successful married life it is prudent to leave some Do’S and DON’T’S to benefit a few ones who would like to learn from experience.

No intention to give a sermon but a practical insight only.


Address wife respectfully .


Donot criticise wife in public.


Know her likes and dislikes.


Allow her to have her space.


Donot force your decisions


Settle misunderstandings amicably.


Donot forget her Birthday .


Donot praise a woman in her presence.


Recognise her importance in your life

Donot tell a lie to your wife .She hates a liar.

A list to reckon with. But learn something by your own experience .

In old age wife is a constant companion, essential cup of vinegar , and solemn prayer to recite . You are now much attuned to her presence ,a moment away leaves one in dismal mood. A complete surrender to each other.

Life is sad when one partner passes away leaving the other one to fend for him or herself.

The importance of togetherness is vividly felt in this period of solitude.


From lip smacking sensuality to the curing of ailing body wife stands by you through dark nights or sunny days — – a very gospel of love and life .




















6 thoughts on “WIFE A GOSPEL OF LOVE

  1. As always very good read,..

    Happy marriage is based on so many things like love, faithfulness, trust, belief in each other and you are the best example of how to maintain all these things and keep them growing.

    You two are like a dream couple, because you always listened to your heart, and you never gave up on each other no matter what. And that i something not all people can do!  You truly deserve to be happy, and to make it this long…

    You had memorable 41 years together and now make the next ones even more special than the ones which have passed…


  2. Congratulations on the journey together and may you have a longer one ahead together. What starts as attraction , turns to trust and inter- dependence and ultimately to shared values and interests.


  3. So romantic and truthful.Adjustments,commitments,acceptance,compassion,tolerance and sensitiveness towards each other not even in happy times but more needed when you are passing through your weakest phase


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