Despite our Prime Minister Modi’s good gestures shown in inviting the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sheriff on his oath taking ceremony in New Delhi to making unscheduled stop over in Lahore , Pakistan has not relented its stand on WAR FOREVER with India.


Looking back ,Since the Partition of India in 1947,Pakistan launched aggression several times on India including two major wars fought in 1965 and 1971 all centered on Kashmir. The terrible defeats that followed especially in 1971 Pakistan’s national and moral pride got bruised permanently.

The desire of Pakistan for retribution did not die ever since.

By recent attempt to foment war through gruesome terrorist attack in URI Pakistan has reaffirmed his resolve to settle scores with India by using force only.

Rightly India reacted by surgical strike in retaliation .


It is high time for Govt of India to stop further honeymoon overtures with Pakistan but have a re-look on its Pakistan Policy.

Pakistan has been ruled by its Military rulers for more than 33 years of 69 years of its existence. The Military Generals have made deep inroads into the body polity of the nation having upper hand in policy thrust of the Nation.


The Civil Govt headed by PM is not able to take decisions independently. And to expect anything from it is to cry for heavens.


Currently Pakistan is playing Kashmir card as the basis of continued confrontation policy towards India.

Under the circumtances India need to have a pragmatic policy towards Pakistan.


Firstly, to persuade the Saarc Members to raise concern on continuedTerror attacks of Pakistan on India.

This isolation in local region will have a great demoralizing effect on Pakistan.


Secondly, to follow more realistic approach towards Kashmir‘s ongoing crisis ., The Govt and media need to rebuild relations with Kashmir people on the humanitarian grounds and provide all kind of succour to bring them on parity with rest of nation. It is of no advantage to dub them Pakistani agents thus play into hands of separators’ ruse of continued confrontation.The policy of love and let live be the basis of our approach to Kashmir situation.

Kashmir is part of India and we need to integrate the people into the mainstream. By alienating them we are doing great disservice to our cause in Kashmir.


Thirdly isolate Pakistan internationally on world plateforms .by Sending groups of eminent Parliamentarians, Educationists, to different countries explaining Pakistan’s continued provision of safe havens to terrorists.. This should be done with great alacrity rather rhetoric providing all kinds of proofs if any.


Fourthly we need to engage with Pakistan people like  Artists, Cricketers, Educationists , writers, and people at large to bring a sort of mental revolution in collective thinking thus building up a bond of friendship.

Looking bizarre but very likely solution in the long run.


And finally keeping strict vigilance on our borders with both Pakistan and China. Both can be atrocious and we need to rise to occasion with great valour as demonstrated by our great soldiers from time to time.

We are peace seekers but brave enough to beat the enemy with alacrity .


















6 thoughts on “THE WAR FOREVER

  1. Nicely written…
    our government is doing exactly what you have written… But I think time has come when we need to cultural exchange as well, so that general public at large in pakistan should also feel the pinch and if people there are good, which I think they are, will put pressure on their government, if they have one…


  2. Kashmir issue is more of a pan Islamic identity coveted by Kashmiris. They identify with Muslim Pakistan than a Hindu India. This issue is more about that than any lack of freedom that they enjoy. Currently we are seeing a huge surge in hardliners Islamic movements across the globe whether it is ISIS or Al Qaeda. It is appealing to the educated class and will have to run its course. We overlooked the Saudi indoctrination of Wahhabism in the World including Kashmir and now chickens are coming to roost. It will run its course as all movements are bound to , so we have to handle it with fairness and firmness.


    1. Thanks for your valuable comment . you are right but The Hindu Wahhabism unleashed by the Current Govt has drifted kashmiris more and given enough rope to muslim radicals to tighten their noose on the moderate kashmiris who still form a good percentage of population.


  3. Very true, rebuilding relations with the people of Kashmir, giving them assurance of all kinds of support from the rest of the nation, striving for social and economic development of Kashmir , will go a long way in resurrecting the lives of the people of Kashmir.


  4. As far as Indo-Pak relations go, I think what is going on can best be described as’the theatre of the absurd’. Surgical strikes or not, the way the whole thing is being handled betrays a complete lack of foresight. Nuance is something that seems to have passed the current dispensation by; instead we get to see shallow rhetoric, jingoism and an almost pathologic urge to deify grandstanding as an instrument of state policy. To say that people at the helm are clueless would be an understatement; sending Pakistani actors back to their country is what their supporters would have them do, and these people don’t even have the moral courage to tell them that this is the last thing we should be doing. Instead, we have a clueless Defence Minister who just can’t stop talking nonsense.


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