The Kashmir kettle is on boil again following deadliest terror attack by Pakistan sponsored militant group jaish-e–Mohammed  on the Uri brigade headquarters in the wee hours of Sunday September 18,killing thereby 17 soldiers and wounding dozens more.

Lt. Genaral Ranlbir singh ,Director General of Military Operations confirmed recovering weapons from the assailants with Pakistani markings.


Since many years the unprovoked LOC incursions by Pakistan Forces have increased and there is plenty of strife between the two countries.


Indian forces detected roughly 90 inflitrations by Pakistan-based militants as of June 30 this year, compared with only 29 over the same period of 2015.

It signifies enough the belligerency on part of Pakistan towards India and we need to thwart their adventures to prevent further damages being inflicted on our military Forces both physically as well as morally.

In 1965 when Pakistan sent infiltrators numbering 25000to 30000 under Gibraltor Operations into Kashmir to foment trouble in the valley. The then PM Lal Bahudar shastri did not lose time in retaliating both on ground and air with impunity. Thus upbeating the morale of Indian Army and winning the war as well.

Again in 1971 on 3rd December when Pakistan provoked India by launching pre-emptive air strikes in North India into war., Indira Gandhi retaliated instantly dismembering Pakistan . Rest is history and need not to be repeated again.

The current situation is unwarranted and the gruesome death of 18 soldiers does demand a retaliation in one form or the other to assuage the loss of precious lives of our soldiers and the pride of this great Nation.

As the dear and near ones mourn the loss of brother father, husband ,son and the nation expects some retribution on Pakistan.

Prime Minister Narander Modi’s connudrum to deal with such situation demands a cool headed decision backed by conviction and not by anger or rage.

The decision need not jeoprodise India’s high economic growth.

The strategy of isolation of Pakistan could be effective tool but not enough to dent its belligerent moves.

Here the assertative diplomatic style of Modi could be put to use . A testing time for the friends to respond to side with India on declaring Pakistan a Terror State.

So far the USA,France ,U.K , and other world leaders have condemned the Terrorist attack but none has directly browbeaten Pakistan for its involvement in these gruesome attacks.

Depite presenting dossiers of Pak involvement on 26/11.The world countries including USA,UK,France ,China, Russia had not brazenly condemned Pakistan or forced it to stop exporting Terrorists to India any time till now.

So to expect anything better this could be a real bonanza as the end result of Modiji’s effective diplomacy of his intense touring across the globe to befriend world leaders.

There could be more immediate options for the Govt to ramble through many on the table other than direct Military escalation.

Snap diplomatic ties between two countries,

Call off trade and commercial activities .

Stop issuing visas.

To go hammer and tongs at all international meets to project Pakistan as a Terrorist state .

To make amends for the loss of trust with people of Kashmir by engagement with people to people talks.

This could be a tough exercise but not impossible to work through engaging all in the process.

Some of the above could have been initiated without much ado.

The other more stringent ones could be thought over .

Strategic bombing of training camps inside POK

Here the expertise of Isreal could be sought.

Increasing blatant support for Balochistan to frustrate Pakistan diplomatically.


Poltically India at home needs to evolve steely consensus among all political parties to combat evil designs of Pakistan and resolve the critical imbroglio with collective responsibility.















10 thoughts on “THE KASHMIR KETTLE

  1. Good suggestion to Govt. to have a conviction to deal with the situation . Unlike America India can not be pragmatic in their approach bec they dont have historical legacy to deal with while as the very IDEA OF INDIA is rooted in its history.


  2. Well written blog…

    India has been on receiving end and time has come to show our neighbours and world, what India is capable of…

    Shri Modi is able leader and entire country is behind him to take decisive action against Pakistanis misadventure. ..


  3. It is natural for the Indian state to feel outraged but war mongering, or the so called ‘surgical strikes’, we all know would have achieved nothing. Modi ji too has finally been forced to acknowledge this publicly. One can only hope that he will ask his followers to tone down the sharp rhetoric we have come to associate with them. As for Pakistan, I think there’s very little we can do. Snapping bilateral ties can only worsen the situation. Diplomatic isolation is something we have tried in the past and should try again but I doubt if it will yield the results we desire. To my mind, the only thing we can do is increase vigilance as much as we can and prevent such attacks from happening.


    1. Thanks for your valued comments. Rightly said that we need to increase our vigilance and Modi ji has understood that rhetorics do not work in broader spectrum but reason and conviction only matters to administer the Nation.


  4. To my mind, Indian govt’s is doing a commendable job by preparing strong ground to prove Pakistan the ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’, with the PM chairing the ‘war room’ meeting , with India along with Bangladesh and Afghanistan deciding to Boycot the SAARC summit to be held in Nov in Pakistan, with voicing against Pakistan at a global fora ,the UNGA. Looking at India’s strong relations with many foreign nations like never before , it is quite possible that it will get huge support from small and big nations. Hence , if there could be any time it is only now that India stands the best chance to uproot terrorism without bloodshed.
    After all there never a good war or bad peace.


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